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Jennifer Love Hewitt Really Wants You To See Her Without Makeup, Mila Kunis Not So Much

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mila Kunis definitely take different approaches to being seen without makeup. While J-Love proudly posted an au natural pic to her twitter, Mila was snapped outside of an LA gym yesterday shielding her (still incredibly attractive) face from cameras. It’s OK, Mila, we don’t expect you to wear the Black Swan face-paint 24/7! The actress recently broke our hearts by denying that she’s not dating her former That 70s Show costar Ashton Kutcher. Maybe that’s why she can’t look us in the eye. Check out the gallery below for more lovely celeb ladies who dared to go bare…as least as far as cosmetics are concerned!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Pays Tribute To Her Boobs And Vajazzaling In Maxim

Jennifer Love Hewitt is trying too hard. We admit that this wasn’t our first thought when we saw her looking hotter than ever on the April cover of Maxim. Our teenage crush is most certainly alive and well. But what bummed us out was her interview within, where the former Ghost Whisperer works so desperately hard to convince us she’s a naughty girl.

This actually is nothing new for the actress, who turned 33 last month. She’s playing a housewife-turned-prostitute in the new Lifetime series, The Client List (premiering next month), which she describes as “a lingerie-heavy show every episode.” Jennifer admits to taking her style cues from Victoria’s Secret Angles, which she views as “gorgeous glamor heroes.”  It’s a far cry from her days emulating Audrey Hepburn as a style icon. We’re not sure if this is all a conscious effort to change her public image  (a la Saved By The Bell star Elizabeth Berkley‘s turn in Showgirls),  but something about this interview pushed us over the line.

In addition to discussing her secret passion for pole-dancing, Jennifer took the opportunity to sing the praises once more of vajazzaling, which she defines as “BeDazzling for your hoo-ha.” But don’t for a minute think she sticks any old Lisa Frank stickers down there. JLH uses Swarovski crystals for maximum glitz and glamour! “I can walk around all day and think, ‘Nobody has any idea that I have a sparkly secret in my pants right now.'” But she also made sure to give a shout out to her boobs, which she considers her favorite body part. “They’ve always served me well. They’re good,” she says.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Tweets Eye-Popping Sneak Peek At New Show

Jennifer Love Hewitt really wants you to look at her. Oh, sorry, we meant, JLH really wants you to check out her show. She’s reprising her role as Samantha Horton, a Texas housewife-turned-prostitute in the series adaptation of her Lifetime movie The Client List. And she’s found the best way to promote it. Jennifer tweeted this very revealing, rather NSFW photograph yesterday, along with a message that read, “Another sneak peek photo… Hope you like it!” What’s there not to like, right? Personally, we’re more into the shirtless dude lounging by Jennifer “Imma-just-lounging-in-sexy-fishnets-and-a-basque” Love. And it’s the quickest, most effective way to get people’s attention.

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