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Renesmee, Sookie, Magnus And More: 25 Supernatural Characters Who Dazzled Us In 2012

Anna Paquin, Joseph Morgan, Mackenzie Foy and Godfrey Gao

Around this time last year, we made this list a roundup of our favorite vampires of 2011 — though we named Bella Cullen as our fave, it was Damon Salvatore who ruled your hearts. This year, we took a look around at our favorite movies, TV shows and books and discovered that, while the bloodsuckers of True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries were still among our faves, they had some competition from other supes, too. There were the characters wielding magic for good or evil — Snow White and the Huntsman’s Queen Ravenna, Beautiful Creatures‘ Lena, The Mortal Instruments‘ Magnus, TVD’s Bonnie. We had a nice crop of werewolves — Teen Wolf’s Scott and Derek, Nightshade’s Calla, True Blood’s Alcide. And then, of course, there were gods, genetic mutations, time travelers and Shadowhunters. Whether they were on the page, the screen or both, these beautiful, dangerous, ever-seductive heroes and villains made us feel a little bit inadequate for being mere humans. But there’s one power we have that they don’t: the ability to vote on which of these 25 characters was our favorite of the year. Take a look at the gallery and then vote!

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The Mortal Instruments Trailer Gives Us 10 Reasons Jace Wayland Should Be Your New Hero

Full admission: I have loaned out my copy of City of Bones so many times and I read it so long ago, that it took me a couple of viewings of this first Mortal Instruments trailer for me to remember what’s going on in each scene. Really, that’s why I had to watch it five times in a row. It had nothing to do with the fact that every scene plunged me deeper into Cassandra Clare’s gorgeously dark world and made me fall in love with Clary and Jace and Alec and Izzie and Simon all over again. Or the fact that on my first viewing, I kept giggling about the late Lane Pryce as Hodge. No, it’s just ’cause I have a crap memory for details.

OK, actually, it’s also because the preview has lifted all my hopes about Jamie Campbell Bower playing Jace. I don’t have a whole lot of words to add to back up my reasoning here. Just these 10 images of him being broody, hot and a legit action hero in the face of vampires, demons and his dear old dad. Enjoy!

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Twilight‘s Ending! Here Are 20 Things To Fill That Hole In Your Heart

Pretty Little Liars, Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Instruments, Team Starkid and other things to obsess over now that Twilight is ending.

We’re shocked that Summit Entertainment and Stephenie Meyer have yet to announce some kind of detox program to help those of us who’ve spent up to seven years addicted to the Twilight books and movies. Aren’t they worried about the withdrawal we’ll all experience once we’ve seen Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a few times and have no more Edward and Bella to look forward to? Well, not to suggest that there is anything that can replace Forks and the Cullens in your heart, but we have a few new obsessions you might consider taking up. Which you choose all depends on why you became a Twi-crack addict in the first place. Read on and then suggest your own!

If you love Twilight because of …

… its star-crossed lovers plot, you’ll love:

Warm Bodies, the novel by Isaac Marion and upcoming Summit movie starring Nicholas Hoult. Zombie R is a very different kind of undead than Edward, but his doomed love for Julie is just as epic and possibly world-changing. Dive into the book now and then look forward to the flick in February 2013.

The Hush Hush saga, by Becca Fitzpatrick. Nora Grey doesn’t know why she’s drawn to Patch her dangerous new biology lab partner… oh, sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is no knock off. Fitzpatrick has woven a very complex mythology around deadly angels and their offspring that will infuriate you with its addictive quality.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Laini Taylor. Speaking of complex new mythology, don’t even ask us to explain the plot of this trilogy. Let us tell you that book one was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful reads of 2011 — there are angels, beastly creatures, exotic tooth poachers, ballet-dancing puppets and a love story that rivals Romeo and Juliet in its devastating nature.

… its gut-wrenching love triangle, you’ll love: Read more…

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The Mortal Instruments Shoot Heats Up, But Stars Still Have Time For Fans

Rob Sheehan, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower

As much as we’re pleased to see every single glimpse we can of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie shoot — coffee shop Java Jones has come to life! Clary runs through the streets, probably after getting her mom’s frantic phone call! Jace wears a hoodie! Simon looks confused and sweet in his huge glasses! — we’re even more thrilled to hear reports about how the fans are being treated in Toronto. Judging by the tweets, Tumblrs and reports on from the lucky Canadians stalking the set, Rob Sheehan (Simon), Lily Collins (Clary) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) have been smiling and waving at them for the past three days, and Lily and Rob have stopped many times to sign copies of their books. The movie’s publicist has let them photograph the shoot a bunch (though at times they asked them to wait until later to pub them), and the screenwriter even paused to chat. This is all welcome news for a fandom that’s been used to being in touch with author Cassandra Clare practically 24/7 as she simultaneously tweets and writes.

In other TMI news, it was announced early this morning that German star Elyas M’Barek was cast as a “vampire lieutenant” in the movie, though definitely not New York vampire leader Raphael, and Harry Van Gorkum will play werewolf Alaric.

Here’s our gloriously growing gallery of set pics, courtesy of both pros and fans:

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Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins Are Shadowhunter Fierce On Set Of The Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower shoot The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Part of me is demon green with jealousy right now as I check out pictures from day one on the set of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. If they were shooting where the movie takes place, I would be playing hookie and watching Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower blocks away from my own home in Park Slope, Brooklyn. But yeah, I get it, New York is expensive to shoot in, so I guess most of the time, Toronto will be stepping in for the role of my — and Simon Lewis and Clary Fray’s — ‘hood. I will instead be very happy for the fans up north who are getting glimpses of Bower, sporting his brand new Shadowhunter runes (those tattoos on his chest, for the uninitiated), Collins with her newly died red tresses, Robert Sheehan being generally adorable and Simon-like, and Jemima West (Isabelle) and Kevin Zegers (Alec) looking appropriately done up in black leather..

One fan with the Twitter handle @Shadowhunting has been sharing her pics from the set. Between her efforts and those of the paparazzi on set — who are earning some fierce scowls from Lily and Jamie — I almost feel like I’m there. I am so not a good enough fan to remember what those runes on Jace’s chest are for, so if anyone knows, please fill me in. I am a good enough fan, though, that I’m refreshing my photo sites every five minutes to see if there are any other hints about which scenes they’re shooting first. The cafe, maybe? Their encounter with Madame Dorothea/Abbadon?

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones isn’t due in theaters until August 2013, so those of you who have no idea why I’m so excited, you have plenty of time to catch up on Cassandra Clare’s utterly addictive books.

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Robert Sheehan Is Your New Vampire Boyfriend In Mortal Instruments

You probably had no idea you had room in your heart for another gorgeous vampire best friend/crush after Edward Cullen. Unless of course you’ve read Cassandra Clare‘s Mortal Instruments series, in which case you are already half in love with Simon Lewis, the adorable undead Brooklyn nerdlinger who’s besties with protagonist Clary Fray. Fortunately, as of today you have a face to put on those semi-embarrassing fantasies, as Clare has just announced that actor Robert Sheehan has been cast in the film version of the first tome City of Bones, alongside Lily Collins‘ Clary and Jamie Campbell Bower‘s Jace Wayland. Oh…and did we mention Simon also plays the bass? We know. It’s, like, ridiculous.

“So remember when I said we wouldn’t have a Simon till July for Reasons?,” the author posted on her Tumblr today. “The Reasons were that the actors up for Simon had to test with Jamie and Lily in Toronto to see how the chemistry worked. When I talked to Jamie and Lily yesterday it was about who we thought was the absolute best, the most Simon-y Simon, and fortunately we all agreed.” Brits and anyone who likes good things probably already know Sheehan as Nathan from Misfits. “He’s totally cute and adorable and HILARIOUS, and his chemistry with Lily and Jamie is off the charts,” adds Clare. “I’ve wanted him for Simon for ages so I am pretty much totally and entirely happy.” So are we. We needed some fresh inspiration for all those supernatural daydreams we have. And this fan fiction isn’t going to write itself! Except in the stories we write about fan fiction!

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Lily Collins And Jamie Campbell Bower Look Mighty Flirty As They Prep For Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower

Much as we thought Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright were an adorable couple before their split last month, we must admit to squeeing with delight when we saw these photos of Jamie with his Mortal Instruments co-star Lily Collins in Toronto yesterday. According to the Daily Mail, the two arrived in town for pre-production meetings for City of Bones, the first movie based on Cassandra Clare‘s gorgeous urban-demon-hunter YA series. And you don’t have to be an expert in body language to read these pics as serious flirt-town. She touches her hair as they chat at an outdoor table. She pats his hand as they walk. He leans into her as he says something funny. They laugh hysterically at each other’s jokes.

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower
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Mirror, Mirror’s Lily Collins And Armie Hammer Play Tricks On Us

Take a quick look at Lily Collins and Armie Hammer in the photos from Mirror, Mirror above. Now, what would be your wild guess about their age difference? Wait, let’s make it a little harder (and play along, literal-minded folks who have already checked IMDb): Armie plays an FBI agent in J.Edgar; Lily will play a 16-year-old girl in City of Bones. That made us feel a little icky when we saw the latest Mirror, Mirror featurette, in which Lily appears to lust after a bare-chested Armie.

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Lily Collins In Talks For New Evil Dead Role

Horror movie remakes? Yawn. Horror movies remade with gender reversals? That sounds a little more interesting. Horror movie remakes with gender reversals starring a genuine up-and-coming talent with a script revised by a lady who knows how not to write smart girl roles? Yes, please! That’s why we’re intrigued by the report from that Lily Collins is in talks to star in the new Evil Dead movie, in the role that’s kind of based on the character Ash originated by Bruce Campbell in the Sam Raimi flicks.

And yeah, that’s the very same Evil Dead, due out in April 2013, whose script was recently revised by Diablo Cody. According to Bloody Disgusting, Lily would play Mia, a girl who’s staying in a remote cabin with friends who are helping her detox after a recent drug overdose. “She begins acting insane, so it comes as no surprise that nobody believes her crazy claims of coyote dogs and trees attacking her!” B-D reports. What’s actually happening, of course, is that a demonic force has been unleashed from a Book of the Dead in the house. Oops!

We like the idea of how diverse Lily’s career is looking so far. From Abduction to Mirror, Mirror to The Mortal Instruments to Evil Dead. We’re just crossing our fingers that filming for this one doesn’t interfere with the first TMI movie, City of Bones, which should begin sometime later this year.

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Our 25 Favorite Vampires Of 2011

We’re not shy about our vampire obsession around here. And even as angels and werewolves and dystopian battlefields take over the screens and bookshelves, it doesn’t look like sexy bloodsuckers are going anywhere. Sure, they experience a bit of boom and bust, but a look back at the last 100 years in pop culture proves their undying staying power. In 2011, our blood was stirred by a nice crop of undead seducers, from Eric and Bill on True Blood to Damon and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries to the entire morally upstanding Cullen family. There were others who leapt from the pages of books whose racy covers we sometimes had to keep hidden — Bloodlines, the spinoff of YA series Vampire Academy, made its debut; Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series is still going strong, and in City of Fallen Angels, the latest from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, vampire Simon went from best friend to hot commodity. There were even a couple of “nonfiction” vamps who made it onto our 2011 list.

Before you check out our 25 faves, watch who such celebrity vampire experts as True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Twilight’s Elizabeth Reaser, and non-experts like Andrew W.K., Robin Thicke and Questlove would nominate for Vampire of the Year. Because we just declared that a thing.

Now, take a look at our top 25, vote on your faves and let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites.

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