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Rumors We Love: The Hills Cast Re-Grouping For The City?

Yeah, we realize this is probably a pipe dream thought up in the dark corners of a dusty tabloid basement, but still, a girl can dream! Zap2It is alleging that our friends at MTV are gathering up the gang from The Hills and shipping them off to New York, to shoot some sort of re-do of The City.

YES PLEASE. As much as we loathe to admit it, we are are die-hard Hills fans, Though we never quite took to Whitney Port‘s clique on The City. Olivia Pal-yucko, you know? But the thought of combining Kristin, Lo, Steph and friends (seen above with Hills producers Adam Divello and Liz Gateley) with the mean streets of NYC is the stuff dreams are made of! Clomping the cobblestone in ridiculous heels, hair extensions getting stuck in subway doors, changing the name of Broadway to BRO-dway. Imagine the magic! Yes, this is us begging; we don’t care if The Hills is over and The City is old news. Put ‘em together and we’ll watch forever!

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Olivia Palermo Slips Off To St. Barts In A Bikini

Olivia Palermo

Danger, Olivia Palermo! Danger! While The City star’s public canoodling with boyfriend Johannes Huebl in St. Barts suggested a certain comfort with the nearby paparazzi (they practically waved), Olivia’s teeny string bikini nearly gave up the goods while she posed in the surf for Johannes’ delight. Were thepair’s PDAs an attempt to get publicity for a reality TV comeback? We’re guessing yes—and we’re happy to help.

See photos of the sexy showoffs in the gallery below.

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Whitney Sucks Face, Looks Smokin’ In Waikiki


While spending a long weekend in Hawaii, Ben Nemtin couldn’t keep his hands off girlfriend Whitney Port. Can you blame him? The City star looked supermodel-perfect in her cute retro bikini as the lovey-dovey duo strolled Waikiki Beach. More shots of Port and her mile-long legs below. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Whitney Port: Boring Even In A Bikini


While there’s no arguing that “The City” star Whitney Port has enviable abs and mile-long legs, these creepy from-the-bushes paparazzi shots defy all “hot girl in a bikini” odds and bore the crap out of us. Maybe we’re just cranky and jealous of the Miami sunshine. Maybe we’re just sick of all the “Hills” offspring. Either way, yaaawn. [Photos: Splash News]

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Whitney Port Wows While Dripping Wet


Whitney Port, star of The City and maker of funny faces, is currently patrolling South Beach while simultaneously flaunting her Amazonian legs. (True story: we once spotted Whit here in NYC and yes, she is that tall and that skinny and her legs are thisssssssss longgggggggg.)

The 24-year-old style maven has been chilling in Miami for the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. Check out more pics of the reality starlet gettin’ her swim on below! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Whitney Port Is “Dating Around”


After breaking up with boyfriend Jay Lyon, Whitney Port is playing the field.

The City star says she is just trying, “not to overanalyze things or put too much pressure on things because it’s just fun to meet a lot of people, to date around, to figure out what you really want and what works for you.”

And what exactly does Whitney want? “I’m not there yet! I’m still in the dating around phase!”

As for if she stays friends with her ex, Whitney says, “I’d never say we’re like, not friends, but, you know, the past is the past.” [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Whitney Port’s New Pals Add Spice To The City


Whitney Port was spotted out in New York City yesterday grabbing Starbucks with two pals, one of whom is reportedly a new castmember on The City. “Roxy,” pictured above on the left,  is part of the party girl duo Roxy and Samantha, who were allegedly recruited to spice up the “boring” MTV reality show.

“Their names are Samantha and Roxy and they are out of control,” a source told the New York Post. “MTV brought in the party girls because the first season was so boring.”

Reportedly Whitney’s other co-star, socialite  Olivia Palermo, just didn’t bring the reality show drama enough, due to her gig at Elle, which requires her to behave – leaving no room for much needed drunken screaming matches, panty flashing, or stumbling out of clubs that make high quality reality TV.

Let’s see if these party girls can spice up The City! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Whitney Port’s Short Shorts: Faux Pas or Fashionable?


Whitney Port was spotted trotting around the Big Apple this weekend, decked out in a pair of barely-there shorts and a skimpy crop top. But while she showed off a ton of skin, her outfit was more “working out” than “going out.” While we often admire Whit for her fashion risks, these booty-revealing shorts are a little too risque for our tastes. Keep it in your pants, pretty lady! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Was Whitney Fired From Her Fake Job?

Whitney Port

According to the NY Post, City star Whitney Port was overlooked for a promotion at Diane Von Furstenberg - and the gig went to her frenemy, social-loser Olivia Palermo. The rag reveals that Whitney is apparently filming scenes for the show’s second season at her former employer’s office – People’s Revolution. Reps for the hit series have no comment, but all will be revealed soon enough! Was Whit just not cut out for her cut out for her uh, job, or did Diane give her the boot?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Whitney Port Hates Life In The City

Whitney Port – the most normal of the Hills trolls – hates the life she now leads on her spin-off series, The City. The leggy fashionista chatted with classy rag Cosmopolitan recently, and revealed a deep misery underneath her glossy-eyed stare.

“I break down a couple of times a week, at least,” Whit whined. “It gets overwhelming. Sometimes I think that I can’t take this anymore. I just want to live a normal life.”

You’d think Whitney would know that no one is stopping her from doing just that, but clearly she’s confused. At least she can put her ballet flats on the right feet! Luckily, she does have some sense when it comes to despicable  social climbers. Whit opened up about her loathsome co-star, Olivia Palermo and says the two “never hang out off-screen.” She adds, “Olivia kind of mothers me and looks at me as a pet project . . . I’m not some country bumpkin. I’m from Los Angeles.”

You said it girl! Now it might just be time to move back.