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Zac Efron Giggles With Matt Lauer About “Great Message” Of His Condom Drop

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Matt Lauer could barely suppress his gleeful guffaws this morning on the Today show while discussing the Zac Efron condom-drop incident. Then again, how often do you hear celebs talk about safe sex? Just about never? If they have to giggle behind their hands in order to do it, then chuckle away, fellas! “I never had a pocket-checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before, but now we fully instated one!” a blushing Efron said about his faux pas at The Lorax premiere. He even teased Lauer about uttering the c-word (“condom,” people): “It was really hard for you to say!” Matt then made an incredibly dumb joke about Zac’s “production company.” Jeez, it’s like we’re taking high school sex ed all over again. Except now all our classmates are grown men wearing HD makeup!

That being said, if something so snicker-inducing had to happen at a film premiere, we’re glad it was The Lorax. The entire movie is about being responsible, and what’s more responsible than preventing the spread of STDs? Just about nothing? “It’s a great message to add to the many messages in the film!” Zac joked. We’re sure if the Lorax had been drawn with genitals, he would completely agree.

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WHOOPS! Zac Efron’s Condom Falls Out Of His Pocket — But Who Was It For?

File this one under “WHOOPS!”: While on the red orange carpet for The Lorax premiere in Los Angeles over the weekend, former Disney star turned wannabe bad boy Zac Efron found himself in a precarious and highly embarrassing situation on the red carpet. As he posed for photographers, he caught a glance of someone familiar — his publicist, maybe? — and reached into his pocket to hand her something. As he pulled his hand from the pocket of his jeans, something that looked a lot like a condom fell from his pocket. Efron’s cat-like quickness allowed him to snatch the errant jimmy hat from the carpet before any photographers were able to get the moment captured on film, but our friends over at The Superficial just stumbled on some videotape of the incident and Efron’s sheepish reaction:

WHOOPS, indeed! Well, at least we know that Zac Efron is practicing safe sex. However, what we DON’T know is WHO he was planning on having sex with in a bathroom stall of Universal Studios while hundreds of elementary school aged children watched his new 3D movie. So, TheFABLife has put together the following list of suspects in gallery form, along with our guesstimated odds of who Zac was hitting it (and then quitting it) with.

Was it intended for: Jenny Slate? Ed Helms? Danny Devito AND Rhea Perlman? Taylor Swift? Betty White? OR PERHAPS THE LORAX HIMSELF?

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Who do YOU think Zac was going to show his Trojans to?