The Karate Kid

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Happy Spirit Day! 10 Bullies Who Learned Their Lesson

Mean Girls, Back to the Future, Heathers and Glee

Happy Spirit Day, everyone! If you’re not wearing purple today, you can still show your support for bullied victims and LGBT youth in all sorts of other ways (visit for some ideas). We decided to mark this occasion with a look back at the meanest and cruelest bullies of pop culture who got their glorious comeuppance before our very eyes. From Heathers and Back to the Future to Pretty Little Liars and Glee, watching the likes of Heather and Biff get put in their place has made us feel much better about our own torturers. Maybe they even made a few real-life bullies think twice about what they were doing. We hope so!

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Wax On…And On…With A Karate Kid Sequel


The remake of The Karate Kid is getting a sequel. The Jackie Chan-Jaden Smith film raked in so much money at the box office this weekend (over $56 million) that Columbia Pictures has already started planning for a second film. A sequel to a remake – come on Hollywood, seriously? That’s just a diagram for how to be extra unoriginal. We might sound bitter, but that’s just because if there’s anything we love more than the original Karate Kid, it’s the sequel where Mr. Miyagi takes Daniel LaRusso to Okinawa to school him in the way of tea ceremonies and unrequited love, all of which is set to Peter Cetera‘s smash hit “Glory Of Love”. Why mess with perfection?

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Ralph Macchio, The Original Karate Kid, Has Mixed Feelings About Remake


We cling pretty tightly to our 1980’s pop culture touchstones, which is why we weren’t thrilled when we heard there would be a Karate Kid remake. Who can forget William Zabka and his thugs in the Cobra Kai, tormenting New Jersey import Daniel Larusso until it all culminated in the ultimate crane kick? It’s etched in our brain, so imagine how the original film’s star, Ralph Macchio must have felt when he learned that his role was being taken over by Jaden Smith.

Macchio was unsure about a remake, he admitted, saying “It’s like mixed feelings. At first, I felt old. Number one, you feel old when they start remaking your stuff. Once I got passed the fact that there’s a whole new generation, it was more about, ‘OK, you can retell this story because it’s a beautiful story.'” In the end, Macchio passed the the torch to Smith and attended the new flick’s premiere, but remains proud of the original film’s legacy. “We didn’t know what we were doing,” he told Access Hollywood. “We didn’t know the magic that was happening and the Pat Morita performance [as Mr. Miyagi] and all the Cobra Kai and ‘wax on, wax off’ and catching flies with your chopsticks and the crane just became part of everyone’s childhood and that’s what I’m here celebrating.” Indeed. Now excuse us while we go curl our hair to look exactly like Elisabeth Shue‘s, our most favorite 80’s teen girlfriend.

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