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Edward Furlong Jailed For Violating Restraining Order

That picture is how our brains felt when we heard that Edward Furlong was jailed for violating a restraining order today. The Terminator 2 actor was in court this morning for a processing hearing when a judge found that he had violated his probation by coming within 50 yards of his estranged wife Rachel Kneeland. Furlong had be ordered to stay away from his wife in November after driving repeatedly past her house, threatening suicide and refusing a drug test. The two have a three-year-old son Ethan, who luckily is too young to access the internet and witness his dad’s most-recent run in with the law.

The actor just narrowly stayed out of prison for the Green Hornet premiere last night, joining co-stars Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in L.A. for the event. After the judge made his ruling, Furlong was cuffed around 11:30 a.m and held with bail set at $75,000. We’re sure he’ll will be out in no time, and we approve of Rogen busting out the Green Hornet costume if Furlong doesn’t immediately head straight home.


Cameron Diaz Is Red Hot At Green Hornet Premiere

Cameron Diaz has spent the last few days getting sporty in Hawaii kayaking and surfing with her man Alex Rodriguez, but last night, she jetted back to L.A. to fulfill her duties as an actress. Diaz donned a slinky red number for the premiere of The Green Hornet and girlfriend looked amazing in these photographs—sign us up for the Hawaii exercise routine if these are the results.

We’ve also been impressed with the style of Diaz’s co-star Seth Rogen lately, so this was a pretty good looking green carpet. Check out more pics of Cammy D (and her biceps!) in her stunning red number, Rogen, and even the Mythbusters crew all dolled up at the premiere. (Sadly, Buster the test dummy was not in attendance.)

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Seth Rogen Cleans Up Nice


A few weeks ago we mentioned that we thought Seth Rogen might want to work on his posing, because his goofy faces weren’t working for us.¬† Rogen has been making the rounds to promote The Green Hornet and it seems like he took our advice to heart, because he went all GQ on us on this photocall in New York City yesterday. The actor looks decidedly un-schlubby, which is his usual m.o., and we think he’s actually pretty good-lookin’ this time around. Check out more shots of Rogen in our gallery as he rocks the triumvirate of cool accessories¬† (peacoat, nerd glasses, scarf) in the city last night.

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