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Nick Stahl Arrested For Lewd Act In Porn Shop, Capping His Awesome 2012

Nick Stahl was arrested in a porn shop on Thursday

Nick Stahl with wife Rose Murphy in 2011; at the Terminator 3 premiere in 2003.

Oh, look at that, it’s Nick Stahl’s turn to fall victim once again to that darn Terminator curse. Last we heard of the ill fates befalling actors who played John Connor, Edward Furlong was being arrested for domestic violence in May. Nick’s latest misfortune is a little better: He was booked yesterday for misdemeanor lewd conduct after reportedly appearing to touch himself inappropriately at a porn shop in Hollywood, TMZ reports. He was released a short time later. The gossip site says one of the officers who arrested him was the guy who apprehended Fred Willard for a similar misunderstanding in a theater earlier this year. (We’ll get back to you as we look into whether Fred has some connection to the Terminator franchise.)

It was no doubt a frustrating end to a troubling year for Stahl, whose wife Rose had reported him missing in May, before informing everyone that he had been found and was checked into rehab. He went missing again in July and again returned, enrolling in AA, according to his wife.

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