The Greatest Event In Television History

by (@hallekiefer)

Adam Scott’s Undies, Jon Hamm’s Mustache A Vital Part Of The Greatest Event In Television History

Do you ever sometimes wish the government would legalize polygamy so you could have two husbands at the same time? No? Well, then clearly you haven’t watched The Greatest Event In Television History yet. Spoiler Alert! The event is a shot-by-shot remake of the intro to the ’80s detective show Simon & Simon starring Jon Hamm and Adam Scott. If you’re unfamiliar with Simon & Simon, don’t worry. All you need to know is that it involves Jon Hamm getting punched in the face and Adam Scott wearing a tuxedo. Well, they’re both wearing tuxedos, actually. Do we need to explain anything else before you watch it? Yes? But why?

While you could watch just the hilarious intro sequence, it’s worth the time to watch the full-length special that the duo filmed for Adult Swim. Not only is it hilarious, but Scott and Hamm also strip down and stretch out on a pile barre.

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