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The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin Joins The Proud History Of Raunchy Movie Posters

Sadly, The Artist star Jean Dujardin is not asking where you want these spare mannequin parts. Instead, the Oscars Best Actor nominee is in fact advertising his new French sex comedy Les Infideles, though we guess writing “French” and “sex comedy” is kind of redundant. Dujardin and the film’s creators are currently receiving a lot of criticism for the ad campaign’s depiction of women. Or, you know, one woman’s lower torso.

“We already feel that this campaign is against the rules … even if it relates to the subject of the film, a comedy about adultery,” France’s advertising watchdog told French paper Le Parisien. “As a preventative measure, we’ve already counseled JC Decaux, who are in charge of the billboards, to take them down.” The spots will allegedly go down on Friday, but let’s be real. This isn’t the first time filmmakers have used sex to get people interested in their movies. In fact, take a minute and enjoy some of our favorite filthy movie posters, including that graphic Hungarian poster for Michael Fassbender‘s Shame. At least Jean didn’t take it there. Yet.

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Jonah Hill Is Expecting Your Call

Don’t have a heart attack but we’re about to give you Jonah Hill’s phone number. WE SAID DON’T HAVE A HEART ATTACK. Ugh, too late. Well, if you can still reach the phone from where you’ve collapsed on the rug, please call him at (917) 409-7838. Jonah will apparently be randomly answering phone calls throughout the weekend as a promotion for The Sitter, which for all intents and purposes seems to be a filthier remake of Adventures in Babysitting. We just called the number and got his automated voice mail message, but don’t worry: there are 2,880 minutes in a 48-hour period and we can put that sucker directly into speed dial. Let’s just say we have a feeling Jonah’s about to get a lot of wrong numbers intended for one Mr. I.P. Freely.

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Jonah Hill Corrupts Our Nation’s Youth In The Sitter Red-Band Trailer

Wow, Jonah Hill’s The Sitter red-band trailer is not for the prudish of heart. Or for anyone without a door on their office. Or for anyone under the age of 25. Or really anybody else. The trailer kicks off with a host of adorable ethnically diverse youngsters quizzing a newly skinny Jonah Hill about race, the merits of his profession and certain rumors regarding what kind of genitals he might be working with. “Why?,” Jonah responds nervously. “Have you heard something weird? Did somebody say something?” The actual trailer isn’t too PG-13 either, seeing as how no 13-year-old should even think about Jonah Hill performing a sex act of any kind. The whole thing is definitely “edgier” than that filthy The Change-Up promo, but substantially less racially offensive. We consider that a win-win!