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by (@JordanRuntagh)

Kate Upton Teaches Us How To Do The “Cat Daddy” In A Bikini, Makes Us Wish We Were Terry Richardson

Kate Upton Poses With Terry Richardson

Hey, so remember how hot it was that time Kate Upton taught us how to Dougie? OK, now pretend that she’s wearing the smallest bikini you’ve ever seen and it’s all captured on glorious high-def color film. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well pretend no more dear friends, because the day has arrived! The only downside is that the vid features celebrity-photographer/resident creepy dude Terry Richardson. But this isn’t a perfect world, so we’ll take it. The Sports Illustrated cover girl stopped by Terry’s studio to show off some bras, a bikini and her new dance moves.

“Only in America” says Terry in the video as Kate begins to get down to the Rej3ctz track. And he’s right: Only in America would a guy who looks like a grunge-era Count Chocula be adjusting the string bikini of an SI bombshell. You are the American dream, Terry Richardson. Never has a “thumbs up” been more appropriate. Check out the unbelievably hot video below, and click through the gallery for even more sexy photos!

[Photo: Terry’s World]