The Tomorrow People

by (@shalapitcher)

Mark Pellegrino Explains Lost, His One Direction Fandom And The Scary Tomorrow People

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We’re not going to say Mark Pellegrino is destined to play a villain. After all, Lost’s Jacob — one of an impressive number of TV characters he’s brought to life — turned out to be a mostly good guy. But his mere presence in the premiere of The Tomorrow People tonight on the CW (9 pm ET) lets us know that the heroes are in trouble. His Dr. Jedikiah Price is the leader of Ultra, an organization that is trying to find and neutralize the so-called “Tomorrow People” or homo superiors, a new species with powers of telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation. We recently spoke to Pellegrino, however, and he defended Jedikiah’s motives as pretty reasonable. He also managed to share his thoughts on his roles in Lost, Mulholland Drive, Supernatural and Doogie Howser M.D., and — brace yourselves — how he came to love Glee and One Direction.
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