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Kendra And Hank’s First ‘I Love You’


They are set to get married next month, but once upon a time Hank Baskett was just a nervous guy trying to find the right time to tell his new girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson the “L” word. Kendra recently revealed on her blog that it all went down on a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas.

“We had soooo much fun and it was also the first time we said i love you which definitely made it one of the best vacations of my life,” the Girl Next Door blogs.

Kendra says that when Hank dropped the bomb she was more than surprised and didn’t know how to react. “…out of nowhere he just said he loved me!!! I was just like OH MY GOD and I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless!!! Poor guy haha”

Two days later, Kendra decided to return the favor. “…i was sooo scared and i just told him to look at me and at that very moment i told him i loved him!!!! and the rest is history haha!”

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EXCLUSIVE: Holly Madison And Russell Brand Get Cozy In Vegas


This seems like a match made in heaven! After helping her ex Hugh Hefner honor the 2009 Playmate Of The Year at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday, Holly Madison hopped over to the Venetian to party at TAO with Russell Brand.

“They were very focused on each other and definitely looked like they had a romantic interest in each other,” a source tells The FABlife. The two reportedly spent most of the evening cozying up to each other.

Holly certainly likes those bad boys. After sharing Hugh Hefner with several other ladies for seven years, Holly dated Criss Angel until they broke up in February. Russell, an admitted sex addict, seems like a perfect choice for the Girl Next Door. [Photo: Getty Images]


EXCLUSIVE: Holly Madison Gets Her Own Reality Show

Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson both got their own television shows after leaving the Mansion, and it looks like Holly Madison is not getting left out!

“I have a couple projects I am working on out here in Vegas. I’m working on a reality show and a live show,” Holly tells The FABlife. But Holly is mum on the details of her new gig. “Shhh…can’t tell yet,” she says.

Although she is busy working on her solo projects, Holly still makes supporting her Playboy family a priority. She recently got measured for her bridesmaid’s dress for Kendra Wilkinson’s June wedding.

“They don’t have anything to try on yet, but I know its gonna be purple,” she says.

When it comes to wedding details, “Kendra’s great but she’s kind of all over the place so getting the date and time out of her is the best I can do,” Holly says. [Photo:]


Inside Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year Party


Last night at the Palms Casino Resort, Hugh Hefner named the 50th Annual Playmate of the Year, Ida Lindqvist, during an elegant ceremony.  But Hef, who arrived with new girlfriends Crystal Harris and Karissa and Kristina Shannon, thought he almost wouldn’t make the party.

“There was a moment in time that I didn’t think I was gonna make it. If I missed this, I would have killed myself,” Hef told guests, who included 50 past Playmates who came to Sin City to celebrate Playboy’s highest honor. Hef said this Playmate of the Year ceremony “tops them all” and described Ida as “truly unique.”

Ida blushed as Hef handed her a specially engraved bottle of Patron Platinum, keys to a new Mazda 6 sports sedan, and a check for $100,000. She credited Hef with “changing her life,” and said that “thank you is hardly appropriate for what you have done.”

Karissa and Kristina, who snapped photos of their boyfriend on their personal camera while he spoke to the crowd, showed up in matching white jeans and long brown blouses. While Hef’s twins hopped from table to table at the party and danced, Hef’s new #1 girl Crystal Harris attended to her man, even escorting him to the bathroom.

Hef credited Holly Madison and 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood for finding Ida while she was working at a Bebe clothing store on Rodeo Drive and taking her out of the boutique and onto the pages of Playboy.

Holly was in an upbeat mood while she looked on from a separate table, where she chatted with Playmates and told The FABlife, “I’m ready to cause trouble. We need skateboards.”

The 50 Playmates in attendance took the stage for a special photo op, including KISS’ Gene Simmons‘ longtime love, 1982 Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed, who told The FABlife, “I’m starting to feel old at these things.”

Check out our gallery of inside Hef’s exclusive 2009 Playmate of the Year party! [Photos: Peter Baratti]

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Hugh Hefner’s Las Vegas Lair


Hugh Hefner and his ladies are in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that they leave the luxuries of the Playboy Mansion behind.  In town for the 50th Annual Playboy Playmate of the Year announcement, Hef, Crystal Harris, and Karissa and Kristina Shannon stay in an ultra luxurious home away from home, the Hugh Hefner villa in the Palms Hotel.

The two story suite on the 34th floor of the hotel is 10,000 square feet and features an elevator, a waterfall, and a pool on the balcony. Stars like George Clooney and Britney Spears have also stayed in the suite and enjoyed the circular bed with mirrored ceiling and jacuzzi tub that could comfortably fit a party of six.

Playmates can come play in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they have to let their bodies take a rest – there’s even a gym where Hef’s twins can keep those buns in tip-top shape.

If these walls could talk, they surely would have some great stories to tell of the A-list parties that have taken place including the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, where Kanye West performed and ran up and down the stairs.

Check out our gallery of the Hugh Hefner suite where Hef and the ladies are staying in Sin City! [Photos: Peter Baratti]

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The Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian BFF Parade Continues!


These new BFFS are going on three nights this week! Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian were spotted hanging out at World on Wheels, where the reality pals bonded over rollerskating and hung out with other reality hotties, like Holly Madison, who sported a sexy pink jumpsuit.  Kelly and the Kardashian sisters have become quite chummy this week: in addition to their rollerskating get together, the new buddies were spotted dining at A-list eateries Il Sole and Mr. Chow’s. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Hef: Holly Always Welcome, But NOT As A Girlfriend


Not so fast, says Hugh Hefner, about reports that he said he wants Holly Madison back at the Mansion. Hef insists he is in love and doesn’t want to change a thing.

“I’m in love with Crystal Harris and wouldn’t change her or the Shannon twins for anyone in the past,” he says.

Regarding the report that he said Holly was “the love of his life” and that he wanted her to move back in, Hef says he has, “no idea where these crazy stories come from. It was invented by someone to create publicity.”

“Holly will always be welcome here at the Mansion, but not as a girlfriend,” he says. “I think she’s happy now and I know I am.” [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Hef Wants Holly Back At The Mansion


Although they went their separate ways months ago, and he has since picked up three new girlfriends, Hugh Hefner says he would welcome Holly Madison back anytime.

Hef said he would welcome Holly back with open arms anytime because she is the “love of his life.”

But what about those new girlfriends Crystal Harris, and Karissa and Kristina Shannon? “How serious, and intimate, and important that works out to be, well we’ll have to wait and see because it’s only a couple months old,” he said.

Holly, however, doesn’t look like she’s running back to the mansion anytime soon. “I loved my time at the mansion and think the world of Hef,” she said. “There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to go their own way.”

Hef and Holly certainly had some good times. Check out our gallery of them through the years! [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]

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Kendra’s New Man?


Kendra Wilkinson has a new man, but he’s just a little friend. Fiance Hank Baskett has nothing to worry about with the Girl Next Door. Kendra and Wee Man judged a powersliding competition at the Santa Monica Pier yesterday and the boobalicious blonde even attempted some sliding herself! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Hef Wants Holly Madison To Find Love Again


Although they went through a big public split last year, Hugh Hefner still cares about his three Girls Next Door, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt, and dishes out some advice to his three former girlfriends.

On Holly and her breakup from magician Criss Angel: “My conviction has always been, being a romantic, that the best solution for a failed romance is a new romance”

On Bridget and her new beau, Nick Carpenter: “The major problem for her, quite frankly, is that she’s not here alot. She’s got this wonderful dream job for the Travel Channel, she’s wandering the globe. We’ll see how that plays out, whether she’s really contemplating making this more serious.”

On bride-to-be Kendra Wilkinson: “I’ve been very lucky in romance, but not expert in marriage (two divorces). They are two separate things. What happens traditionally in a marriage is, of course, a marriage turns into parenthood and the affection is kind of transferred to the children. She picked very well, I think he adores her, I think she really loves him. What they have to get over is they come from very different backgrounds. If love conquers all, it’ll conquer them.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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