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Oops: Ann Curry Tells Robert Pattinson He Has A “Beautiful Girlfriend”

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Much to the delight of “Robsten” believers worldwide, as Today host Ann Curry congratulated Robert Pattinson on his many successes, she included snagging his “beautiful girlfriend.” While it’s pretty obvious at this point that he and Kristen Stewart are in a serious relationship (Bear and all!), we can’t help but get giddy when the subject is openly discussed. One mystery remains…did Ann Curry just naively bring up Kristen without knowing they were still playing the “secret lovers” game, or was it a strategic slip to make Rob (adorably) blush?

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Steven Tyler’s Shower Spill Not Drug-Related, He Claims

Walk this way…to the O.R. to get dental surgery. In a call to the Today show’s Matt Lauer this morning, Steven Tyler denies that his recent nasty fall was the result of drug use, blaming instead a bout with food poisoning. “I started to get sick, and I just fell on my face. I just passed out,” he explained. When Lauer pressed him, asking, “But you’re clean and sober, that’s not the issue?” Tyler confirmed, “No, it’s not the issue.” It’s never a good sign when the lesser of two evils is severe food poisoning, but considering how intense Steven Tyler’s drug problem used to be, we’ll take it!

Steven Tyler’s shower fall earlier this week left the Aerosmith singer bloody, bruised and missing two teeth, which sort of works for his look, but still! “I get that people think that,” Tyler says, referring to people’s assumptions about his drug use. “It still bothers me a little, but it’s something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life.” Hmm, could Tyler’s fall have something to do with the fact that he weighs 85 lbs soaking wet, not including all those scarves? The second his hair got wet, the man wouldn’t be able to lift his head anymore. That’s must be what happened. Case closed!

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Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer

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When the Today show teased that E!’s Giuliana Rancic had a big announcement this morning, it’s safe to say 99 percent of the viewers assumed she’d say her well-documented IVF treatments finally took and she was expecting her long-awaited baby.

Sadly, Rancic did not have happy news to share. She explained that before starting her third round of IVF, her doctor insisted on a mammogram. Rancic initially felt it was unnecessary but went in for the exam anyway. Unexpectedly, the test revealed that Rancic was in the early stages of breast cancer. “It was incredible instant sobbing, and it was like the world just crashed down around me,” she said of her initial reaction. “I couldn’t believe it, 36 years old, no family history.”

The red-carpet host and reality star will have surgery this week and begin six weeks of radiation, and she is expected to make a full recovery. As for the baby, she and husband Bill hope to continue their quest once Giuliana is healthy again.

Our best wishes to Giuliana for a quick recovery. [Source: The Clicker]


Nobody Puts Rokey In The Corner

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Cutie patooties Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling hit Rockefeller Plaza this morning to promote their promising rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love. and nobody could have predicted what ensued. As the Today Show quartet chatted up the good-looking duo, it was suggested that Gosling reenact his Dirty Dancing-style lift he does in the film with Ann Curry. While she bashfully (and insanely!!!!) denied the opportunity for Gos to grab her waist, Al Roker gleefully stepped up to the plate. Buff Gosling didn’t turn down the challenge, and though it took three attempts, he finally got Roker airborn.

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Rabid Fan Grabs Rihanna At Today Show

While we typically clip videos into gif form for hypnotic, hilarious effects, this gif of our gurl RiRi getting grabbed at The Today Show this morning is anything but humorous. As she strutted her stuff through Rockefeller Center during a performance of her saucy hit “S&M,” a crazed fan aggressively pulled her in for a kiss over the barricade. Thankfully, her throng of sassy dancers was there to pull her away. Like the true pro that she is, Rihanna didn’t miss a beat and continued her way to the stage to finish her set.

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Kanye Will Not Grace The Today Show Stage With His Presence, Thanks A LOT, Matt Lauer

We always thought the Today Show was a benign, inoffensive morning program, but it has been in the news so many times in the past two weeks, we’re starting to think they’re pulling some kind of ratings stunt. Namely because of this never-ending George Bush-Kanye West-Matt Lauer debacle that will not die.  (Sorry, Good Morning America, you need to start up some beefs of your own if you want us to care about you.) As a result of Dishing-It-Out-But-Not-Taking-It-itis, West is refusing to perform as scheduled on the Today Show‘s November 26 episode.

To recap, first, Bush told Matt Lauer that what Kanye said after Hurricane Katrina about how W doesn’t care about black people was the worst thing to happen during his presidency.  So then Kanye told Lauer he was sorry. Then Bush told Lauer he accepted the apology. Yes, a separate interview for each moment of this ridiculous, five-year-old non-issue. But it’s not over! Because Kanye is upset (perhaps you read his Twitter rants?) that the program ran distracting footage of Taylor Swift-gate during his interview and West says he felt like Lauer “tried to force my answers.” So because Kanye feels used, last night he Tweeted “I’m not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I’m so happy the world got to see just a small piece of “the set up.” West also wrote “All positive energy … all smiles. Much love to Matt and the whole Today Show. I accept ya’ll future apology in advance LOL!”

The Today Show confirms that the gig is canceled, but Lauer has not responded personally because, LOL, he’s smart enough not to get into Twitter fights with a guy like Kanye.


Sandra Continues Reign As Most Perfect Person, Has Perfect Baby And Perfect Friends

Sandra Bullock made a rare post-divorce appearance on The Today Show this morning, but she wasn’t talking about Jesse James. She was discussing the other man in her life, baby Louis, who she calls her “crown prince” and her “Cajun cookie.” Bullock discussed her adoption procedure and, when asked how she kept it a secret for so long, attributed it to having amazing friends.

“It takes good people with integrity…human beings exist that have integrity, that know how to keep their mouth shut, that know the bigger picture, that don’t sell out their friends,” Bullock told Matt Lauer. “Those people are all over the place, but we don’t like to talk about it because it doesn’t sell a magazine.”

When asked what she’d do if her friends did pipe up about her intimate details, she joked “I will cut  them.” We could not love this woman any more. You can watch the full interview with Bullock at


Dina Lohan Blames Everyone But Herself For Lindsay’s Problems

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Dina Lohan appeared on The Today Show today and, true to Lohan form, she blamed the judge, the internet and everyone else for daughter Lindsay’s behavior and punishment. It was awk-ward! But our favorite line out of Dina’s mouth was “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, but she’s still paying the price for what she did in 2007.” Here’s something you should never have to say: “I’m not condoning drinking and driving, BUT…” The thing is, this is the first time Lindsay has actually had to pay for her 2007 DUI, because she skipped out on all those alcohol education classes that were her first punishment.

When Dina was asked whether she could have worked harder to prevent Lindsay’s downfall, she told Matt Lauer “You can’t make your child not go out and not get behind the wheel.” Um, YES YOU CAN. Sigh. She also claims that daughter Ali doesn’t have a website (except that, yes she does), that older son Michael just graduated college (we assume this is true), but still makes no mention of Cody. WHERE IS CODY? This woman is the pits, she really is. So gross. But she should be happy to know that Lindsay is reportedly getting out of rehab early and won’t have to spend the full 90 days in there. They say rehab is for quitters, but what does quitting rehab make you?

Dina says that once Lindsay has served out her rehab sentence, she plans to move back to the east coast. So get ready New York (and Carvel chains in particular!), the bitch is back.