The Place Beyond The Pines

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We Went Ahead And Screencapped Ryan Gosling In The Place Beyond The Pines Trailer For You

This is not a drill. This is Ryan Gosling holding a baby and being adorable. We know it basically looks like a less violent Drive and maybe they had to dress down Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes to achieve it, but are we wrong in thinking Ryan Gosling has never been hotter than he is in the new Place Beyond The Pines trailer? Obviously we were going to enjoy the baby, the romancing and the motorcycle, but who knew we were this into a bad bleach job and face tattoos? Just kidding, we knew all along. We realized you might know too, which is why we screencapped the gloriousness that is Ryan Gosling for your convenience:

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Eva Mendes Praises “Dream Co-Star” Ryan Gosling In Marie Claire

Eva Mendes keeps things professional in her new Marie Claire interview (in addition to looking crazy good on their March cover), but we can read between the lines when it comes to her comments about alleged boyfriend Ryan Gosling. “He’s your dream co-star,” Mendes raves about her fellow The Place In The Pines actor. We feel you, girl! Ryan Gosling is our dream co-star too! In as much as he co-stars in our dreams … as our husband … and also we can breathe underwater? We need to consult a dream dictionary about that. Adds Mendes, “I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film. He’s amazing.” We bet Ryan helps you feel satisfied! You can’t see our glasses, Eva, but they are all the way at the end of our noses and we are peering over them at you. Suggestively.

Unfortunately Mendes is nothing if not a class act, and as such declines to elaborate on the details of her romantic connection with the Drive star. Details like, what Ryan’s underwear choice might be, or if he ever whimpers our name in his sleep. “Stop, just stop,” Mendes says once her interviewer presses her for more information about her manfriend. “I’m not gonna budge. I feel uncomfortable talking about it. It’s too personal.” Don’t worry, Eva. We already know you two went to Disney World together. We can fill in the blanks from here.

[Photo: Marie Claire/ Splash News Online]

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Ryan Gosling Has A PDA-Filled Disney Date With Eva Mendes

Listen. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of hearts shattering to the strains of “It’s A Small World After All”. It looks like our favorite earth quakin’, fight breakin’ hero Ryan Gosling has a new lady love in his life…and sadly, it isn’t Rachel McAdams again. Ryan spent the weekend canoodling around Disneyland with his The Place Beyond The Pines costar, Eva Mendes. Exclusive pics from Us Weekly show the two holding hands and kissing. *Gasp* Not in front of Goofy, guys! “They were very playful,” a fellow Disney reveler told Us. “Eva was skipping around like a little girl…She would lean into him and she held his arm the entire time.” They rode rides together, and sampled the park’s finest fairground cuisine, including churros, cotton candy and corn-on-the-cob. “She fed him,” said an observer.

According to a source on the set of their new movie, the twosome have been moving toward more-than-costars status for quite some time. “It hasn’t been a secret how excited Eva’s been to film with him, and she’s always joked with us about how gorgeous he is,” they told US. “She’s never been shy about having the hots for him! There’s always been this strong chemistry…this was just a matter of time.” We can only imagine the passionate wet kisses under Splash Mountain. Disneyland may the happiest place on Earth for them, but it just crushed an untold number of fan girl/boy dreams. The Mickey Mouse giveth, and the Mickey Mouse taketh away.

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Behold A Glorious Sight: Ryan Gosling Feeding A Baby

Deep breaths. Okay, so, this is a photo of—OMG IT’S RYAN GOSLING HOLDING AN EFFING BABYYYYY! Well, we tried to stay calm. But like, look at how he’s holding the baby with gentle, tender arms! Cradling its head as if it were a Faberge egg! Feeding it with fatherly care! And, of course, just generally being sexy and hawt while holding a baby! *Wipes sweat off brow*

Whew, okay. We’ve calmed down. Gosling was on the set of “The Place Beyond the Pines” in Poughkeepsie, New York yesterday, where he and the world’s luckiest child bonded. If that baby could talk, surely it would say “I thought I was going to hate The Notebook because the trailer looked cheesy but I cried through the entire thing. And if I may be blunt, you and Rachel McAdams looked pretty f**ktastic through the whole thing. Can you do the world a favor and get back together?”

Check out more pictures of the most magical moment on earth in our gallery below.

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Ryan Gosling Starring In Unannounced Fargo Sequel?

Allow us to first clarify that we’ve heard nothing about a Fargo sequel, nor do we think one should happen, nor is it possible unless Peter Stormare‘s character makes an unlikely escape from prison. However, Ryan Gosling‘s recent bleach job bares an uncanny resemblance to one of the Coen Brothers‘ most legendary, woodchipper-lovin’ mad men.

In some weird way, it’s almost a relief that we’re seeing Gosling looking less than perfect on the set of The Place Beyond The Pines. After his recent streak of heart-throbbing appearances while promoting Crazy, Stupid, Love, we were starting to think he was perhaps a sexy cyborg planted on Earth to distract us from Robert Pattinson.

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