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Terry Richardson’s Creepiest Celebrity Portraits Of 2013

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Terry Richardson has had a big year. Not only did he photograph President Barack Obama in his studio just months after the prez was re-elected, but he also directed Miley Cyrus in the tongue-wagging music video for “Wrecking Ball.” In between all of that, Uncle Terry did what he does best: snap controversial portraits of celebrities.

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Beyonce’s GQ Cover Recipe: 1 LB Flour, 2 Cups Cherries, Infinite Sexy

We never cease to be amazed by how photographer Terry Richardson manages to get gorgeous ladies to do the sleaziest things in front of his camera. Compared to some of his models, Beyonce was relatively tame for her “Miss Millenium” cover shoot for GQ, the fruits of which we first saw last week. Judging by the interview Bey gives in the magazine, she keeps a tight control on all things image-related, so she’s not about to put herself in any kind of compromising, Terry Richardson-esque situations. That’s not to say she isn’t hot as hell in it. And as you watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot above, you can also tell she had a whole lot of fun romping around in cropped tops and undies, and jumping on the bed with a football to symbolize her Super Bowl Halftime gig.

Beyonce shoots her GQ cover
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Based On The Preview Video, This Lady Gaga/Terry Richardson Film Appears To Be Mostly Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson have been long-time collaborators, turning out hundreds of photos that all look, um, well, like Terry Richardson photos. Not that we’re not into that! The man just has a very specific esthetic. Unsurprisingly the preview for the Lady Gaga XX Terry Richardson video has Uncle Terry’s fingerprints all over it. Lady Gaga crawling around in white underwear? Check. Lady Gaga’s naked butt being manhandled in a bathtub? Check. Lady Gaga dancing in a t-shirt, undies and heels while watching her own butt in a mirror? Yeah…that is most unfortunately a check.

“un petit fours OR *very good for making gifs*,” Lady Gaga tweeted along with the clip (because she knows how our minds/the Internet works.) “its a film,” Gaga clarified earlier today on Twitter. “bout an hr.” Let us be clear. We will most certainly be watching the video when they release it, and will spend our hard-earned money to do so if necessary. But still. We don’t know. Maybe we just miss the horns and the lobster claw shoes. Maybe we wish we could identify which part is Lady Gaga gold. Or maybe we’re just whining because change is hard, you guys. Either way you look at it…CAKE.

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Lady Gaga Poses Topless With Donatella Versace, And Yeah, Terry Richardson’s Involved

Lady Gaga Poses Topless With Donatella Versace

So, remember when we posted about Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace hanging out together in Milan earlier this week? You know, when Gaga was inspired enough to take on the infamous Versace safety-pin dress, which Elizabeth Hurley wore back in the day. We had mentioned that Terry Richardson was around, but tried not to give him too much wordage, because … he’s Terry Richardson and we find him skeezy. But Gaga and Terry are close. Close enough for Gaga to shave off half her hair in some sort of tribute to Terry’s mother passing away. He’s also followed her around on tour taking photographs, most recently of her bringing back the meat dress in Japan. He’s even photographed previews of Gaga’s concert costumes. But, we digress. We thought that dinner between Mother Monster and Mother Versace was going to be glamorous and fun, in a way most dinners between OTT celebrities are. But somehow, and we think it’s because of Terry’s presence, some form of random nudity had to creep in. There’s a whole bunch of pictures of the two stars up on his website, but visit Terry’s Diary at your own risk if you’re at work, because of that rather NSFW photograph you see above. It’s Gaga hiding her breasts — with a just a hint of nipple of course — and the caption reads, “Donatella and Lady Gaga in one of Gianni’s bathrooms.” Why was she topless in a loo? We have no idea. But it’s not the first time Terry has photographed Gaga topless. Well, semi-topless. Their photo-shoot ended with the picture you see below, of Gaga sucking on Donatella’s thumb, with Terry look delighted and sucking his own thumb. Just your regular dinner, right? Yeesh.

Lady Gaga, Donatella Versace, Terry Richardson

[Photos via Terry’s Diary]

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Lady Gaga And Donatella Versace Put Their Paws Up Together In Milan

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Terry Richardson Receives Butt Shot From Miranda Kerr; Somehow His Smile Is The Creepiest Part

We’d always thought that one of the perks of being a hot, famous, rich model is that you don’t have to put needles into weird guys’ butts for a living, but Miranda Kerr proved us wrong when she administered a B12 shot to the posterior of Terry Richardson in a video he posted today. Oh, Uncle Terry! How your smile will haunt our dreams forever!

From the looks of it, the tasteful vignette (and accompanying photo!) was taken during Richardson’s shoot for Kerr’s recent Harper’s spread. We’re not going to pretend Kerr didn’t look amazing in it. We’re also not going to pretend she looked amazing for any other reason than the fact she was wearing a series of designer boots. And nothing else. Seeing as how it’s his first B12 supplement, what if the shot hit Terry’s brain and he stood up, looked around and shouted, “Miranda, put a shirt on! What is going on with my mutton chops? How did I come to be known as the World’s Most Famous Perv?” We know. We have to live in the now. “Now” being the time when Terry dances around in a neon body suit like some kind of a scene from a child’s nightmare. A sexy child’s nightmare. Oh man, we’re sorry we wrote that. Just looking at Terry Richardson is making us become one of him!

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Lindsay Lohan, Are You Trying To Derail Your Comeback With These Gun Photos?

Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Gun Photos

Lindsay Lohan, we don’t know what to say at this point. Do you not have friends? Or an agent who helps you make decisions? Are you just around Terry Richardson so much that he can make it seem like a good idea to pose with a gun in your mouth? And you had to do it now, when you’re shooting Liz & Dick and haven’t yet been charged for slamming your Porsche into the back of that semi. You couldn’t just let things be sort of good for a while? No, you just had to make us picture Elizabeth Taylor with a gun to her head. Pull it together, Lohan!

Uncle Terry has already taken down the photos, which he had posted to Terry’s Diary, but since that’s not how Tumblr works, Lindsay’s gun photos are now a permanent part of the internet. Now, we know that Lilo has posed for scandalous photos before; remember those “blood soaked” Tyler Shields pics? Call us prudes, but having a gun pointed at her skull just makes this so much worse. Are you afraid of success, Lindsay? Is that it? We never thought we’d say it, but this whole thing makes us nostalgic for all your Terry Richardson nip slip photos, girl. A nip slip never hurt anyone!

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

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Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick Smolders On Runway At Milan Fashion Week

Ed Westwick On Philipp Plein Runway, Milan Fashion Week

Is that Ed Westwick or Chuck Bass, the character he plays on Gossip Girl? Because we think the actor is totally channeling the sexy rogue he portrays on the show. Ed walked the runway in a number of ensembles for Philipp Plein at his Milan Fashion Week Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 show over the weekend. And while he’s totally doing Blue Steel — nay, even the Magnum — from Zoolander, we’re not totally convinced about his facial hair situation. Seriously, Ed, what’s up with the dust-bunny mustache? The scruff is okay, but we’re not feeling the ‘stache at all. It was also in full view at a press conference he did for the designer earlier in the day. Ed is the face of Plein’s new fall ad campaign shot by creepozoid fashion photographer Terry Richardson who’s also put himself in the photographs. Why, why, why? We don’t want Richardson in Ed’s frames!

Plein’s gushing about him, though, saying, “For me Terry Richardson is a very talented artist. He reflects perfectly the brand’s spirit. He’s authentic and does what he likes. He always says what he’s really thinking. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, and that’s it. Terry is all rock’n’roll! Working with him for this campaign has been great and I can’t wait to go work with him again for the next campaign!” Why is this about the photographer, and not the star? Thank heavens that only Ed showed up on the runway!

[Photo: Getty Images]