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Why Did Dancing Even Exist Before We Could Win The Chance To Dance Next To Beyonce?

Pepsi Announces Contest To Dance With Beyonce At Superbowl

We don’t know if anyone knows the answer to this but why exactly did people dance before they knew about Beyonce‘s Super Bowl contest? What was the point exactly? We remember learning the Macarena in sixth grade, and that was over a decade before we even knew Beyonce would perform at the Super Bowl! We only ask because Pepsi announced today that 50 fans would be picked to accompany Bey onstage this February 3 for her Bowl performance. There must have been some deep, primordial knowledge guiding our ancestors’ feet, because obviously the history of human dance has been leading up to this one opportunity. We knew there had to be a reasonable explanation for why we’re still forced to do the Electric Slide at weddings…

According to the contest rules, fans should summit photos of themselves dancing by January 11; 100 photos will appear in a new Bey-centric Pepsi commercial, and 50 will actually appear with Beyonce in meat space. We’re assuming they must pick the 50 coolest dance moves when deciding who gets to go to New Orleans, so one else do the Robot! Especially the move where you make your arm swing back and forth like it’s on a broken hinge. That one is ours.

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J. Lo And Marc Anthony Are Going To The White House Superbowl Party

Jennifer Lopez has been growing on us lately now that we see her (glowing, flawless) face on our TV while we watch American Idol this season. We have genuinely come to like her as a judge and somewhat regret our previous posts about how she is anything but Jenny From The Block. But let’s face it, as much as she claims she’s still keeping it real or whatever, the woman is going to President Obama’s White House Superbowl party this Sunday, something that the rest of us don’t have the privilege of doing.

Among the 100 or so invited guests who plan to eat The Presidential Sliders and 1600 Layer Dip (Get it? Because of the address? Anyone?) are J. Lo and Marc Anthony, as well as members of Obama’s staff like Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Sounds like an eclectic bunch, but we’re pretty sure that by the end of the night there will be one thing they can all agree on: Go Daddy commercials are still mind-bogglingly bad, no matter what political party or sports team you’re loyal to.

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