Tea Leoni


Billy Bob Bangs Hot Chicks

In the latest on the David Duchovny-Tea Leoni separation, Billy Bob Thornton was implicated as the reason behind the pair’s split. According to sources, Duchovny is apparently leaving Leoni due to her being unfaithful (not because he’s a sex addict and cheated) with the Sling Blade actor. Leoni, who worked with Thornton on their new movie Manure, told recently More magazine that Thornton is “maybe my new favorite person in the world.” The plot thickens….

Though Thornton is denying any part in the scandal, it’s undeniable that through the years, he’s banged some pretty hot chicks, and he has a penchant for meeting them on the sets of his movies. Check out the ladies the five-times-married Thornton has been with.

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