The Jonas Brothers

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Is Rihanna Sexting Joe Jonas?

Rihanna definitely seems like a gal who isn’t afraid to get what she wants, and it sounds like she wants Joe Jonas. That would explain why she’s apparently sexting the 21-year-old Disney star! “They met when Joe did a song with Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown, and recently she’s been bombarding him with raunchy text messages,” a source told ShowizSpy. “She keeps laughing to her mates that she wants to take him on the wildest ride of his life.”

The middle Jo-Bro has been linked to some pretty steamy women in his young life, including Ashley Green, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. Yet he still remains single, saying that he’s “always looking for the right person.” Is the sexed up Rihanna the one who can win/corrupt his young heart? Riri may be bad, but she’s certainly good at it! And there’s definitely something deliciously bad about a perpetually bikini’d older woman putting the moves on the young promise-ringer.

[Photo: /Getty Images]