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Lady Gaga Brings Back The Meat Dress In Japan

Lady Gaga Wears Meat Dress In Tokyo

We thought this would be jerky by now, but apparently, we were wrong. There is no way in hell that you’ve forgetten about Lady Gaga‘s meat dress, worn at the VMAs in 2010. That was two years ago, and we thought Mother Monster was beyond revisiting her looks. We were wrong again, because Gaga just tweeted this picture, of her, in another meat dress, saying, “Photo from THE BORN THIS WAY BALL Tokyo. ‘Americano’ by Terry Richardson.” Meat dress part deux, as it were? Color us surprised. And what about Terry Richardson, huh?  He’s with Gaga in Tokyo clicking skeezy pictures with electrical tape. This guy! That dress! Tokyo gone wild! We have to say that we like this latest version, though. There’s more shape and the we dig the bell-like meat skirt. Plus the setting of the picture is … joke included … pretty raw.

[Photo via Twitter]

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Lady Gaga Slips An Electrical Tape Nip With, You Guessed It, Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Poses With Terry Richardson

This guy again! Is Terry Richardson some kind of warlock? Don’t answer that; the world is not ready to know. After teaching Kate Upton how to Cat Daddy and doing an extensive photojournalistic study of Rihanna’s Daisy Dukes, Terry Richardson posted more of his concert travels with Lady Gaga who, for reasons unknown to the rest of mankind, took out one of the girls complete with an electrical tape pasty for Terry’s camera. “Me as Gaga… Gaga as Me in Tokyo,” the photographer wrote along with the pic. The resemblance is uncanny! It’s like we’re looking at two identically skeevy twins!

Well, at least Gaga’s looking frisky in her photo, which is nice to hear considering the non-stop barfing she’s apparently been doing while on tour. “Yes Tokyo! Tonight was the first BTWBall that I didn’t puke during show. (yes its that hard) xoxoxxxo Love, gaga+terry,” Gaga tweeted yesterday. Unless…unless Gaga being sick all the time somehow explains why she is constantly hanging out with Terry Richardson? Like somehow she got a brain worm that makes Terry seem like way less of a perv than he seems to be? There has to be some sort of explanation for all this, people! We demand an explanation!

[Photo: Terry Richardson]

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Rihanna Stress-Tests Her Booty Shorts For Terry Richardson

Rihanna Poses For Terry Richardson

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for Terry Richardson! The celeb photographer spent the last few days snapping his friend Lady Gaga in concert, getting banned by youtube for his super hot video of a bikini-clad Kate Upton, and now he’s getting some QT with Rihanna in, too. How does he do it!? We’re not only impressed with his ability to keep a packed scheduled, but also how he manages to get the biggest and hottest ladies in showbiz up to his apartment. We’ve gotta be missing something.

The singer stopped by Terry’s studio to apparently stress-test her newest pair of micro short-shorts. Maybe she’s prepping them for her appearance on the American Idol finale on May 23rd! Riri is just one of many stars who are set to perform on the show, but the rest haven’t been announced yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear! In the meantime, head down to the gallery below for your semi-pantsless Rihanna fix. Enjoy!

[Photo: Terry Richardson]

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Lady Gaga Models Some Terrifyingly Sexy Concert Looks For Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga Models<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Concert Costumes For Terry Richarson

Terry Richardson has already snapped Lady Gaga topless except for a football and, uh, peeing into a cup. Watching her strap on some extraterrestrial gear S&M helmet backstage at her concert was the next logical artist step. Joining Gaga on the Korean and Chinese leg of her tour this month, Uncle Terry gave Little Monsters everywhere  a tiny fabulous peek backstage at how the Lady transforms for her fans. Once she has that mask on, Gaga looks like she should be bursting out of a screaming astronaut’s chest cavity. But, you know, in a hot way.

Sadly, not everyone is as thrilled about hosting Gaga’s erotic E.T. extravaganza as China, including those Indonesian groups currently protesting her upcoming performance in Jakarta on June 3. “Lady Gaga insults all religions. Even Christians in Korea opposed her. She is promoting the worship of Satan.,” say a spokesman for the country’s Islamic Defenders’ Front. No, you guys, that’s just her hats! That’s just her haaaaaaats! If only they would look at the portraits Richardson also snapped the singer’s sweet weirdo fans, or some of Gaga’s markedly non-Satanic after-show down time, maybe they would feel differently. As long as they don’t look at this goat woman outfit though. We…can’t imagine that’s going to help change anyone’s mind.

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As If Getting Into A Tiny Bikini For Terry Richardson Wasn’t Enough, Kate Upton Goes (Nearly) Topless

Kate Upton Poses Topless For Terry Richardson

When we look at photographs like these, we realize that Kate Upton was probably put on this earth to make the rest of us want to crawl under a rock and sob into our Cheetos. It’ s a very specific kind of karma, but someone’s got to do it. Which is why we can’t understand this. Why would someone as blessed as Kate Upton — don’t kid yourselves guys, God ordained that body — want to hang out with someone as skeezy as Terry Richardson? Wasn’t Cat Daddy enough? We’re still looking at Terry as Quagmire from Family Guy after his very enthusiastic “alright” right after adjusting Upton’s bikini strap in the video. Actually, while we’re asking questions — how does someone like Terry Richardson manages to get someone like Kate Upton to writhe so seductively that Youtube ends up banning their collaborative video? Which is also weird because granted that Kate was wearing the tiniest bikini ever known to mankind, but there was no nudity of any kind.

Which directly leads to our next point. We thought that Kate had paid her dues by posing for Terry in scraps of fabric. But the photographer’s site revealed that the model busting a move for him (and the rest of the world) was just the tip of the iceberg. A new batch of pictures have surfaced on the site of Kate, softly lit and glowing, nearly topless, but not quite. She’s hiding her modesty by crossing her arms over her chest. Not that it still isn’t NSFW, but if there’s anyone worth the risk, it’s Kate. You’re probably heading to the gallery right now to illustrate our point.

[Photos: Terry’s Diary]

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Kate Upton Teaches Us How To Do The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini, Makes Us Wish We Were Terry Richardson

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Kate Upton “Cat Daddy” Video Ban Makes Us Very Confused About Youtube’s Policies

No, we are not just posting the above video so that you have another excuse to watch Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” for Terry Richardson. Also so you can see that it is not really all that pornographic as you would think, given that Youtube banned it earlier today for “nudity.” And then removed the ban but placed an age restriction on it. (Which, those things are airtight, right?) Anyway, it’s pretty odd to us that this video gets censored when there are currently 3,050 Kate Upton videos on the video site right now, most of them featuring the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl bouncing her assets in slow motion. And there are 37,800 search results for “Cat Daddy.” Maybe it’s the gross way that Richardson adjusts her strap before the dancing starts? Maybe it’s the extremely low cut of her bikini bottoms — though it is basically the same suit she wore on the SI cover this year, and that was shown all over the place. Most likely, this video caught the site monitors’ attention because it already has 717,000 views in just two days.

There’s no nudity in Kate’s video. But it seems like Youtube is as arbitrary as the MPAA with its censorship. The “Community Guidelines” state that “YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it’s a video of yourself, don’t post it on YouTube.” And then, “Most nudity is not allowed, particularly if it is in a sexual context. Generally if a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube.”

What do you think? Is Kate’s video too naughty for prime time?

Kate Upton posing for Terry Richardson

[Photo: Terry Richardson’s Tumblr]

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Kate Upton Teaches Us How To Do The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini, Makes Us Wish We Were Terry Richardson

Kate Upton Poses With Terry Richardson

Hey, so remember how hot it was that time Kate Upton taught us how to Dougie? OK, now pretend that she’s wearing the smallest bikini you’ve ever seen and it’s all captured on glorious high-def color film. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well pretend no more dear friends, because the day has arrived! The only downside is that the vid features celebrity-photographer/resident creepy dude Terry Richardson. But this isn’t a perfect world, so we’ll take it. The Sports Illustrated cover girl stopped by Terry’s studio to show off some bras, a bikini and her new dance moves.

“Only in America” says Terry in the video as Kate begins to get down to the Rej3ctz track. And he’s right: Only in America would a guy who looks like a grunge-era Count Chocula be adjusting the string bikini of an SI bombshell. You are the American dream, Terry Richardson. Never has a “thumbs up” been more appropriate. Check out the unbelievably hot video below, and click through the gallery for even more sexy photos!

[Photo: Terry’s World]

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Paz De La Huerta Gets Topless, Kind Of Gross For Terry Richardson

Paz De La Huerta has never been one to care what other people think; we all know that. That being said, her new Terry Richardson portraits sort of make us want to rinse our eyes out with hand sanitizer. Now, we know it’s not possible to pose for Uncle Terry without looking a little grimy; the man gets paid big money to make his subjects look like he just surprised them on the toilet. But at least Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga didn’t voluntarily sprawl topless on a dirty park bench for a series of NSFW photos. Get up offa there! There is probably broken class all over that bench! We meant to write “broken glass,” but the typo seemed even more accurate so we are keeping it!

In yet another NSFW photo, Paz smooshes her bare chest onto a store front window. Someone owns that window, Paz, and she or he has to clean it! They don’t need your boob leavings all over it! Girl, you are costarring in the upcoming film 4:44 Last Day on Earth with Willem Dafoe after getting canned from Boardwalk Empire and everyone knows you have a killer body. No need to give yourself ringworm to prove anything, particularly not to us.

[Photo: Terry Richardson’s Tumblr]

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Lindsay Lohan Rumor We Hate: She’s Throwing Herself At Terry Richardson?

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of relationship rumors we hope aren’t true. First there was Rihanna and Chris Brown. Then Demi and Ashton. Today’s: Radar has a story that Lindsay Lohan is throwing herself at Terry Richardson. Oh, ladies. Why do you have such bad taste in men?

The Lindsay story kinda sounds like it could have been written by Richardson himself. “They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she’s going all out to get her claws into him. But Terry is just not interested in pursuing a relationship with Lindsay and totally regrets hooking up with her. Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he’s actually kind of freaked out by how strong she’s been coming on to him; it’s all pretty unseemly.” Yuck.

And also Lindsay sounded so believable last week, when she told Matt Lauer why she is absolutely not into being in a relationship right now. Still, he did take some pretty hot pics of LiLo recently.

How about you try some nice guys/girls for a change? And if you need someone wild but sweet and understanding of your addiction issues, Russell Brand is single again!

[Photo: TerrysDiary.com]

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Lindsay Lohan/Terry Richardson Photos Remind Us How Good This Girl Can Look

We see photos like this, then we see Lindsay Lohan’s overgrown bangs, Sasquatch cuffs and…whatever was going on with her mouth at last week’s amFAR Gala, and we just do not know what to think. With the help of her good friend Terry Richardson and his camera o’ salacious, photos snapped snapped for LOVE magazine prove definitively that Lindsay can still stand on solid, sexy ground when she wants to. And by “sexy,” we of course mean you can totes see her butt. In more than one photo. Ah, but do two butt shots equal a Lindsay Lohan nip slip? If only Uncle Terry was here with us right now, he’d know the answer. That man is like a perverted calculator!

[Photo: Lindsaylohanbr Tumblr]

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