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Dispatch From Twilight Tent City: Campers Answer Five Final Questions About The Fandom

Sunday marked the third time I’ve visited a Twilight tent city, and it was once again filled with wonderful interactions with fans. I am confident of one thing: the fans that camp out for days waiting to score a coveted spot along the premiere red carpet get a bad rap. Sure, they’ve got obsessive tent decorations and flair-filled outfits, but so what? Tent City is the Twilight fandom’s Mardi Gras, and it’s a safe space to let your Twi-freak flag fly.

“This is the only place I’d ever dare wear this t-shirt,” one fan told me, pointing at the picture of Robert Cullen (um, that’s a typo – obviously – but I’m keeping it in!) that spread across her torso. It’s not like the bulk of the fans camped out this weekend head to their office jobs in their “Imprint Me, Jacob” hoodies and curl up to sleep in Twilight sheets each night. But they let it all hang out at Tent City, and enjoy every second of it (and I totally enjoyed the two hours I spent there). It’s a weekend of friendship, bonding, celebration and good ol’ fashion dorking out over a thing you really love. And I am INTO it.

I spoke with a bunch of the fans and asked them five final questions about their Twilight experience:

  • What’s the best part about being a Twilight fan?
  • What’s the worst part about being a Twilight fan?
  • What’s the biggest misconception about Twilight fans?
  • What part of the Twilight fan stereotype is actually true?
  • What will you miss most about Twilight?

Their answers are below. These are women from around the world (Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and the US) with jobs, lives, families, friends…and a fandom. It was a honor to meet them and sit in their camping chairs. Until next time.

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Greetings From Breaking Dawn Tent City: The Twilight-iest Place On Earth

We visited the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Tent City yesterday and had an amazing time chatting with fans about the books, the movies and, of course, the thrusting. Over 1200 peeps (double from last year!) have been gathered for days outside of the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, waiting to score a spot on the black carpet of the Breaking Dawn premiere tonight. (See you there!) We hit up Tent City last year for the Eclipse premiere and we’re thrilled to find not much has changed. Fans once again told us they’re camped out for the cast and their love of the books, but also for each other. So many friendships have been forged thanks to Twilight, and Tent City is a real celebration of that — toasting both the silly and serious sides of the most massive and powerful fandom on earth.

Walk with me through the photo gallery to get a feel for the largest city of Twi-hards on the planet. And a special thanks to everyone who chatted with me, said hi and let me photograph them yesterday. You guys are lovely! See you on the carpet — follow us on Twitter at @thefablife for our live-tweets.

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