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Ke$ha Tattoos A Fan; We Turn Into Our Mother

Oh girl child, no! Watching Ke$ha tattoo a fan is bringing out our deep-seated maternal instinct. The singer’s biggest fan cannot believe his luck when Ke$ha whips out a needle and ink and carves a permanent $ into his foot. “It’s fun! It’s like I’m in prison!,” the happy recipient gasps. Yeah, except we doubt Ke$ha tattoos really go over with the maximum security set.  Look, we love that sleazy pop princess as much as the next screaming tween, but don’t these kids know trends fade? This is like if we got a Willa Ford tattoo back in high school. Don’t remember who she was? EXACTLY.

We know from Ke$ha’s home tattoo gun and her new song “Till The World Ends” for Britney Spears that Ke$ha is a party person, but the idea of her branding someone with her logo still gives us the vapors. “I consider myself a songwriter before and above everything else, so it’s an honor to write for one of pop music’s biggest icons,” Ke$ha gushed about working with Spears. “And I hope it gets everyone’s ass on the dance floor cuz y’all know that’s what K-Monay does best!” Well, at least she has something she’s good at; body art just doesn’t happen to be one of them. We really hope that guy’s mother doesn’t know how to work the internet.

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Do We “Like” T-Pain’s New Facebook Tattoo?

Sure, we all spend too much time on Facebook; that doesn’t mean Facebook has to spend too much time on us. Showing off his brand-new Facebook tattoo, T-Pain tweeted “I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii. I think this ones pretty sweet, unless facebook shuts down soon 0_o.” The rapper put up a TwitPic of his new ink, which reads “You don’t have to Like me.” Luckily Facebook will only shut down over Mark Zuckerberg‘s dead body, so we think T-Pain is safe.

As a spokesman for Toshiba, T-Pain should know better than to sell ad space for free dollars and free cents. The already-ink-covered rapper joins the parade of potentially regrettable body ink alongside Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone tattoo and Brandy‘s phallic elephant god. If we were T-Pain’s friends, we’d have to fight the urge to click his tatt all the time, and where’s the space to leave comments? Looks like we’ll have to write them in permanent marker, like usual.

[Photo: T-Pain’s Twitter]

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Brandy Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Some Fresh Ink

Brandy's New Ganesh Tattoo

While most of the country was still busy digesting their Christmas meals, Brandy And Ray-J: A Family Business star Brandy decided to hit the tattoo parlor to get some fresh ink. The sensational R&B star decided to swing by celebrity tattoo artist Peter Koskela’s shop in Southern California on Monday night to get a tattoo of Ganesh that Brandy described on Twitter as the “Egyptian god! Remover of all obstacles:)”. Her tweeps quickly pointed out that Ganesh is, in fact, a Hindu deity and not an Egyptian god, so we hope that she wasn’t counting on curring any favor in the afterlife with the likes of Osiris by getting the body art. Either way, looks hot!

[Photo Credits: YFrog]

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Regrets Getting Life-Sized Tattoo Of Her Baby


The thing about being a teenage mother is that you don’t always exercise good judgment. Some people learn from their mistakes, and some people just keep on making terrible choices. Take, for instance, Amber Portwood from Teen Mom. Earlier this week Portwood revealed a giant new tattoo of her baby Leah‘s face. The tattoo, Portwood’s first, certainly will be hard to top, seeing as there’s practically no more available space on Portwood’s body. This thing is huge. Portwood, who has denied claims that she’s pregnant for a second time, certainly never considered what would happen to her stomach and the new ink should she get pregnant again.

But with a tattoo of such considerable size, comes a considerable amount of regret as well. A friend of Amber’s told Pop Eater “In that moment it seemed like a great idea to get a tattoo and show the entire world how much she loved Leah, but now it doesn’t seem like such a great decision. When the pain goes away Amber will be left with a massive picture of a baby’s face on her stomach.” Um, no duh?

[Photo: Radar Online]


Daniel Radcliffe Talks About Harry Potter Cast Tattoos

The cast of the Lord of the Rings trilogy famously got matching tattoos after shooting ended to commemorate the time spent in traipsing Middle Earth in elf-shoes, which seems like a fun way to bond over a life-changing experience. So when asked if he and his Harry Potter co-stars would  get tattoos too, Daniel Radcliffe was open-minded, saying “I suppose if everyone was doing it I’d probably as well.”

The actor told People that he would have some rules though about what exactly he would get inked on his body. “We’d have to be very specific about the design because I’m not having a skull, or any glasses, or a broom, or a Hogwarts crest – nothing like that. It would have to be something a little bit more idiosyncratic.” Might we suggest the words “I Must Not Tell Lies” on the back of your hand?

Radcliffe also joked about the idea, saying  “Rupert [Grint] said the other day that he’s going to get my face tattooed on him somewhere. So maybe I’ll just get his face tattooed on me somewhere. We’ll do sort of a swap.” We personally have never regretted the day we got our Ron Weasley tramp stamp, so we say go for it, guys.

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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Regrets Racist And Nazi Tattoos, Most Other Life Choices


Just because you cover yourself in white power and/or Nazi tattoos, that doesn’t make you a racist you guys. Or at least in the mind of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee it doesn’t.  We think some tattoo ink may have seeped into her brain, though, because apparently Michelle McGee denies being a racist, despite the (permanent) evidence otherwise.

“Am I a racist? Absolutely not,” McGee claims in an interview, saying her WP (meaning white pride) tattoo is “something that I did in my late teens. Another huge, huge mistake that I deeply, deeply regret.” Right, in your late teens…when you were a racist. We might not be Sherlock Holmes here, Michelle, but we are putting the pieces together.

McGee also cops to having a swastika (now covered up) on her nether regions, which she describes as “Another stupid tattoo that I put on my body but unfortunately we all make mistakes.” Yeah, but most of us make mistakes like making our car payments late, not getting the emblem of pure evil inscribed right above our woo-hoos.

Michelle blames her small-town upbringing for instilling her with a whole slew of prejudices, all of which she claims to no longer have. Wasn’t McGee raised Amish? We guess being raised Nazi Amish would mess someone up so bad they would date Jesse James, but something tells us we aren’t getting the real story. If it’s genuine, we appreciate the fact that McGee can admit how totally morally bankrupt her body art is. In all likelihood, however,  girlfriend is probably just trying to make her name mean something other than “Sandra Bullock’s worst enemy, now with extra hate”. Either way, McGee has a long way to go to change our minds, and even more laser tattoo removal to pay for. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Another Day, Another Neck Tattoo For Rihanna

If we had a nickel for every time Rihanna got a tattoo, we’d be rich. (And we’d be even richer if we included the times she gave tattoos to people, too). So it shouldn’t be surprising that on her current trip to New York, RiRi popped into a local parlor and got yet another tattoo on her neck. We’re still not so clear on what that thing actually says  – something “flower”? Or “forever”? Maybe? Check out our close-up shots and let us know what you think the ink says. [Photos: Splash News Online/]

UPDATE: According to People, Rihanna’s neck tattoo says “rebelle fleur,” which is French for “rebellious flower.”


Katy Perry And Russell Brand’s Matching Tattoos


Proving their love for each other and for all things India once again, Katy Perry and Russell Brand got matching Sanskrit tattoos. They’re hardly the first pair in Hollywood to commit themselves to ink, but we have a feeling that their tats will be less regrettable than say, the ones Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne got together. The phrase they each had written on their arm reads “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” which means “go with the flow.” That seems apt for these two – you wanna wear a dress made of neon rubber? Go with the flow. Wanna bare your chest on the Today Show? Go with the flow.

The couple got engaged on a trip to India and there have been reports that they want to get hitched there as well, so the tattoos fit with their appreciation for the culture as well.

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Does Beyonce Really Like Brooklyn This Much?


Recently a friend told us about the greatest celebrity sighting ever: seeing Beyonce, Jay-Z and their pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sing “Happy Birthing” to a fellow patron at Lucali in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Hova and Sascha Fierce are known to eat there all the time, traveling across the Brooklyn Bridge from their home in Tribeca to scarf down what Jay-Z has called “the best pizza I ever had in my entire life.” This commitment to BK dining, combined with Jay’s obvious loyalty to his native borough (even though he kinda sold out with Tribeca penthouse) and his general NYC lust (thanks for the anthem, dude) would make it seem feasible that he’d get the name of the best borough ever tattooed on his hand. But his wife?

Yep, Bey was spotted stomping around outside of Hiro with the word Brooklyn printed across her hand. We’ve never known the singer to have any visible tattoos, so it seems a bit odd that she’d hop on the ink bandwagon with this one, especially because it’s kinda crudely written. We’re guessing it’s not real (maybe fellow party-goer Kate Hudson got crazy with a Sharpie?), what do you think? We hate to question anything her royal highness Queen B does, but while we roll hard in Brooklyn, Beyonce’s from Houston where they just roll to the rodeo or the BBQ restaurant (we’re guessing based on beloved Texan stereotypes).

Speak up, experts – and check out more celeb tats below.

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Avril Lavigne And Her Sk8r Boi Brody Jenner Get Matching Tats


When Avril Lavigne hung out with Brody Jenner and his mom over Easter weekend and we thought aww, young love, that’s sweet. They took their relationship up a notch this weekend, however, reportedly getting matching tattoos during a trip to Las Vegas. Fortunately, they weren’t of each others’ names. That would be way too permanent.

The couple, who still refuse to be photographed together despite all their public make-out sessions and dinners together, apparently flew to Vegas on Friday and, after some clubbing and noshing, decided to check out Mario Barth’s King Ink where they both got lightning bolt tattoos. Avril got hers on her forearm (in addition to a tat of the number 30), and Brody got his behind his ear. And lest you think that Avril’s ex-husband, Deryck Whibley is upset about Avril moving on, a source says “He thinks Brody is a good guy and that it’s great the two of them are doing well.” Jayde Nicole and all her artificial parts were not available for comment.

[Photos: Getty Images]

Avril and Brody certainly aren’t the first famous couple to declare their love with matching ink. Does “Winona Forever” or “Billy Bob” come to mind? Check out our massive gallery of celebrity tats below.

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