The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie

by (@hallekiefer)

Mindy Kaling Writes A Rom-Com, Anne Hathaway Stars, The Plot Sounds Awful: 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

Mindy Kaling Writing Rom-Com, Anne Hathaway To Star

Mindy Kaling has been blowing up this fall like an adorable, witty neutron bomb. Anne Hathaway has already rolled around nude with Jake Gyllenhaal in Love And Other Drugs, not to mention pulled off a British accent and spectacles for One Day. All signs point to a Kaling-penned/Hathaway-starring rom-com being a runaway success…until you read the film’s plot summary. Entitled The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie, the movie, co-written by Kaling, “centers on a woman whose lack of self-worth has limited her choice in men to losers. When she is about to hit the bottom of the barrel, life takes an unexpected turn when she is pursued by the hottest guy ever.” Hoo boy. The sound you just heard was a million lady-nerds getting their hopes up. Way, way up.

Look, we’re the kind of people who will have a complete emotional meltdown over truly putrid rom-coms like Down to You, Over Her Dead Body or (Lord help us) Gigli, but even we’ve got to draw a line somewhere. We’re sure Hathaway could pull off a lady with self-esteem problems (just slap on those Princess Diary eyebrows again and set her lose!), but then to have “the hottest guy ever” cure her of said problems? Honestly, we’d rather watch All About Steve. No, you’re right…that was way harsh, Mindy. Maybe we shouldn’t underestimate you based solely on a plot summary? Maybe Anne’s character learns in the end that she doesn’t need a hot guy’s approval to be happy…or he turns out to be an angel that decides to be human, then Meg Ryan gets hit by a lumber truck while riding her bicycle. Oh god, who are we kidding? We’ll watch any rom-com we can get our weepy eyeballs on!

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