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Adele Cancels Concerts For The Year Due To Throat Surgery

You know what they say: sometimes it lasts in love, sometimes it hurts instead. We’re talking about getting a throat hemorrhage; what were you thinking about? It seems all of Adele’s concerts have been canceled for the remainder of the year in order for the singer to go in for a much needed medical procedure. “She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat and a full recovery is expected,” Adele’s official site read today. “As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.” Don’t worry though. If you feel the need to cry in the middle of a huge mob of people, just bring your iPod to any sporting event!

Adele had already canceled the U.S. leg of her tour earlier this month due to voice problems, writing at the time, “I was sent to LA to rest and get another opinion. this time i was diagnosed with a hemorrhage. which is like a black eye on the vocal chord, it was incredibly tender and dangerous if i was to continue to sing through it.” Man, if Adele hates this vocal hemorrhage as much as she hates her ex, she has her next album in the bag. To be fair, though, we can’t imagine her hating anything as much as that guy.

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R. Kelly Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Throat Surgery

Despite what you might have immediately assumed, R. Kelly’s emergency hospital visit for throat surgery was not the result of “too much smoothness” building up in his esophagus. Apparently that’s not even “medically possible,” at least according to Western medicine. As clarified in a statement from the singer’s representation earlier today, the “Ignition (Remix)” singer is recovering in a Chicago hospital after having an abcess drained on his tonsils. Ugh. That’s even more disturbing than the lyrics to “Sex Planet.”

Kelly had reportedly been complaining of throat pain earlier this week, only to be rushed into surgery following a throat exam. While his rep says that Kelly is “laid up indefinitely,” we sincerely hope he recovers quickly. The longer he’s on bed rest, the more new “Trapped In The Closet” chapters are going to start piling up in his nightstand. And the world is just not ready for more.

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Tracy Morgan Receives A Kidney Transplant, Is “Doing Well”


Our Christmas gift came early this year, because word is 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan received a kidney transplant around December 10, and he’s already almost back on his feet! “Tracy is doing well and taking some much needed time to recover after the surgery,” his rep confirmed. We’re glad to hear he’s on the mend, but are still planning a candlelight vigil until New Year’s. No way are we giving up our Tracy Jordan.

Amazingly Tracy, who was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996, will only miss two or three 30 Rock episodes set to air in March and will be “looking forward to going back to work after the holidays,” says his rep. Coincidentally Morgan is actually the second cast member to require a kidney transplant this year. Co-star and Tracy Jordan posse member Grizz Chapman also received a kidney in August after suffering from end-stage renal failure. If anyone on that show needs a kidney, you just let us know. Let’s put it this way: we have two kidneys; we don’t have two Tina Feys or Alec Baldwins. [Photo: WireImage]

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Kelly Osbourne Has To Get Feet Broken In Horrible-Sounding Surgery


News came today about Kelly Osbourne’s surgery, and most surprisingly, it’s not of the plastic variety. It is also horrifying. “[Doctors] have to break bones in my feet and reset them. I’ve put it off because I’ve not been ready to not walk for a month,” explained Kelly, right before we passed out due to the painfulness of that mental image.

While Kelly has had foot problems for a while, the hours of practice and punishing routines she had to perform while a Dancing with The Stars contestant in 2009 “kicked it up about ten years [and] made it worse.” While a season on DTWS may have damaged Kelly’s feet, it also helped her lose 50 lbs and tie for Jennifer Hudson for Fitness magazine’s Best Celeb Slim Down. Hot body or normal feet: it’s a choice we all have to make in life. On the plus side Kelly, probably no one will notice your broke-down feet while you’re in that wheelchair for a month. Time to invest in some statement hats! [Photo: Getty Images]