The Raven

by (@shalapitcher)

Style Seen: Alice Eve Perfects Her Italian

Up until now, we’ve always thought of Alice Eve as “the hot blonde from She’s Out of My League, even though she’s had roles since then. That’s about to change, big time. The British babe endured hours of filming in a coffin for The Raven, in theaters April 27, so we’ll have those claustrophobic images seared in our minds for a while. Then she’s co-starring in Men in Black III (out May 25), as the younger version of Emma Thompson’s Agent O. And next year, we’re probably going to be referring to her as “Star Trek hottie Alice Eve.” In the meantime, we’re going to call her, the beautiful lady who climbed onto a table to show off her stunning stiletto booties while confusing our photographer by pronouncing Giambattista Valli so authentically.

Alice’s top and skirt are Dolce & Gabbana, and the shoes are the aforementioned Giambattista Valli. Her nail color is “tart deco” from Esse. If we paint our nails that color, we will look like her when we grow up, right?

[Photos by Colin Gray]

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John Cusack Is So Raven As Edgar Allen Poe In The Raven Trailer

The trailer for John Cusack’s The Raven is so Raven, the only way the film could be more Raven is if Raven-SymonĂ© was cast as Poe. And why wasn’t she? The Disney star probably would have been a better pick to play the famous mystery author, considering Cusack seems to be on Bearded Autopilot for most of the trailer.

Set to be released March 9 of next year, the film revolves around Edgar Allen as he works with Baltimore authorities to solve a string of serial killings that seem to be based around his gruesome fictional stories, in addition to romancing a beautiful blond played by Alice Eve. Granted we’ve only seen a few minutes of the film, but part of us thinks they might as well as have cast Nic Cage in the lead role. Oh, now that would have been Raven.