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Snooki Gears Up For “RetroMTV” Marathon By Admitting Real World: Austin Girlcrush

Snooki talks about her girl crush Joanna from Real World

MTV’s upcoming marathon of vintage Real World episodes has got Queen Snooki waxing nostalgic about those early days of reality TV. It’s hard to imagine her outside of the context of the Jersey Shore‘s Smoosh Room, but Snooks actually tried out to appear on a season of the show where folks stop acting polite and start getting real.

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Joey Kovar, Real World: Hollywood, Celebrity Rehab Alum, Found Dead

Sad news from the world of reality TV today: Joey Kovar, who appeared on MTV’s Real World: Hollywood in 2008 and on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab in 2010, was found dead in a friend’s home in Chicago, TMZ reports. He was 29 years old. The site says family members believe drugs are to blame.

Kovar was a personal trainer who’d never left the state of Illinois before joining the cast of The Real World. He had experienced problems with drugs and alcohol prior to his reality-TV debut but believed he had beat his addiction. Unfortunately, he relapsed while shooting the show and left halfway through the season to enter rehab.
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Producers Consider Turning American Idol Into The Real World

After getting a whole new set of judges, it looks like the producers of American Idol are considering a full scale reboot of the television staple for the 10th season, turning it into a mutant love-child of Glee and The Real World (with a touch of Road Rules thrown in for good measure). The Hollywood Reporter claims plans are being considered for the Top 12 contestants to live together in a Hollywood mansion, complete with confessional monologues to heighten the drama.

Not only that, but the show runners are also considering making the contestants go on a road trip to Las Vegas and “integrate” into the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show, Love. The show producers have already put Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez on judging panel and made the superstar-hopefuls film their own music videos. What do you think of all this? Are these changes a good thing, or will it stray too far from the show you know and love? We never thought we’d say this, but we’re kind of nostalgic for the days of Simon Cowell’s bitchiness.

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