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Kristin Cavallari “Jealous” Of Jersey Shore


Snooki gets to do the weather, wear a fierce poof, and host a fist-pumping competition: Who wouldn’t be jealous? Hills star Kristin Cavallari recently admitted that she is envious of MTV’s new hit reality show Jersey Shore, which brought in a whopping 3.2 million viewers, while her little Hills show fell in ratings and brought in a mere 1.72 million. “I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of jealous,” Kristin said at her 23rd birthday party over the weekend.

Although jealous, KCav admits she is a big fan of the show. So who is her fave cast-member? Does she have a thing for Snooks? No, no, no – Kristin is all about The Situation. “I mean, come on, right?” she said. The reality starlet even admitted she would date someone similar to the castmates on the show. “Maybe, if I liked him,” she said. “I mean, if I was attracted to him, absolutely.” [Source: NBC; Photo: Getty Images]


Stephanie Pratt: Smokin’ Hot!


Rehab-bound Stephanie Pratt lights up while posing for the new issue of Maxim and talks about how she really feels about big brother Spencer Pratt, her sister-in-law Heidi Montag, and dating in Los Angeles.

On appearing in Maxim: “When I bought Heidi’s Maxim, I was like, ‘She made it.’ Maxim has always been the one magazine to me that, if you’re in it, you can die happy. If you think about who’s been in Maxim, it’s everybody I’ve ever had a poster of on my wall. Growing up all my idols were women. I didn’t have the Backstreet Boys on my walls; it was always women. My parents probably thought I was a lesbian!”

On whether The Hills is fake: “None of us have studied acting. We can’t cry on the spot. My brother really didn’t talk to me for eight months because I went to Lauren Conrad’s birthday party! I think all of us have had the feeling that it would be easier to be on a scripted show.”

On having her life be an open book:
“I love every door it’s opened, but it is hard. You need a thick skin.”

On if being on TV has helped a love life?
“Ugh. The guys in L.A. are so awful. I feel like I know half of them, and the other half I don’t want to know. They’re all wearing Ed Hardy shirts and trucker hats that say female body inspector. But I’m not looking for someone. I do not want to find my Mr. Right at 23.”

Although Stephanie  may look good now, she won’t for long if she keeps up that nasty nicotine habit! This reality star is not alone, however. There are many other celebrities who like to smoke. Check them out in our celebrity smokers gallery! [Source: Maxim, Photo: Chris Fortuna]

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The Hills Is Renewed. Yay(?)!


We have mixed feelings right now after learning that “The Hills” was renewed for a sixth season. On the one hand, it’s a train wreck we love to hate. On the other, it’s still a train wreck and that makes us sad. (Choo…choo…cry.) The fate of the show wasn’t entirely clear after the season five finale – ratings dropped after Lauren Conrad left and things seemed to be running their course. Turns out, people are just as interested in watching Kristin Cavallari‘s various faces of evil as they were in watching LC’s mustache evolve!

One change to the new season will be a lack of our sweet Audrina Patridge, who is leaving the show to start her own solo reality project. Patridge told OK! “I’m very excited. Basically it’s going to be me outside of “The Hills” bubble. All the photos that my fans see and what they always wonder, like that’s what the cameras are going to come with me and see.” Um, isn’t the answer to that “sidewalk cafes, the gym and HWood?” No? Guess we’ll have to watch and find out.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Jayde Nicole: Brody And I Are Fine!


Although things have gotten heated on The Hills lately, with Jayde Nicole threatening to leave boyfriend Brody Jenner if he kept hanging out with his ex Kristin Cavallari, the Playboy playmate insists she and her man are just fine and are still working together on The Hills. “Yes, we’re still together,” Jayde confirmed. “Brody and I are already wrapped [for season five] and I’m sure the rest of the cast will wrap this week. There will be a sixth season and it starts filming right after New Years.”

Definitely expect more drama from The Hills cast! On Tuesday’s episode, Jayde screamed at Kristin, “You don’t think that in the entire city of Hollywood you could find other guys other than Justin and Brody? Everything was totally fine before you came here, so you need to go back to wherever it is that you came from.” [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Lauren Conrad To Write Style Guide


Despite leaving the Hills, Lauren Conrad seems to be keeping busy with her new career path: author. She released her best seller LA Candy this year, and will follow with Sweet Little Lies in February. Next up for Lauren: a style book appropriately named Lauren Conrad Style. “I think fashion should be fun and reflective of who you are. When you wear clothes you feel good in, it shows in everything you do. I know this guide will offer simple, practical tips to help anyone look fabulous,” LC says of her new project. Would you take fashion advice from LC? Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Heidi Montag: “I’d Do Anything To Have A Baby”


Heidi Montag is so desperate to have a baby, she would even let hubby Spencer Pratt start producing its reality show before the spawn comes out of her womb. Children have recently been a big topic of debate between the reality couple everyone loves to hate, and of little Pratts Spencer tells Details, “…if I was gonna have a baby, his reality show would start coming out of the womb. There’d be a womb camera on him.” His faithful wife Heidi responds, “I mean, I’d do anything to have a baby, so whatever he says.”

Among other juicy tidbits the Hills villains tell the mag are who they think would be best to have sex with right now in order to follow in their insta-fame footsteps. “Obama andor Michelle,” Spencer suggests. “Paris Hilton‘s always a good one, and maybe Lindsanity over there,” Heidi says. When the magazine infers that those two might be kind of overexposed celebrities, Heidi disagrees. “No, look at Samantha Ronson. She became one of the most famous DJs-and the most famous lesbian-in the world.” Read more about Heidi and Spencer’s guide to fame in their new book, How To Be Famous. [Source, Photo:]


Stephanie Pratt Headed To Rehab


Stephanie Pratt was busted for a DUI last month, and now the Hills star is trying to make things right by going to rehab. Spencer Pratt‘s sister will enter a 30-day Los Angeles residential rehab facility as her first step toward sobriety following her her arrest outside Holly Montag‘s birthday party.

Originally, her lawyer tried to argue that she failed the sobriety test due to the four-inch stripper boots she was wearing. “There’s no impaired driving or driving that indicates she was under the influence,” her attorney John Bryan Artz said. Prosecutors did not buy the stripper-boot defense however, as Stephanie blew two breath tests, one with a .09 alcohol level, just above the state’s legal limit of .08. “She’s trying one day at a time to do the right thing in respects to her life and facing whatever issues she may have,” her attorney said. “She’s taking this case very seriously, and she’s taking the issue of alcohol very seriously.”

If convicted, she faces up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine. Hopefully for her this doesn’t go the way of fellow DUI recipients Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. [Source: NYDN; Photo: Getty Images]


Style Wars: Blondes In Booties

Hills stars Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth arrived alongside Hills alum Lauren Conrad to a launch party for video game Assassin’s Creed II. We’re hoping free drinks were involved. The leg-baring blonde trio coordinated in various booties paired with short dresses. Who wore the look best?

See Kristen Bell looking classy with red lips and “Gossip Girl”‘s Jessica Szohr (seemingly) without makeup below.

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Heidi And Spencer Tell Us “How to Be Famous”


You didn’t think they would let Lauren Conrad steal their thunder by being the only Hills star to put out a book, did you? Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will be releasing their book, How to Be Famous, next week, and the couple everyone loves to hate serves up all kinds of advice.

  • Heidi advises to play the bad girl: “Remember, the good girl is the one who gets dumped all the time,” she says. “And more often than not, she gets dumped for the bitch! How many ‘Brad left Jen for Angelina’ stories do you need to hear to know this?”
  • Heidi on plastic surgery: “It’s your JOB to look good. Nobody’s born perfect, but you CAN get there if you want by working hard at it and letting the beauty of modern science handle the rest.”
  • Spencer on being a villain: “There is no greater pleasure on Earth than tweaking someone who is just simply asking for it.”
  • On playing with the paparazzi: “Take a second to look at your surroundings and, if possible, incorporate them,” they say. “Is it the holiday season? Find a guy dressed as Santa Claus and sit on his lap.” And never, ever hide your beautiful self — “unless you’re really ugly, and if you are, you may want to skip ahead to the plastic surgery chapter.” [Source: NYPost; Photo: Getty Images]