The Princess and the Frog


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Princess and the Frog

If Princess isn’t quite the return to the classic days of Disney 2D animation, it’s pretty darned close. The story is a little over-busy. What you need to know is that Tiana dreams of opening a restaurant in New Orleans. She plays second fiddle to a rich socialite, until kissing a prince trapped in amphibian form turns her into a frog, too. The bantering pair bounce to the bayou to find the voodoo priestess who can switch them back. The leads have some cute interplay, Randy Newman‘s songs roll along with an authentic gumbo gait, and the animators work hard to replicate the atmosphere of a swamp drenched in starlight. The lively show is stolen by a Creole firefly, but the real pleasant surprise is how the film rejects Disney’s the bland “princess” stereotype of Belle and Co. for a pluckier African-American version.

Extras: The Blu-Ray/standard combo pack comes with deleted scenes, commentary from the filmmakers, games, a Ne-Yo music video, and a digital version of the film.

– By C. Bottomley