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Kellan Lutz Is Your New Tarzan, What We Wouldn’t Give To Be His Jane

Kellan Lutz To Star As Tarzan

Kellan Lutz is all set to give new meaning to the phrase, “Me Tarzan, you Jane.” The hunky Twilight actor is going to be part of a new franchise very soon, as he’s signed up for the role of everyone’s favorite jungle-man, Tarzan, the Constantin film that will be directed by Reinhard Kloos. Deadline reports that the film will be a fully animated CGI with motion capture and that Spencer Locke is in talks to play Jane. The Hollywood Reporter also explained that the film is going to be in 3-D, and that Spencer has actually locked (sorry) down on the role.

They’ve also given us a heads-up on the script. Tarzan’s billionaire parents are killed in a plane crash leaving him alone in the jungle. The head of a company called Greystoke Energies is the villain, as he took over the company after Tarzan’s parents died. Jane comes in as the daughter of an African guide and is a preservationist who works with Tarzan later to take down the villain and his army. Sounds interesting. Mostly because we all know what Kellan’s wardrobe is going to be!

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Cheetah The Chimpanzee Dead At 80

He liked to paint, watch football, listen to Christian music, make people laugh and fling poop — just like a lot of other retirees we know living in Florida. But Cheetah the chimpanzee, who died on Saturday of kidney failure, was still pretty famous for his early acting career, co-starring in the Tarzan movies of 1932-34. The actor/comedian/primate had lived with his co-star, Johnny Weissmuller, before moving to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Palm Harbor, Florida, in 1960, according to the Tampa Tribune. He lived twice the average life expectancy of the average chimp in the wild, proving that not all child actors are doomed from the start. Though from the clips below, it looks like he (and the other chimps who took on the role) narrowly avoided becoming an alcoholic.
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