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March Celebrity Madness: Round 2! Who’s Your Favorite Social Network Stud?

The FABLife is playing March Celebrity Madness this month, putting 64 of our favorite stars into brackets and having you vote to decide our ultimate FAB icon. First we’ll be pitting four similar celebs against each other in the divisionals, with the winners pairing (and squaring) off in our Sweet 16 until only one is left standing. It’s just like the NCAA, except…ok, it’s nothing like the NCAA.

Our second category concerns the handsome young men who starred in The Social Network: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer. While JT is definitely the biggest star, Eisenberg has certainly made a strong impression in countless indie flicks and films whose titles end with “land.” Meanwhile, Garfield will fly across the screen as the new Spider-Man in 2012 and Hammer—who almost played Batman in a Justice League movie—will make whoopie with Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar. They might not be making Mark Zuckerberg money, but none of them can complain. Which one is your favorite? The polls don’t close until Friday, March 25th, so vote early and vote often!

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The Jackass Guys Poke The Social Network

Not content to riff on Inception, Johnny Knoxville and the gentleman of Jackass take on Best Movie winner’s The Social Network as well. Bam Margera makes a strong yet naked argument, while Knoxville makes a perfect Jesse Eisenberg in our grandmother’s Saturday night wig. We’re sure David Fincher and the gang are happy to takes the insults, since it also means they took home a CCMA.


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

The Social Network

As just about everyone knows, the making of Facebook wasn’t exactly a friendly affair. This industrial epic looks at how hoodie-wearing Harvard outsider Mark Zuckerberg created the ultimate meet ‘n’ greet forum and in doing so, alienated just about everyone he knew. Anybody expecting to learn just why Foursquare updates and baby pictures are valued at $41 billion might be disappointed. This isn’t so much about online communities as it is an old-fashioned story of back-stabbing and wanting to be liked, set to a mile-a-minute script by The West Wing‘s Aaron Sorkin and given a modern sheen by director David Fincher. But Network boasts a core of great performances—including Zombieland‘s Jesse Eisenberg as the snarky Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield as his trusted confidante and Justin Timberlake as an old-fashioned snake oil salesman thrilled by new media. At its best, this film also manages an impressive first: it actually makes staring into a screen and tapping a keyboard seem like heart-racing stuff.

Extras: A feature-length making of doc, a pair of commentary tracks—including one with Sorkin and cast members—and segments that include Trent Reznor talking about the movie’s crackling electronic score.

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Justin Timberlake Is Iffy On Music Career, But Loves Acting So Much He’d Do It “Butt Naked”

Remember when the only acting Justin Timberlake did was as a marionette in the  Bye Bye Bye video? Or when he had to pretend to understand why Chris Kirkpatrick was in ‘N Sync at all? Those days are over now, and recently his success in film has Timberlake unsure about the future of his music career. As Justin explains, “I never stop making music. I don’t know what else to tell you, except that I just don’t know [in] what capacity I want to be involved anymore.” Anyone alive after 1997 associates Timberlake’s dulcet falsetto with the sound of a thousand panties gently dropping to the floor. Are we really going to lose that angel’s song?

At least we have Justin on the big screen, where we can continue to stare at him. Timberlake described his audition for The Social Network, explaining, “I have to fight against my music career–I’m cognizant of that. But I didn’t care. I loved the part and I wanted to do work with David [Fincher] so bad that I was like, ‘We can read this scene butt naked if you guys want.'” Disappointingly, that quote suggests that Justin did not play all of his scenes totally nude. We guess we’ll see the movie anyway (since it’s also supposed to be, you know, amazing and stuff) but still. Follow those acting instincts, Justin. That’s how you get an Oscar. If we were the ones giving out Oscars.


The Social Network Premiered And All 500 Million Friends Attended

Seriously, everyone was at the premiere for The Social Network in New York last night. Friends. Friends of friends. People outside The Social Network‘s social network. If we were Facebook friends with Justin Timberlake, we’re sure his status would have read Justin Timberlake is…wondering who all these people are?

Anyone who is anyone was at the Cinema Society’s screening of the film (the film which has successfully ruined Radiohead‘s “Creep” for us, thankyouverymuch), stars like JT and Jesse Eisenberg, the film’s writer Aaron Sorkin and plenty of total randoms like Adrien Brody, Gabourey Sidibe and Lance Bass. It really is like using a Friend Finder to discover how all these random people are connected even though you never knew they knew each other. For a look at who attended, check out our gallery below. But don’t you dare try to un-tag yourself, Timberlake.

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