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What Happened To Coach On New Girl?! And Other TV Pilot Mysteries

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We all love watching TV, there’s no denying it. We relish those minutes (or hours) in front of the screen because they let us completely tune out the world. In just a 30-minute episode, we’re transported to a new reality, and it’s oh-so refreshing. Our personal drama, work stress and  roommate issues instantly evaporate and it’s cloud 9 for the night. But what happens when the TV show you’re falling madly in love with deceives you? What happens when you watch a pilot episode and then BOOM! The following episode is completely different. It’s heartbreaking. Read more…

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The 20 Most Adorable Betty White Photos To Celebrate Her Birthday

We could have easily pulled Betty White’s 90 most adorable photos in honor of her 90th birthday today. Everyone’s favorite Golden Girl (sorry, Bea Arthur!) has the cuteness factor of Selena Gomez pushing a baby carriage full of puppies in sailor hats down the aisle of a store that only sells Anne Geddes books. She’s so cute that prolonged exposure to her face eventually results in being unable to do anything but stare at the computer screen and make a noise that sounds something like “GooOooOoooOOOoooo.” So, in order to  keep our jobs, we capped it at just 20. We hope you understand.

But it’s true, the ageless and timeless actress turns the big 9-0 today, and she’s just as with sassy as ever. And now we’d like to pay tribute to our honorary grandma in the gallery below. Rock on, Betty!

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