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Tom Cruise Blows His Money On Suri’s Expensive Wardrobe


Little Suri Cruise has morphed into a pint-sized fashionista right before our eyes, and Daddy Tom Cruise is a-okay with that. The four-year-old wears stuff a lot of us would kill to rock on a night out. She has her $850 Ferragamo bags, her $635 dresses and her $27 Chanel lip gloss (yes, she wears make-up already).  Luckily Tom Cruise likes spoiling Suri and indulging her over the top tastes. He told Oprah, “Whatever she wants to wear, she wears it.  I’m not going to tell her different.”

Cruise revealed that he takes his sartorial cues from her too, saying, “She’s got great taste too. She tells me what to wear.” He added, “Life is very good. I’m very happy. Kids are growing up, love my wife. I feel very lucky.”

Suri, or Blair Waldorf Jr., should feel lucky too. We want her shoes.

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Upside of Jessica Simpson’s “Sexual Napalm”: Lots Of Dates


We assumed that, given the very dirty details John Mayer revealed about Jessica Simpson she would be angry. (You remember, it went something like “Sexually, it was crazy. It was like. . .sexual napalm.”) We figured she, being a wholesome girl who saved herself for Nick Lachey all those years ago, would lash out, maybe deliver some kind of public reprimand and come out a sympathetic winner in this whole mess. Turns out, a reprimand isn’t necessary, Jessica is getting her revenge another way.

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, set to air today, Simpson explained that she was definitely upset by Mayer’s comments saying “I’m a little bit angry. I guess I could have been a lot worse.” (Uh, how much worse?) However, Simpson is actually reaping some benefits from what was said about her too, telling Opes that as far as her dating life is concerned “My phone is ringing off the hook, I have to say.” Funny, we were pitying her this whole time and never even considered the up side. Work that napalm, Jess! [Photo: Getty Images]

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