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In Case You’re Wondering What He’s Been Up To: Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted For Arrest Over Shoving Bartender

Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanted Over Bar BrawlWe interrupt your heart-warming, drool-inducing Olympic coverage for a story that will bring tears to your eyes in a different way. In the bad way, is what we’re saying. Academy Award-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. currently has a warrant out for his arrest for “municipal battery”; the charge is due to an alleged altercation early this morning between Gooding and a New Orleans bartender. “He was apparently getting rowdy when people were trying to take photos, and he got aggravated,” NOPD Director of Public Affairs Remi Braden told Celebuzz. “The bartender tried to calm him down, at which time he allegedly pushed her, and before he left the bar he pushed her again.” So we guess that answers what Cuba’s been up to lately. We don’t mean to be glib, but we honestly blame Snow Dogs for this. And Boat Trip. And Radio. And…

Gooding might currently be a wanted man, but we doubt it’ll be too difficult for the authorities to track hm down. He’s currently in the Big Easy filming Lee Daniels‘ history drama The Butler with Oprah, Forest Whitaker, Nicole Kidman and just about every other A-lister in Hollywood. This is going to make conversation around the craft services table just a teensy bit awkward this week. Hopefully Cuba will turn himself in soon and we can all get back to some good old floor routines! Look, over here! Forget about that Oscar-winner-about-to-be-arrested stuff! Floor routines!

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Hot American Idol Promo Pic? New Film Role? Mariah Carey’s Ability To Reinvent Herself Is Insane

Singer. Mother. Screen Actors Guild Award nominee. Cougar. Mariah Carey has been anything and everything over her expansive career, and her return to the forefront of pop culture for, we’re going to say, the twentieth time, has been going swimmingly. Take Mimi’s banging American Idol promo photo, released today after it was announced earlier this week that Mariah was signing on as a judge for the show’s season 12. Mariah straight-up looks like she’s 20 in this picture. Like she just decided one day to be 20 again. Okay, okay, we know a lot of this fabulousness is due to Photoshop. Still, who on earth could wear a sequined gown and that facial expression in front of a sunset and get us to like her more? Exactly. Just the one.

In case you had forgot that the “We Belong Together” singer is also a Serious Actress, Carey will also be reuniting with Precious director Lee Daniels for a role in historical White House drama The Butler. No word what role Mimi landed, but we’re assuming the answer has to be either “Eleanor Roosevelt” or “everyone.” Mariah Carey: proving once again that working with an Academy Award-winning director and looking like a human Barbie doll are never mutually exclusive.

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Happy Birthday, Minka Kelly! Celebrate With Her 20 Hottest Looks

Minka Kelly
When Minka Kelly walked into the VH1 offices earlier this year, we kinda thought there was a real-life Barbie making a special appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live. But no, it was the actress, who was promoting her work for the Heart Truth campaign, to raise awareness for heart disease. So, better than Barbie.

We’re sorry things didn’t work out for the actress’ short-lived series, Charlie’s Angels, last fall. Maybe we still couldn’t picture sweet Lyla Garrity — the girl who got Tim Riggins to go to church on Friday Night Lights, for heavens sake — as a tough crime fighter. That’s silly, though, because clearly Minka, who turns 32 today, is a grown lady, not a demure cheerleader. We bet she’ll have better luck convincing us she’s first lady material when she plays Jackie Kennedy in Lee Daniels’ The Butler next year. In the meantime, let’s all celebrate her b-day with her 20 hottest looks.

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How Do We Feel About Matthew McConaughey And Minka Kelly As JFK And Jackie O?

Matthew McConaughey, Mika Kelly Cast As JFK And Jackie O

All right, all right, looks like we’re going to see Matthew McConaughey and Minka Kelly in the White House sooner than we thought! You assumed they would be leaders of the free world at some point too, right? In our opinion that would make more sense than their latest roles, seeing as how Shame director Lee Daniels has cast the Killer Joe actor and Fright Night Lights actress as the famous couple in his sprawling historical drama The Butler. The film, starring Forrest Witaker, follows the life of a White House butler who worked under eight different presidents, including John Cusack as Richard Nixon, a casting choice which seems even crazi…actually, no. That still makes a little more sense than putting Minka in a pill box hat. Or McConaughey in a shirt that isn’t held together with tear-away snaps.

Maybe we’re just biased because the last time we saw these two, McConaughey was stripping down in the Magic Mike trailer and Kelly was, well, getting canceled in Charlie’s Angels. We just have a hard time knowing that the film’s John F. Kennedy once played the bongos shirtless and that Jackie O leveled bad guys with a judo chop…though that would be an amazing take on the Kennedys. On one hand, it’s completely historically inaccurate. On other hand…

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