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Drug Charges Against T.I.’s Wife Dropped

T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle may not be allowed to jerk off husband T.I. in prison, but at least she won’t be joining him there. The LA County DA’s Office dropped drug charges against Cottle upon her completion of 24 sessions of counseling back home in Georgia. The couple were caught with pills in their car last September.

Some of you might be wondering “hey, how come she just got treatment while T.I. went back to prison?” Fact is, TI was never charged for drugs at all! Nope, the 11-month stint T.I.’s serving stems solely from his probation violation. Thank goodness Tiny wasn’t stockpiling automatic weapons, too.

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T.I. In Trouble After Wife Gives Him A Hand (Under The Table)

T.I. & Tiny

Come on, po-pos! First you won’t let T.I. stockpile automatic weapons, then you won’t let T.I. have ecstasy pills, and now you won’t even let T.I. get a handjob from his wife in prison? Talk about No Mercy! TMZ says the convict is in hot water after his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle‘s hand slipped below the table during visiting hours at the Arkansas State Prison he’s serving in. Hopefully her attentions were worth it, as the rapper has been sent to a “special housing unit” as punishment for the indiscretion.

Tameka told the site that she hasn’t seen her man since she was caught T.I.P.-handed, but hopes to be allowed to visit him again soon. Maybe next time she’ll just bake him a cake with a Fleshlight in it.

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Newlyweds T.I. And Tameka Arrested For Possession – Was It Ecstasy?

What a way to start a life together. TMZ reports that rapper T.I. and Tameka Cottle were arrested around 10.30pm last night on the alleged charges of possession of a controlled substance. Way to celebrate a one month anniversary! T.I. and “Tiny”  were thrice-married a month ago, remember?

By the looks of it, it doesn’t sound good for the couple at all. T.I’s already on probation! When cops from the L.A County Sheriff’s department pulled them over, they apparently smelled pot, which led to them searching the Maybach the couple was rolling in. They must’ve found something because they ending up slapping cuffs on them both.

T.I. is still on probation from gun charges, so we’re curious what this means in terms of violating his parole, more jail time, etc. But hey  – he could always just do what Paris Hilton did and claim the drugs just magically appeared in a borrowed purse!

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T.I. Walks Down The Aisle Three Times


Why have just one “happiest day of my life” when you can have three?  Rapper T.I and his girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle have been dating since 2001, weathering his long incarceration last year for illegally trying to buy firearms. Closing in on a decade of being together, the rapper and his girl quietly got married in a Miami courthouse right before the weekend.

They must’ve decided not to keep things on a down low for long, because they had a second wedding over the weekend, in Miami again. For Wedding #2, T.1. put on a custom-made Prada tux to exchange “I Do’s” with his bride, who wore a Valentino gown. Not to be outdone, wedding number three is in the works – this time in Vegas!

The couple celebrated their honeymoon before they got hitched, jetting to Europe before they were officially husband and wife. Uhhh, but doesn’t three weddings mean three honeymoons?

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