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The Carrie Diaries‘ Austin Butler Should Prepare Himself For Stardom

After three episodes, The Carrie Diaries hasn’t been the huge ratings success we (and the CW) had hoped for a series of its Sex and the City pedigree, but we’re holding out hope that more people who like fashion and cute boys and New York City and all the things that are good in life will catch on soon. Regardless of how well the show does, we’re pretty sure its stars, particularly AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) and Austin Butler (her mysterious love interest, Sebastian Kydd) are destined for big things.

Butler, 21, has been in the biz for ages now, first guest-starring on shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101 before landing a role in the High School Musical spin-off Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and a recurring part on Switched at Birth. But yeah, playing the new guy with the alluring whiff of bad boy on Carrie Diaries is definitely the biggest thing to happen to him. At the red-carpet premiere of the show last fall, we asked him how he thought his life would change if the show becomes a Gossip Girl-level hit.

“I just hope I can keep somewhat of a personal life,” he told us. “That’s the hardest part about this whole thing, is like, doing your job and then when you’re done, feeling like a normal person, in a way. I like to go out and go to the grocery store and all that kind of stuff, so I hope that doesn’t change.”

Of course, Butler’s been dating Vanessa Hudgens since 2011, so he knows the kind of annoying fame he’s talking about. In fact, as we were perusing photos of him, we even spotted one of him and Vanessa going grocery shopping. And here we are, perpetuating the industry that will hound him down as he buys his veggies and toilet paper. Sorry, Austin! We can’t help it, though, he’s too adorable to ignore! Browse through the pics below and see for yourself.

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Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb shoot a scene for The Carrie Diaries

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The Carrie Diaries Are Coming In January! We Just Hope They Keep These SATC Plot Points Canon

AnnaSophia Robb In The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries is coming! AnnaSophia Robb and the gang will be premiering on January 14, and we are dying to see the new pseudo-prequel to Sex And The City. The Carrie Diaries trailer we’ve seen so far has given us Manhattan, hunky boys and Carrie’s high school buddy Maggie describing her first time thusly: “It was like putting a hot dog in a keyhole.” How flawless is that? Seriously, that could be in an actual line from a original SATC ep.

While it seems like the Carrie Diaries keeps a lot of elements of SATC, certain things have changed. For example, Carrie’s father will be appearing on the show, while die-hard SATC fans will remember that Mr. Bradshaw ducked out on Carrie and her mom when our protagonist was five. Frankly, we like the idea of Carrie having to tangle with her dad and mom for independence, and as the show’s executive producer told our own Sabrina Weiss, the show will be a blend of SATC and the Carrie Diaries book series it was based on. That being said, there are certain SATC elements we hope the Carrie Diaries keeps for the fans:

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Carrie Diaries Trailer Shows Just The Right Amount Of Sex And The City And High School

As fans of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell’s YA novels The Carrie Diaries, and the entire Josh Schwartz oeuvre, we have had high, high hopes for the CW’s Carrie Diaries. And were pretty heartbroken to learn this week that AnnaSophia Robb wouldn’t be stepping into Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettos until midseason. That’s why we didn’t see any clips of it yesterday, when the new fall TV shows were trotted out for prospective advertisers. But whether by design or by leak, this morning we finally have a trailer. And we really, truly think this will be worth the wait. Here are five reasons why:

AnnaSophia Robb in The Carrie Diaries

The trailer opens with Carrie doing the classic SATC confident walk through Manhattan that makes us positively giddy.
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Should The Carrie Diaries Include A Young Stanford Blatch?

When VH1 News spotted Sex and the City alum Willie Garson on the red carpet of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour New York premiere, we had to ask: Has he been watching the progress of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries pilot?

“I spend all my life, 24 hours a day, on White Collar now, so I don’t know what’s going on,” he admitted. Not that he’s left Carrie’s gay BFF behind for good. “I still am Stanford Blatch sometimes, if we ever make another movie. Every time I think that it’s over, the phone rings. It’s like Bonanza, it’s never going to end.”
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Flustered, Rain-Soaked AnnaSophia Robb More Like The Carrie We Know And Love

It’s not that we weren’t prepared to love Carrie Diaries star AnnaSophia Robb based solely on her own talent, puns and epic trend-setting wardrobe. We just have a lot of history with Carrie Bradshaw as the protagonist of Sex And The City; it makes sense we’d be very picky about the portrayal of teenage Carrie. Fortunately for us, based on photos snapped last night on the show’s set, AnnaSophia is broadcasting Bradshaw in more ways than her fabulously curly hair. Which, if we’re going to be honest, needs about five-inches of root in order to make it truly authentic to the character. Though maybe Carrie’s look was more root-centric in the ’00s?

Though AnnaSophia’s first official photo as Carrie was cute, it’s seeing Robb make a panicky mad dash through the rain to the safety of a hilariously anachronistic cab that really brings us back. Remember Season 4, when Carrie ends up at a restaurant alone on her 35th birthday, only to get her cake and shoes stuck in wet cement? We’re getting that same vibe from these photos. Good work, AnnaSophia Robb. And good work, guy who is undoubtedly going to be the high school equivalent of Mr. Big!

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Official Carrie Diaries Pic Gives A Nod To Sex And The City

First off, we don’t think CW’s The Carrie Diaries is going to be geared toward lifelong Sex and the City fans: We’re just a tad bit older than the network’s target demo. But as our DVRs full of Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and Gossip Girl episodes proves, our addiction to teen-oriented TV is unshakeable. So we’re tickled that the first official photo Warner Bros. released of AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw seems like a little nod to original TV show. I mean, the tutu-like crinoline under Robb’s spectacular dress can’t just be a coincidence, right?

The new pilot and the original HBO series don’t just share their origins in the mind of Candace Bushnell. The teenage version of Carrie, whose first appearance in the YA novel The Carrie Diaries is in a pair of white patent-leather go-go boots, is already a daring stylista dying to break out of suburban Connecticut. And Warner Bros. announced that SATC alum Eric Daman is onboard to design her costumes for the new show.
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First Look: AnnaSophia Robb As A Young Carrie Bradshaw

Can you see it? We sorta can. When we first heard the news that AnnaSophia Robb had been cast as a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries, we thought the poor girl had her work cut out for her. She has to show all the various early signs of neurosis that was so typical of the older version of her character. Seriously, what is Carrie if not always one second away from a hardcore emotional crisis that she just has to yank her three besties into? Amirite? Don’t be fooled by this. I will probably be one of the first people to watch The Carrie Diaries. Heck, I still watch re-runs of SATC when bored!

It’s a good thing that Carrie Bradshaw came to New York, because as these photographs of AnnaSophia reveal, girlfriend had no sense of style when she was younger. Is that a denim dress under her sweatshirt? They were filming this at a house in Queens which is doubling for a Castlebury, Connecticut, residence, FYI. Judging by what she looks like, as we said before, we can sort of see AnnaSophia doing justice to Carrie, but we’re going to wait for more photographs to emerge before we commit!

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Related: AnnaSophia Robb To Star In Sex And The City Prequel Carrie Diaries

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AnnaSophia Robb To Star In Sex And The City Prequel Carrie Diaries

Dust off your knock-off Manolos and stock up on virgin Cosmo ingredients: your new baby Carrie Bradshaw is here! Deadline reports that Soul Surfer star AnnaSophia Robb will portray the high school version of Sarah Jessica Parker‘s classic Sex and The City role in CW’s Carrie Diaries pilot. They had just better remember to give her Carrie’s massive six-inch roots. That’s all we’re saying!

If the show sticks to the details of author Candace Bushnell‘s prequel novel, the series will follow a teenage Carrie as she navigates life and love in the ’80s. Seeing as how actresses like Blake Lively and Emma Roberts were also allegedly in the running for the part, we’re interested to see how the sweetheart star of Bridge to Terabithia will mature into the sassy sex column we all know and love and watch for six hours every time we come down with the flu. On the other hand, Carrie is nothing if not a romantic optimist. She forgave Big how many times? Oh, and we couldn’t help but wonder…who will be her teenage version of Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda? Why mess with a good formula, right?

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Sarah Jessica Parker Threatens “One More Small, Important” SATC Sequel

While it’s highly unlikely Sarah Jessica Parker will have anything to do with film adaptations of The Carrie Diaries, the actress hasn’t given up hopes of playing her Sex & The City character again. Talking to MTV at Cannes, Parker explained that “there is perhaps one more small, important story to tell” about the modern-day Carrie Bradshaw, she said. “Whether or not we choose to do that and when we choose to do that remains, obviously, the unknown, but it’s nice to ponder.” Actually, after Sex & The City 2, there a lot of people who’d rather ponder anything else.

As for the aforementioned, nothing-to-do-with-her prequel (which would have Blake Lively playing Carrie if producer Michael Patrick King got his way), Parker was equally diplomatic. “Obviously, I feel proprietary in the best possible way about that entire franchise as it were, but I think there are lots of talented storytellers and obviously lots of talented actors who might be a part of it. I think, like anything, you base your opinion on material and content, and I think that would be the only way for any of us to have an opinion.” After all, could it really be any worse than SATC2?