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5 International Versions of Your Favorite Reality Shows You Need To Watch


When it comes to reality TV, there are plenty of options to choose from. In the U.S., fans have everything from long-running classics, such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, to the new era of celebreality on VH1 with Candidly Nicole and Love & Hip-Hop. While the U.S. seems to have mastered the world of addictive reality programming, there are definitely international options that are worth making time for.

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Tonsil Hockey Gone Wrong: The Most Cringe-Worthy On-Screen Kisses


Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day week, so it’s only fitting we address that smoochy-smooch behavior we all love. Now, kissing is a personalized act. Everyone has a trademark technique – be it a unique pout, a nibble, or maybe a full-on bite for you vampires out there. But no matter what your style of choice, we all know the cardinal rule – no sloppy, saliva heavy-snogging. It just isn’t done. Well, it is done, but it’s not encouraged. This brings me to my next point: horrifying kisses. We’ve all been there, we’ve all had them, and we’ve all hated them. Nonetheless, they make for great stories – and it just so happens, they make for great TV. Below is a list of the Most Awkward On-Screen Kisses We’ve Ever Seen. So go grab some Chapstick, a tissue box for when you cry of laughter, and see if you agree with our selection. Read more…

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Jason Biggs Has A Lot Of Feelings About The Bachelor

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We weren’t the only ones glued to last night’s season premiere of The Bachelor. Orange Is The New Black star and American Pie alum Jason Biggs is known for his opinionated Twitter musings, and apparently, he’s a Chris Harrison fan as well. Biggs filled the feeds of Twitter users during The Bachelor‘s West Coast debut of Season 18, and is now being criticized for his brutally honest harsh take on the 27 female hopefuls.

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Free Spirits And Fake Baby Bumps: The Bachelor Contestants By The Numbers

The Bachelor Season 18 Juan Pablo

ABC’s The Bachelor kicked off its 18th season last night with the spiciest piece of man candy yet. Juan Pablo Galavis, a former soccer player and father to adorable four-year-old daughter Camila, has an honest face, a hot body and an accent that will somehow make the devastating heartbreak he plans to inflict on 26 of the 27 women vying for his heart a little easier to bear.

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Evil Pageant Queens! Dance School Sadists! The 10 Worst Reality Villains of 2013

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We don’t watch reality shows for the sweet characters. The do-gooders, the faithful wives, the lifelong friends who don’t leap across tables to rip each other’s throats out. No, it’s all about the villains!  Now, it’s a reality show standard to have a wild card (or two) on each show. Hair-pulling, backstabbing, boyfriend-stealing, tacky tantrums, blatant bullying…this is what the genre is made of!

And the best villains know that the shows depend on them. If they really channel their inner lunatic, these characters can land endorsement deals, book contracts, or, like Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes (a reformed villain), they can even score a role on a legit scripted show — hello, Glee.

In 2013, the reality genre experienced a villain boom. Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller was like a witch out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, cackling as she tortured the hell out of her dance school students. Love & Hip Hop’s Peter Gunz seemed cool enough, but then we discovered his schizophrenic love life — five babymamas, a secret wife and a girlfriend! Here, we salute the craziest reality cast members of the year.


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The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe Shares His Wedding Plans

It looks like The Bachelor is going to the chapel! Sean Lowe, star of The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars, calls The Gossip Table from the green room of Good Morning America (our neighbors across the street) to talk about his relationship with Catherine Giudici. Lowe tells Chloe Melas that the two are thinking about having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Additionally, Lowe wants the wedding to be televised.

But what about the guest list? Giudici is likely to invite a few former contestants from their season of the show. You know, the ones that Lowe passed over. And Lowe wants his dance partner from DWTS to choregraph the couple’s first dance.

Next up: Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel is getting divorced. Melas has the scoop!

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The Bachelor Needs To Hire Ryan Lochte: Here Are Three Reasons Why (Hi, Prince Harry!)

Ryan Lochte Wants $750,000 For 'Bachelor'; BFF With Prince Harry

RadarOnline is reporting that mega swim hunk, Ryan Lochte‘s people are gunning for $750,000 for him to be on The Bachelor. We all know that the show’s been on his wishlist as part of his post-Olympic popularity plan. But sources claim that his team may just up that figure to $1 million, should ABC show real interest in Lochte being on the series, revealing, “Ryan’s agents are getting besieged with offers and deals, everything from The Bachelor, his own reality show, and some overseas movies.” As of now, the show seems to be high on his list of priorities, but only if he gets the cash money, with the sources explaining, “Ryan is acutely aware that he has to attach himself to the right projects and endorsements that won’t do damage to his all American image. As much as he’d like to do it, Ryan does have some reservations about The Bachelor because he wouldn’t have any control on how he is portrayed on the show.”

We think the show needs to cough up the money and sign Ryan ASAP for a number of reasons. The top 3 of those very pressing reasons are as follows.

1. Ryan is the gift that keeps on giving. And the biggest gift he’s given us is his budding bromance with our one true love, Prince Harry. In news that’s almost too much for us to handle, Ryan and Harry heated up the pool (with their hotness) at the Wynn hotel’s XS Nightclub, in Vegas around 3 am. Harry jumped in fully clothed, but we’ll take what we can get. Of course, they were surrounded by ladies, and Ryan even gave a headstart to Harry in a spur-of-the-moment breaststroke race — Ryan won, duh. But the two hugged afterwards like they were BFF — or “Bro Friends Forever.” This makes us happy. Just give Lochte The Bachelor, goddamit. He deserves it.  Read more…