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Kendra’s Wedding Photo Drama


Kendra Wilkinson didn’t just get happily hitched on Saturday, she and hubby Hank Baskett laughed all the way to the bank when Us Weekly dropped $120,000 on the exclusive rights to her wedding photos. Then of course, the drama began when Michael Jackson died, and the magazine had to squash plans to run the images on their cover. Reportedly they tried to get out of paying so much for the pictures, but by then it was too late and “the documents were already signed,” says a source.

A rep for Us denies the whole thing, saying, “The wedding pictures were purchased after Michael died.” [Source: NYPost; Photo: Getty Images]


Bridget Dishes On Raunchy Party Games At Kendra’s Bachelorette Party


Kendra Wilkinson may be pregnant, but that didn’t stop any crazy shenanigans from going down at her bachelorette party, which was held last Thursday.

Former housemate and Girl Next Door co-star Bridget Marquardt dished about the crazy sex toy games the girls played at Kendra’s party. “There are two games that are kind of raunchy,” Bridget said as she explained that one involved passing a sex toy between their legs and if you are caught when the music turns off then you are out!

“The other one is just a story telling game,” she says. “When you give Kendra her present you have to tell about how old you were when it was your first time, who it was with and where you were.” [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]


Hef’s Twins Celebrate Playboy Spread


Hugh Hefner threw his twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon a little soiree on Friday night to celebrate their July/August double issue of Playboy. #1 girlfriend Crystal Harris also came out to Hollywood club MyHouse to support the twins in their Playboy debut. As usual, the twins dressed in matching getups and partied the night away to celebrate their naked photo spread. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kendra Wilkinson Gets Two Baby Showers!


After announcing her pregnancy yesterday, Kendra Wilkinson has both her former Girl Next Door housemates wanting to throw her a baby shower.

Bridget Marquardt is planning a Los Angeles baby shower, while Holly Madison wants to throw Kendra a Vegas edition baby shower.

“It would be the craziest baby shower ever, and I want to do it,” Holly said. “Who knows, it’s Vegas. Anything can happen here, and it usually does.”

Holly will not be able to attend Kendra’s LA soiree, as she currently stars in the Las Vegas show PEEPSHOW.

“I already missed her bridal shower so I sent a bunch of gifts,” she said. [Photo: Getty Images]


Kendra Wilkinson Introduces Fiance To Hef

Hugh Hefner certainly has a knack for keeping on good terms with his ex-girlfriends, and now he is taking things up a notch by befriending even their new beaus! Kendra Wilkinson introduced Hef to her fiance Hank Baskett, shown here in a clip from her new reality show, Kendra.

“This is very awkward for me,” Kendra said when bringing over Hank to the mansion. No need to worry though, Kendra, Hank gets Hef’s approval!

“I’m happy she’s found someone that really makes the difference,” Hef tells Hank.


EXCLUSIVE: Bridget Marquardt And Nick Carpenter Going Strong


When she’s not busy hosting her Travel Channel show or planning Kendra Wilkinson‘s bachelorette party, Bridget Marquardt only has eyes for director beau Nick Carpenter.

A source tells The FABlife that the couple was all smiles over the weekend, while attending the GBK MTV Gifting Lounge. The pair were “very happy, exchanging sweet glances at each other” while checking out some of the products at the lounge, before “relaxing by the pool and eating hot dogs while listening to the tunes of Samantha Mollen.”

So much for Hef’s theory that Bridget may run into trouble with her new relationship because she is always traveling! Bridget and Nick almost seem as happy as soon-to-be wed Kendra and Hank Baskett. [Photo: Wireimage]


Bridget Marquardt Planning Kendra Wilkinson’s Bachelorette Party


Bridget Marquardt may not be Kendra Wilkinson‘s maid of honor, but nevertheless she is taking charge and planning a wild bachelorette party fit for a Girl Next Door.

“She kept saying she didn’t want a bachelorette party, but she has to! She is getting one!” Bridget said. “I just found out that it’s ok for me to plan it. I’m not the maid of honor, so I feel kind of bad but I’m definitely in charge of it.”

Will the mellowed-out Kendra revive her formerly wild ways for her last night as a single girl? “Maybe” there will be strippers, Bridget teased. [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Holly Madison’s Peepshow

Holy Madison

Holly Madison will be replacing another Dancing With the Stars alum, Kelly Monaco, in the Las Vegas revue PEEPSHOW. Although PEEPSHOW  features topless dancers at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, Holly will not be appearing topless.

“I feel like this is perfect for me,” Holly said. “I’ve always wanted to be in a really classy, sexy burlesque show.”

PEEPSHOW currently stars Kelly and another former Dancing With the Stars contestant, “Scary Spice” Mel B. Earlier this month, Holly told The Fab Life that she was excited about upcoming projects in Vegas. “It’s going to be a blast,” she said.

PEEPSHOW isn’t the only work Holly will be doing in Vegas. Holly helped Las Vegas earn a Guiness World Record for the World’s Largest pool party, with 281 participants in swimwear marching along the Vegas strip. Check out our gallery of Holly and the World’s Largest Pool Party! [Source: PEOPLE; Photo: Getty Images]

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Holly Madison Catches Some Sun


Holly Madison soaks up some rays in Las Vegas this weekend, while relaxing at the Flamingo GO pool. The Girl Next Door texted on her Blackberry and happily posed for photos while lounging the day away with her Playmate pal Patrice Hollis. [Photos: Getty Images]

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