by (@hallekiefer)

Abbie Cornish Talks Guns, Scoffs At Traditional Undergarments In GQ

As lovely and doe-eyed as Abbie Cornish looks posing for GQ, the Suckerpunch actress isn’t your average girl next door. No, we’re not referring to the secret love of firearms Abbie reveals in the interview. We mean that you’re supposed to wear your bra on the INSIDE of your clothes, woman! And Abbie, let’s not even talk about tucking your shirt into your fishnet tights. Either Cornish is extremely committed to being the rebel, or she had to get dressed in the dark after a particularly regrettable one-night-stand. Either way, we are totally behind her on this.

While training to play the character Sweetpea in the upcoming action flick, formerly docile Limitless star Cornish found a lust for cold, hard steel. “I’m a vegetarian—I’m not the type to want to go shoot a gun,” Abbie admits. “Then I actually got to the range and totally fell in love with an M4. It was kind of amazing.” Can Abbie please go full Tank Girl? We’d love to see her with a shaved head wrecking havoc in Hollywood. Or maybe we’re just trying to fill the Lori Petty-shaped hole in our lives; sometimes it’s so hard to tell.

[Photo: GQ]