The Bling Ring

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10 Bona Fide Bad Girls Who Went From Wild … To Mild!

Nicole Richie Angelina Jolie Paris Hilton

Naughty chicks like Paris Hilton used to rule celebdom. But its been years since The Bling Ring star has seen the inside of a jail cell. And her fellow wild child, Nicole Richie, has traded in heroin for Harlow (bad taste? Sorry)! From ItsBritneyBitch to OG nightmare Shannen Doherty, these reformed problem children prove that bad girls can be tamed!

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Emma Watson Heats Up The Bling Ring Cannes Premiere

Emma Watson Bling Ring Cannes

Emma Watson continued to shed her buttoned up Hermoine past by showing up to the premiere screening of The Bling Ring at the Cannes Film Festival in a very grown-up gown. The backless number drew cheers as she made her way into the theater alongside director Sofia Coppola. A trio of sparkling ear cuffs served as her (very expensive) bling.

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Emma Watson Tweets Her Bling Ring Alter Ego; We’re Pretty Sure We Went To High School With Her

Emma Watson Tweets Bling Ring Character

We love that we’re far enough from the white-hot popularity of Uggs and Juicy Couture sweat suits for the combination of the two to signify a very, very particular kind of person. We love it so much. We also love the spoiled bad girl steez Emma Watson will apparently be rocking as a bougie thief in Sophia Coppola‘s upcoming The Bling Ring. “Twitterers meet Nicki, Nicki meet twitterers : ),” the Perks of Being A Wallflower actress tweeted today, along with a snapshot of her fictional alter ego. We’re pretty sure…no…we’re positive we went to high school with Nicki…during which she nicknamed us “Dumptruck” and subjected us to a strict regimen of swirlies. Yeah, we’re pretty sure everyone went to high school with Nicki.

Nicki will be looting celebs homes as part of a teen burglary ring come 2013, alongside costars Erin Daniels, Taissa Farmiga and Kirsten Dunst; Leslie Mann will play her mother, a deeply unobservant woman consider the fact that her daughter is already sporting a tramp stamp. We’re also psyched to see the character Emma is portraying in Seth Rogen‘s directorial debut End of the World: herself. Haha, there’s no way fictional Emma Watson would jam our head in the toilet. We mean…hopefully we never have to find out…

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Emma Watson Rocks A Tramp Stamp On The Set Of The Bling Ring

We never thought we’d be typing “Emma Watson” in the same sentence as the phrase “tramp stamp,” but it just goes to show you that The Secret totally works. Thanks, vision board! The Harry Potter star was sporting cut-offs, a leather jacket and bra top on the set of her upcoming comedy The Bling Ring, in addition to her massive lower back tattoo. Clearly the ink is faux, as the idea of Hermoine with a gigantic tramp stamp would make the universe collapse in on itself. Our universe, anyway.

Emma’s badass makeover is part of her role as one of several, as IMDB puts it, “fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes.” We don’t know how Emma plans to escape the police in those zebra heels in the movie, which costars Leslie Mann and Kirsten Dunst, so we guess we’ll have to head to the theaters to find out. And to find out what that tattoo is even of. Is it a skull? Roses? A skull made of roses? At least it appears to be engulfed in flames and, really, what other kind of tramp stamp is there?

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