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Sex, Drugs, Drama: A Guide To The Greatest Teen Soaps Of The Last 25 Years

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Do you enjoy watching beautiful people cry about their problems? Clear some space on your DVR and put the next few episodes of House of Cards on the back burner. You’ve got some serious binge-watching to do.

High school is hard for anyone, and yet television is the one place that can make us feel lucky we don’t have the weight of the world, old-money familial expectations or supernatural super powers on our shoulders. The last 25 years have seen highly addicting soap operas for the teenage set–as dangerous to one’s mental health as Jessie Spano’s caffeine pills. These shows are usually delivered in prime-time, with accompanying soundtracks to deepen your connection, and then-unknown guest stars whose eventual stardom will justify those past viewing decisions.

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Celebrate The O.C.‘s 10th Anniversary With A Look At 15 Guest Stars Who Made It Big

Has it really been 10 whole years since Newport’s preppy dirtbag Luke Ward uttered the phrase, “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!”? It really has. Oof. The O.C. premiered in August 2003 on Fox and became an immediate addiction for some of us, thanks to the music, the melodrama, and of course, The Nana. A lot can happen in 10 years, which is why, when we were checking out some old episodes recently, we realized that the series has a huge share of guest stars who went on to become the next big thing.

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Arrow’s Little Sis Willa Holland: TV Teen For 6 Years And Counting!

Willa Holland has been playing a teenager on TV since 2006

In the Arrow pilot, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was none too pleased to see his little sister Thea sneaking into his grown-up party and being ogled by his pal Tommy. Someone should tell him to relax — Willa Holland’s 21 after all. But the doe-eyed beauty has aged very little in character years since she first played Marissa Cooper’s little sister Kaitlin on The O.C. in 2006. Two years later, she was corrupting Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl. In an interview with the New York Daily News, she laughed about the fact that she’s still playing a rebellious high-schooler after all these years.

“I think that at 21, I still look like I’m 17 years old, so I feel like I’m going to be playing teenagers for a while, and that’s a very relatable stage in a teenage life for a female — that kind of rambunctious stage,” she told the paper.

We’re looking forward to seing how Thea fits into the life of her vigilante brother and possibly shady mother on Arrow. At the same time, we’re also waiting for the theatrical release of Tiger Eyes, the adaptation of the classic Judy Blume novel, in which Will plays Davey a girl coming to terms with the violent death of her father.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the many teenage years of Willa Holland:

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From Glee To Beverly Hills: TV’s Best Virginity Losses

According to, on tonight’s episode of Glee, “The First Time,” both Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine will have sex for the first time. Given the way the show has been hit-or-miss this season, we’re crossing our fingers the episode lives up to the buildup, kinda the way young couples cross their fingers about losing their V-cards. And as we wait for the big moment, we thought we’d bide our time by looking back at all the other great “losing it” moments in TV teen history.

Beverly Hills, 90210: Brenda loses it to Dylan in “Spring Dance” (Season 1)
“How many girls get to have sex for the first time with someone they love?” Brenda asks Dylan, before they do the deed in a hotel room while the dance is still going on. His smooth reply: “I don’t know. I’ve never really taken an opinion poll.”
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