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Beef Alert: Audrina Reaches A New ‘Lo’

Oh, these kids of The Hills! They should can their drama and store it away in case there’s ever a nuclear winter and the last few humans on earth get bored with each other. Last night’s premiere came complete with Audrina-on-Lo drama after Audrina Partridge learned Lo Bosworth was helping plan her birthday party. Audrina, clearly unhappy with Lo’s involvement, tells a co-worker: “Lo’s always super-bitchy. That’s just how she is.” She later confronts Lo, telling her she has an “attitude.” “I have friends who treat me good,” whines Audrina. “You don’t do that.”

Lo takes the high road in US Weekly (well, as high as you can get when you respond in a gossip rag): “She has taken it to the level where she’s name calling. I have never done that and don’t plan to.” [Photo: FilmMagic]


Lauren Conrad: Closet Nerd?

Speaking with the New York Post’s PopWrap Blog this week, Lauren Conrad may have endeared herself to a whole new fan base — nerds. When asked what she watches on TV, she admits that she barely watched MTV before becoming one of its biggest stars, opting instead for watching the Discovery Channel. “I don’t think that counts, but it’s the only TV I watch. Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, The Deadliest Catch. Lo and I are obsessed with Shark Week.” Who knew LC liked watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman blow things up and seeing Mike Rowe clean up vomit? Stars – they really are just like us. [Photo: Getty Images]


Is Lauren Conrad’s Clothing Line Doomed?

We’re not fashion experts, but the dress above looks more like a curtain from IKEA than a designer garment we’d buy from Bloomingdales in Los Angeles, where MTV reality star Lauren Conrad presented her Fall 2008 Collection yesterday. Apparently, she’s pressing on despite the fact that her clothes have been on sales racks lately and that high-end L.A. boutique Kitson dropped her last month.

Look at the photos of her new collection below. Does The Lauren Conrad Collection stand a chance?

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Lauren Conrad Makes The Hills A Crappy Place To Live

Residents of Lauren Conrad‘s tony Los Angeles neighborhood are like, dunzo with the Hills star, accusing her of bringing drama to their hood that doesn’t involve Audrina f*cking an illiterate hairdresser. A herd of paparazzi, partying pals, and stalking fans hungry for Lauren and her followers have infested the nabe, and residents are starting to get a little pissed off. Complaints range from the legitimately scary: “several paparazzi began fighting and one pulled a knife on the other one,” to the whiniest bullsh*t this side of the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard: ” Lights are left on in there 24/7, so you wonder if anyone is sleeping.”

There’s nothing quite like rich people complaining about stuff. About thirty neighbors signed a petition insisting that the city revoke The Hills filming permit and in it, “complained that the show’s production workers served food to the paparazzi and placed a port-a-potty in front of Conrad’s house for their use.” Sounds like they should stop their whining and stock up on the free bagels. [LA Times. Image: Splash News]

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Heidi Thinks She Can Afford A $15 Million House

Whoever said The Hills wasn’t funny?

Heidi Montag is moving out of Hollywood (yay!) to escape “the drama.” Sadly, she hasn’t yet realized she’s normally the one to cause all the cat-fighting. But you know, it’s hard being that self-absorbed. Heidi and her man-beast Spencer Pratt are searching for a house in the $15 million range, which means they’re gonna have to stage a lot of bikini pics to save up! That or sell 15 million crappy tank tops from her junk fashion line. Either way, it will probably take them a few years – they’ve blown all their cash on lip injections, after all.

Heidi knows her price range is “a little bit expensive,” but says “we want to get one house where we want to stay and build a family in.” Just the thought of these two “building” some babies makes us vomit harder than Shia LeBeouf after a night of binge drinking. Eek.

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Lauren Conrad Not Tortured By Her Own Vapidity

It’s such a relief to know that Lauren Conrad is not a “tortured soul.” Apparently we’re the only ones tormented by her mascara-stained tear fests and alleged 8 hour work days spent in 6 inch Louboutin heels. Hell, we’re surprised Lauren has a soul at all – we thought she sold it to get that pathetic fashion line. More LCisms coming at you on August 5th in CosmoGirl. [via FadedYouth]