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Holly Licks Her DWTS Wounds And Gets Her Shop On


After getting beaten up on Dancing With The Stars, Holly Madison licked her wounds and indulged in a little relaxing retail therapy in Beverly Hills. Holly shopped for a hot new pink dress and grabbed a coffee while she texted on her Blackberry. Nothing like a little shopping spree to make a bunny feel like new! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Kendra Goes For The Money Shot


Kendra Wilkinson and her fiance Hank Baskett took a break from wedding planning to go to the shooting range. “I think it’s so important that every woman learn self defense, plus it’s fun,” Kendra said.

Check out our gallery of Kendra and her sharp shooter beau. [Source, Photo:]

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Holly Rubs Criss Angel’s Ex The Wrong Way


Holly Madison apparently ruffled some feathers when she threw her ex Hugh Hefner his 83rd birthday party at the Palms Hotel and Casino pool in Las Vegas this weekend, and it wasn’t the new girlfriends who were getting their claws out.

Holly reportedly offended a Las Vegas reporter named Alicia Jacobs when Holly told her that her dress was “an interesting choice for a pool party,” where Hef’s other exes Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt were also in attendance, along with his three new girlfriends, Crystal Harris and Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Alicia, who also dated Holly’s OTHER ex Criss Angel, got all Lohan on us and hopped on her Twitter to tell the world about how she felt about Miss Madison.

“Holly Madison was not so sweet, at least not to me,” she Twittered. “She’s also not a very good interview. I could tell from her demeanor and her responses that it was an emotional day for Holly. I wish her luck with her future and her career.”

Holly dismissed Alicia’s remarks and said she meant no harm with the comment about her dress.

“That’s really strange, I meant it sincerely,” Holly said. But Holly couldn’t help herself to throw in a backhanded compliment to her ex’s ex.

“I’m like, trying to hold my tongue because I don’t see her as Criss’ type,” Holly said. Oh snap!

Check out our gallery of Hef and the girls celebrating his 83rd![Source: Las Vegas Review Journal; Photo: Getty Images]

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Holly Madison Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

She did her best after being told she would be on Dancing With The Stars with only a week to practice, but Holly Madison sadly was eliminated last night from the ABC reality show.

Holly and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were sent home after, for the first time this season, the contestants with the lowest scores from the judges were still at the bottom when the viewers votes were factored in.

Holly and Steve were in the bottom three, along with “Jackass” star Steve-O who talked openly about his battle with substance abuse. “I’m not used to dealing with high-pressure situations without the help of drugs and alcohol, and this is a lot of pressure. I’ve made it through, you know, so far, without getting loaded, so I feel like a complete champion,” he said.

Now Steve can go back to being a genius and Holly can go back to being a blonde bombshell, like  in our gallery below! [Source:; Photo: ]


Kendra Starting Her Own Line Of Stripper Poles

Move over Carmen Electra! You aren’t the only Playboy model who can shake her thang and get freaky on a stripper pole.

Kendra Wilkinson is starting her own line of stripper paraphernalia. “I’m coming out with my own stripper pole. Stripper pole, and stripper pole workout. It’s like Carmen Electra’s, but mine is better. Mine will connect to the ceiling and you can spin on it and do all that stuff on it,” the Girl Next Door says.

She should send one over to the Octomom!

While not grinding on that pole Kendra is busy filming her new E! reality show and gearing up for her June 27th wedding to Hank Baskett.

“She’s more nervous than excited,” Kendra says of her mom, who is having a hard time letting go of her little Girl Next Door. “I don’t think she believes I’m going to get married until the day. I think she doesn’t want to lose me.” [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: ]

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Holly Madison Thinks Kim Kardashian Looks ‘Amazing’


The Girls Next Door and the Kardashians are always rooting for each other. This time Holly Madison is sticking up for her bootylicious pal Kim Kardashian and defending her recently retouched Complex cover.

“Kim looks amazing,” Holly said. “She’s a gorgeous girl and she’s got nothing to hide.”

As a former Playboy photo editor, Holly explained that she is against photo retouching in general. “When I worked at Playboy, I was always really strict that the Photoshop we used on the girls was minimal.”

Although Holly quit her Playboy gig, the Girl Next Door is still busy lunching with hotties and battling an injury while competing on Dancing With the Stars.

“It’s hard. I came in late in the game, and I’m still kind of nervous…I try to have fun on the dancefloor,” Holly said. Check out our gallery of unretouched photos of Holly!  [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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Holly’s New Hottie?


Injured Holly Madison stepped out with a scruffy hottie over the weekend. So is he a possible new love interest or just a pal? Check out our gallery of Holly and her hottie lunching and strolling in Los Angeles. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Holly Madison Injures Rib On Dancing With The Stars

Holly Madison joins the list of Dancing With The Stars contestants who have injuries.

“After experiencing pain in her rib area, Holly received medical attention,” her rep said. “While she is not suffering from a broken rib, she does continue to feel a great deal of discomfort and was prescribed pain medication.”

Oohhh, what kind? Holly doing the tango while all hopped up on Vicodin will surely be entertaining.

“She is committed to the show and her partner, Dmitry, and will rest when she can,” he said. “She fully hopes and, at this time, expects to dance on Monday.”

Holly reportedly first injured herself while dancing the samba and when it came time to tango this week, she just couldn’t. Holly joins a long list of DWTS contestants who have suffered injuries. Gilles Marini, Steve-O, and Steve Wozniak have all hurt themselves. [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty Images]

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Wanted: Minister To Work At Playboy Mansion

Kendra Wilkinson‘s wedding is getting closer and closer and the bride-to-be has almost every little detail nailed down. There is one, however, that has this Girl Next Door a bit stuck.

“I’m getting stressed since I’m trying to find a minister to perform the ceremony at the Playboy Mansion,” Kendra said.

Kendra has already figured out the other details, such as her dress (she designed it herself), her bridesmaids (including GND co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt), the location (the Playboy Mansion of course), and who will walk her down the aisle (her brother). She’s had a lot of help from Bridget so far, but can her pal solve this problem?

“We’re trying our hardest,” Kendra says, “But it is the Playboy Mansion.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]

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Kim Kardashian Cheers For Holly Madison On DWTS

Holly Madison has a big cheering section as she competes on Dancing With The Stars, but now she can add one more person – her pal and former DWTS contestant Kim Kardashian.

“Holly reminded me of me out there dancing-only she did a better job,” Kim said.

Kim continued that she thought Holly “looked nervous like I was while dancing on the show.”

Kim and Holly became pals when the Girls Next Door appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in the episode when Kim posed for Playboy.

“She is such a sweet person with a fun personality,” Kim said. “I am really excited for her and I want her to do well.” [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]