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Hills Ladies Step Out For Charity Event

Stephanie Pratt & Jayde Nicole

Stephanie Pratt and Jayde Nicole looked a little out of season at last night’s “Sparkles In Their Eyes” charity event at the LA nightspot Villa Blanca, but you can’t let the weather keep you from making an impression. Looked like fun, but when exactly is Pratt doing that 30-day rehab stint again? Unless it’s one that lets patients out to hit the red carpet night after night, she can’t have started yet—and she better hope the judge doesn’t read gossip rags.

Watch Pratt, Nicole and Miss Califorina Tami Farrell strut their stuff in the gallery below.

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Carrie Prejean Threatened With Lawsuit, Fired Again

Losing the Miss California crown isn’t making Carrie Prejean‘s life any easier. The organization behind the pageant has threatened to sue her if she continues to argue her firing was over the Prop 8 controversy. “If Carrie Prejean wants to assert in public that she was courteous, cooperative or professional in her conduct as Miss California USA, the history of her churlish insolent misbehavior can be presented.” The pageant’s letter, discovered by TMZ, lists 39 pageant appearances she refused to attend.

And those aren’t the only people she flaked out on. Clothing company Sledge USA has dropped Prejean as its fall spokesmodel, saying “she did not keep her appointments at all.” While her loss of title reportedly had nothing to do with their choice, Sledge is replacing Prejean with none other than Tami Farrell, the new Miss California. That’s gotta hurt.


Carrie Prejean Freaks While Shanna And Miss Cali Pose

shanna moakler & tami farrell

Carrie Prejean‘s conspiracy theories about her firing won’t be helped by the sight of ex-Miss California executive director—and Prejean opposer–-Shanna Moakler posing with Tami Farrell at her first public appearance as the new Miss Cali. While angry, demanding e-mails from Prejean to her bosses have been leaked to the public, she still claims its her anti-gay marriage stance that’s behind the loss of her crown. “It’s a set-up,” she told the Today Show this morning. “I think most Americans know that’s the reason I’m here today.”

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Miss Teen USA 2003 Is Now Miss California 2009

tami farrell, then and now

Tami Farrell, the woman replacing Carrie Prejean as Miss California 2009, is no stranger to beauty pageants. Originally from Oregon, she was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2003. In the years since, she’s worked as a singer and a pageant judge. She became Miss Malibu last year and was appointed the “Beauty Ambassador Of California” after coming in second to Prejean.

Unlike outspoken anti-gay-rights activist Prejean, Farrell is staying mum on hot topics. “It’s something each state should decide—It’s silly…that the world is looking to beauty queens for the answer…there’s so many other amazing organizing and great things we can champion here.”

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