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Katniss Everdeen, Clary Fray, Melanie Stryder & More: The 13 Heroines Who’ll Make 2013 Kick Ass

The Host, Catching Fire, Prodigy, City of Bones and more stories of great heroines in 2013

If you take stories like The Hunger Games, The Host and Warm Bodies to heart, you might think we don’t have much to look forward to in the distant post-apocalyptic future. But in the more immediate days ahead, like say, the rest of 2013, there’s a whole lot to be excited for — especially if you like ladies who kick ass, stand up for what they believe in and protect their loved ones at all costs. It’s going to be a great year for heroines in movies, on TV and in books — but not necessarily the easy-to-love/worship kind. Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss Everdeen (this year in Catching Fire), The Americans‘ Elizabeth (Keri Russell), Beautiful Creatures‘ Lena (Alice Englert) and The Great Gatsby’s Daisy (Carey Mulligan) are complex women and girls who don’t automatically know what’s right, and sometimes they have to choose saving themselves over saving the world. The Mortal Instruments‘ Clary Fray (Lily Collins), Shadow and Bones‘ Aline, Delirium’s Lena and Warm Bodies‘ Julie (Teresa Palmer) have a little self-discovery to do before they become full-fledged heroines. The Legend Trilogy’s June and The Host’s Wanderer/Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) have to navigate between worlds to figure out whom to fight for. And Oz‘s Glinda (Michelle Williams) and Ender’s Game’s Petra (Hailee Steinfeld) are ladies whose strength is obvious, but whose roles in the bigger picture remains to be seen. As for Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl, who returns in this summer’s Kick-Ass 2 — she’s always going to be in a category all her own.

Whatever your favorite brand of strong female is, we hope you’re looking forward to seeing them in action as much as we are! Check them out in the gallery below, and plan your year accordingly!

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The Host Trailer Shows Us 10 Essential Elements Of The Stephenie Meyer Adaptation

We’re looking a little worse for wear this morning after the emotional night that was the last Twilight premiere, but thanks to Open Road Films and our friends at MTV, we have the perfect pick-me-up for the morning: Evidence that the next Stephenie Meyer adaptation could be just as thrilling as we think Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is. As anyone who’s read The Host knows, it presents a number of challenges to director Andrew Niccol — if you get one element wrong in this alien-invasion love story that takes place in a high-tech future and a primitive underground bunker, it could be cheesy, heartless or both. But the trailer that debuted this morning provides some reassurances that the movie we’ll see on March 29, 2013, will get at least 10 important things right.

1. The romantic backstory between Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and Jared Howe (Max Irons).
The Host features a romantic backstory

2. The desperation of feeling like you’re the last people on Earth. Read more…

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Stephenie Meyer Still Torturing Actors With Contact Lenses, The Host Saoirse Ronan Reveals

Where have we heard this one before? Oh, yeah, during countless interviews of the Twilight Saga‘s vampire cast, including most recently at Comic-Con, the one complaint they had of filming the movies for the past four years is a simple, yet crucial feature: the contact lenses. And here we are with yet another Stephenie Meyer adaptation and the same problem comes up!

“I had tried lenses on years ago for another film and it was a nightmare. It was horrible,” The Host star Saoirse Ronan told MTV News about her past contact lens experience, joking that she almost refused to do this movie when she learned she’d have to don contacts to display the telltale iris ring that indicates her human body is possessed by an alien “soul.”

Why, Stephenie? Why do you insist on doing freaky things to your characters’ eyes? Inevitably, these freaky things are passed on to the actors who must suffer for your art. Well, OK. They’re not suffering THAT much.
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5 Reasons To Look Forward To The Host … And Other Things We Learned At Comic-Con Day 1

It’s no surprise that Twilight-mania was the focus of our attention today at San Diego Comic-Con — it is, after all it was the beginning of the end of an era, for the saga as well as for VH1 Celebrity and all the other blogs that have basically devolved into fangirls for the past four years. But while Kristen Stewart and company were getting teary-eyed about their last Con as a group, Twilight mastermind Stephenie Meyer swooped in to remind us that there are many other things in the world to fangirl over, namely, another thing she created: The Host. People were already filing out of Hall H when Stephenie got back on the mic and announced that she and Andrew Niccol, the director of her next adaptation, were ready to show fans the first real sneak peek of the alien-invasion flick. That certainly got our attention away from needing to hunt down some convention-center junk food. Check out Kate Spencer and I recapping all our favorite moments of day one in the video above (and me calling actors “hot” maybe a few too many times). Now, here are five things that gave us goosebumps and reminded us that, yes, there will be life after Twilight:

1. The Soul eyes look awesome. After hearing the Twilight crew complain that the contact lenses were kinda the hardest part about making the films, we were worried about this. For the uninitiated, the book is about people possessed by alien creatures called Souls, which give their hosts’ eyes a weird silver halo. Instead of that weird blank stare colored contacts can give actors, these made them just seem creepily serene, as they should.

2. It is PACKED with action. The first scene is just like the book, showing Melanie being chased and jumping into an air shaft. And what we saw ended with a dramatic car/truck/helicopter chase.

3. Max Irons is super hot. Especially when making out with Saoirse Ronan in the rain.
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New Stills From The Host Have Us Psyched For Its Dystopian Alien Love Triangle

The Host Still

Man, everyone’s been loving a futuristic dystopian love triangle lately! You got your Katniss, Peeta and Gale in Hunger Games. We guess Bella, Edward and Jacob don’t technically live in a dystopia (or the future), but they are supernatural monsters, and we think that should count. New stills from The Host, based on Stephenie Meyer‘s other novel, definitely have us geared up for a messy Melanie/Jared/Ian romance already. In one of the images, Saoirse Ronan and Jake Abel get their dewy looks on in in front of a terrestrial desertscape; you can check the other one at Entertainment Weekly.

When asked by EW about the novel’s central “love quadrangle, Abel tried to break it down for us: “Yeah, a love box [laughing], between my feelings for Wanda, the alien inside the body, and Jared’s feelings for Melanie, the human who he’s known, whom Ian has never known. Ian has only known this alien.” Yes please! About author Meyer, Jake gushed, “The thing about Stephenie is that she’s highly collaborative. If you have ideas — and we had ideas about the sequels [to the book] — she was like, ‘Tell me! Tell me!’ There were a couple of times I was like, ‘How ’bout this?’ And she was like, ‘Well, I’ll think about it.’ And that’s always so relieving as an actor, because we all want to bring something to the table, and we all understand that the film we’re making is the writer’s baby. There’s parts of you that want to honor their vision.” A vision of steamy pseudo-alien/human romance, that is! Get yourself similarly pumped up with the Host stills that have dropped so far, as well as the trailer:

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The Host Teaser Trailer Creeps Us Out With Stock Photography

We wondered how they’d have enough of The Host done in time to make a compelling teaser trailer to run before The Hunger Games this weekend. After all, the movie’s still being shot and it’s not due out until March 2013. But now that the clip is up on Yahoo! Movies, and we have to say, it’s creepier than we ever imagined while reading Stephenie Meyer’s book. And that’s due to three reasons:

1) The eerie scenario Saoirse Ronan sets up in voice over: “The earth is at peace. There are no wars. There is no hunger. Honesty, courtesy and kindness are practiced by all. The world has never been more perfect. It is no longer your world.”

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The Host First Stills Invade People; Ender’s Game Watch Begins

The book-to-movie adaptation news cycle never lets up these days, does it? Most of us haven’t even seen the Hunger Games yet, and already we’ve seen a teaser for the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 teaser trailer that will be shown before Hunger Games and a trailer for RPattz’s Cosmopolis (an adaptation of a very different kind of book by Don DeLillo). There are two more things we’re excited for today: People has a couple of stills of Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons in The Host, the sci-fi Stephenie Meyer adaptation whose teaser will also play before HG. And yesterday, Summit launched a little production Tumblr for Ender’s Game, the adaptation of the ’80s sci-fi/dystopian YA novel by Orson Scott Card, which stars Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, Harrison Ford, Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley.

“Most of us read Ender’s Game when we were young and wondered when it would become a movie,” the producers say in the first blog entry. “We never dreamed then that we would all be part of the team to bring it to the screen, nor did we realize the novel’s description of our world would be so prescient that its vision would still be unfolding before our very eyes today. And now, watching Asa bring a character to life who has been on our minds since our youth, we realize things happen for a reason. We were waiting for him.”

We’ll take those words of wisdom to heart: No matter how impatient we are to see our favorite books make it to the big screen, we’d rather wait until they’re done right than see a rush job. And we have to admit, the waiting is kind of fun too.

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Breaking Dawn Superfan Week: Twilight Lexicon’s Founder Defines Fandom

We’re halfway through our Breaking Dawn Superfan Week, and we thought it was about time to give a nod (or maybe bow down) to one of the sites that started it all, Twilight Lexicon. Lori Joffs started the Lex long before most of the world had even heard of Edward and Bella, and all these years later, it’s still the ultimate resource for info on the books, mythology, movies and Stephenie Meyer. Lori (a.k.a. Alphie) looked back at how it all began for her, and what the future beyond Twilight looks like for her.

TheFABlife: When did you first fall in love with Twilight?
Lori Joffs: I read Twilight in January of 2006. It took me a few chapters to get into, but by the end I was fascinated by this impossible romance of a vampire who loved this girl for her humanity and a human who loved the supernatural qualities of this vampire. I wondered how they could ever make it work when she would obviously have to become a vampire in order for them to be together, and thus lose her humanity, which was a huge factor for the vampire. It was a conundrum that played on my brain enough to send me looking on the Internet for more people to talk to about it.

TFL: What’s the moment you can’t wait to see in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)?
LJ: There are so many! But I think the one that will be the most fascinating is the birth. We’ve been talking about that scene since they started filming Twilight. How can they do it, keep it just as gory and as frightening, and yet stay PG-13? I’m sure it will be just amazing!

TFL: How many times have you read the books? How many times seen the previous movie?
LJ: I haven’t any clue how many times I’ve read the books! Cover to cover, I’ve read them all at least twice. I’ve read Twilight and Eclipse more than New Moon and Breaking Dawn, though. I believe I’ve read Eclipse about a dozen times. However, I’ve read segments over and over again from all the books.

TFL: How many times do you plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1?
LJ: I know I will see it at least three times in the theater because I have plans for three times. I might see it more than that, but we’ll have to see!

TFL: What will you do after you’ve seen it that many times?
LJ: Start planning for the next film, I suppose! And update the website with actor info and images.

TFL: What will you do after the final movie is out?
LJ: I’ve very excited for The Host as a movie. VERY excited. I might get bashed for saying it, but I’d take Ian O’Shea over Edward Cullen any day of the week! As much as I fell for Edward in the books, I fell even harder for Ian! So I’ll probably start focusing on that project. We’ve already started working on even.
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Saoirse Ronan Invades Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

We’ve already burned through vampires and werewolves, and not one publishing house responded to our Loch Ness monster novel (it’s much hotter than you’d think!). Seeing as how zombies are actually decaying corpses, are aliens destined to be the next teen romance craze? Deadline reports today that Saoirse Ronan is cast in The Host, the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer‘s sci-fi thriller. It’s got everything an audience could want: supernatural beings, inter-species sexual tension, and humans losing control of their minds and bodies to otherworldly forces. You’re right. It seemed hotter when it was vampires.

Seen as how Ronan proved her ability to carry a film as both the fierce fighter in Hanna and the ghostly protagonist of The Lovely Bones, we have no doubt she’ll kill it as Melanie Stryder, one the last humans left on Earth after an alien invasion. Ronan will also play Wanderer, the alien force that seizes control of Melanie, and you better believe there is complicated four-way human-alien romance quadrangle to look forward to. This is a Stephenie Meyer book we’re talking about, after all.