The Immortal Rules

by (@shalapitcher)

Your Next Vampire Obsession? Julie Kagawa’s Blood Of Eden Series Optioned For Movie

We’ll still have our Cullens, Eric Northman and the Salvatore brothers gracefully prowling across our screens for a bit longer, but I think it might soon be time for some, er, fresh blood in the vampire game. So does Hollywood, apparently. Palomar Pictures and Harlequin Teen announced today that a book that isn’t even out until next Tuesday, Julie Kagawa’s The Immortal Rules, has been optioned, along with the sequels that will follow it in the Blood of Eden series. The movie would be produced by Joni Sighvatsson, who has made a number of dark and twisty movies, such as Killer Elite, Brothers, Wild at Heart and Basquiat.

Part of the excitement for Immortal Rules stems from the immense popularity of Kagawa’s fairy series, The Iron Fey. The new novel takes place in a future when vampires rule the world and humans are kept like cattle to feed them. Allison Sekemoto was one of those humans, who dreamed of fighting back against the vampires until she was turned into one.

Incidentally, Kagawa fans, the above photo is an outtake from the Immortal Rules cover. We like how her warrior stance and the book’s whole post-apocalyptic setting is bringing the genre back to gothier territory than Twilight, TVD and True Blood (not that there’s anything wrong with vampires in the sun, too, we just like variety!).

Between Blood of Eden and the long-awaited Vampire Academy adaptation, we are holding out hope for a long future ruled by blood-sucking fiction.

Pick up the book on April 24 and come back here to play fantasy casting with us!

[Photo: Harlequin Teen]