The End of Love

by (@shalapitcher)

Michael Cera Does A Bad Job Of Selling Us On Sundance

There was a minute there when Michael Cera was everywhere we turned, going from the awkward cult fave star of Arrested Development to the awkward ubiquitous star of Juno, Superbad, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Youth in Revolt. It was a little much. But he probably realized this as well and seems to have taken a pause from flooding our screens. And in that time, he seems to have grown the silliest mustache we’ve ever seen. Well, VH1 News didn’t let funny facial hair get in the way of asking the indie-film vet for a rundown of all there is to see and do at the Sundance Film Festival. Would he praise the snow? The gifts? The great film? The incredible networking opportunities? The parties? See for yourself.

George Michael couldn’t have said it better himself. Well, we hope he’s selling his Sundance movie, The End of Love (which looks to be a real tearjerker) with a little more, er, enthusiasm?

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