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Heidi Klum Demonstrates Her Hot Table Dancing Skills On Jay Leno’s Desk

If her insane costumes are any indication, Heidi Klum has got to be really really fun at parties. And the super-modeling legend confirmed our theory last night when she swung by The Tonight Show and she ended up dancing on Jay Leno’s desk in a sheer black dress! It all started when she described how she spent the Golden Globes, (un)officially known as the most raucous night in Hollywood.

“I had fun. I was with my friend Lorraine Schwartz, she’s like one of the best jewelry designers,” said the former Victoria’s Secret angel. “We were at the Harvey Weinstein party afterwards, and she was like, ‘This party is so boring, we need to do something fun.’ And she’s like, ‘Go and dance on the table,’ so, someone had to.” And she was just the one to do it! “So I did. And, you know, I had a few glasses of champagne and so I was like, ‘Why not?'”

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Jessica Simpson Describing Pregnancy On Leno Makes Us Actually Look Forward To Her Sitcom

In her life and career, Jessica Simpson has had some hits — her fashion empire, that one Nancy Sinatra cover, Newlyweds, baby Maxwell — and misses — Nick Lachey, John Mayer, Dukes of Hazzard, the rest of her music. But we are feeling really optimistic about her next big project: a sitcom based on her life for NBC. We’re sure it’s no accident that the day NBC announced they were shooting a pilot for untitled series, she made a very cute appearance on The Tonight Show (on NBC, natch). As she told Jay Leno about her second accidental pregnancy, she was not Chicken of the Sea-level cute, but she told the kind of sweet, self-deprecating story that would fit quite nicely into a not-too-groundbreaking half-hour comedy.

Asked if pregnancy number two was planned, she responded, “Oh, no! Apparently it was part of God’s plan for my life,” she laughed. “I was extremely shocked. I was going through a lot of hormonal changes trying to get back to the old vibrant Jessica. It was kind of like a one-night stand. And it happened all over again.” Read more…

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Megan Fox Brings Back Thumb Insecurity, Talks Vampire Baby On Leno

You know that thing where really, really beautiful people try to make themselves relatable by telling you all about their weird insecurities? Normally, we find it condescending and annoying, but Megan Fox somehow managed to make it endearing last night, when she stopped by the Tonight Show to talk about having baby Noah and appearing in the upcoming This Is 40.

Asked about the things she had to give up when she was pregnant, she mentioned missing tuna, which expectant mothers avoid due to high mercury content. “What is weird to me is I was talking to my mom … and she was like, ‘Oh, I ate tuna every day when I was pregnant with you,’ ” Fox told Jay Leno. “I was wondering if that was what happened to my thumbs. They’re weird and they’re really fat and there’s like a weird knuckle.”
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The Two Lindsay Lohans: Fidgety Tonight Show Interview Vs. Elegant Liz & Dick Premiere

Lindsay Lohan taped the Tonight Show before heading to the premiere of Liz & Dick

It’s been a hectic couple of days (years) for Lindsay Lohan, so we totally understand why she looked a little nervous and fidgety as she sat down with Jay Leno yesterday for The Tonight Show. She seemed to be channeling all her worry — over her probation being revoked, how people would receive her big role in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick this weekend, the latest family drama — into fussing over her dress, which is the one thing that shouldn’t have bothered her, since sheer paneling was preventing those interesting arm straps from giving way. Her hair color was actually what bothered us most about her look on the show — she needs to protect that kind of red from the sun or something. But actually, what impressed us most about this appearance was how skillfully Leno took the interview to an awkward place and then backed down.

“You canceled Barbara Walters, and Barbara looked a little bit upset, so what happened there?” Jay asked, addressing the elephant in the room, that 20/20, not Tonight, was supposed to be Lindsay’s big sit-down of the week. “It’s just the timing wasn’t right, right now,” Lindsay explained vaguely, while messing with her hair and straps. Read more…

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Jennifer Lawrence Tells Leno Of Her Love For Honey Boo Boo, Deep-Fried Cheese Steak, Old Strippers

When we first saw an excerpt of Jennifer Lawrence on The Tonight Show, it was all about her “Fat Witch” Halloween costume, and we loved it. But then we saw the whole thing and realized that is the mere tip of the iceberg of the awesomeness that was this interview. We already knew the Catching Fire star loves eating Cheetos with her great boyfriend Nicholas Hoult and doesn’t care that she’s not twig-skinny like most Hollywood stars, but here are new things we learned about the endearingly normal, self-deprecating star as she promoted the Silver Linings Playbook last night.

  • She got into a car wreck a couple of weeks ago because she mistook a breast cancer parade for a Honey Boo Boo parade while driving home from the Catching Fire set in Georgia. “It said ‘boobs’ on the [sign] but I thought it was saying Boo Boo,” she explained of how she rear-ended someone. She had to tell the person she ran into, “I’m sorry that I hit your family. I thought I saw Honey Boo Boo. Please forgive me.”
  • On another Georgia adventure, she found herself at a “dive bar with senior citizen strippers,” getting a lap dance from an aggressive Bo Peep, who warned her not to touch her when she bent down, and “then she inserted her breast into my mouth.” Jen still tipped her, though.
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Rebel Wilson Is On The Edge Of Glory (On Leno), And We Have Malaria To Thank

Why don’t we just go ahead and declare this Rebel Wilson Week here at VH1 Celebrity. The opportunities to gush about the Pitch Perfect star just keep falling into our laps. The latest: her appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, which not only featured her singing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” (beginning with an a cappella version, exploding into a full-on accompanied version complete with shoe-kicking-off and couch-jumping), but also revealed some amazing stories about what inspired Rebel to spread joy in our lives.

Rebel describes her family as the Australian version of Honey Boo Boo’s clan, only they happened to be in the show dog rather than the pageant biz. “One time we bought a house because it came with a free donkey,” she told Jay Leno. “The donkey was really annoying and one day we just let it loose on the road. … It was an a–hole.” At first, she seemed to be straying from this “feral” clan and studied law in college. But while she was working as a Youth Ambassador for Australia in South Africa, she got malaria. Read more…

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Giancarlo Esposito Talks Perks Of Playing Scary Dudes On Breaking Bad, Revolution

It was quite strange for fans of Breaking Bad to see Giancarlo Esposito beaming and embracing Aaron Paul at the Emmys on Sunday night, not to mention speaking warmly about his daughters and opera-singing mother on Leno last night. We’re a little more comfortable seeing him go from chicken/meth magnate Gus Fring to insurance-adjuster-turned-militia-baddy Capt. Tom Neville on Revolution. And it turns out, Esposito seems to like it that way. There are certain perks to having the general public scared of you.

“I was on an airplane recently and I got up to go to the bathroom, and a woman spotted me and she started to get tight as I got toward her,” Esposito told Leno. “And then she hit the wall, literally hit the wall and said, ‘No, you go before me, Gus.’ And I said, ‘No,no,no,no, you’ve been waiting in line.’ And she said, ‘No, Gus, it’s really ok.’ They call me by my character name, they call me sir. And she would not move until I went into the bathroom. And when I came out, she was gone.”

We wonder if he’ll still have that same effect now that Leno also showed the public his appearance as Big Bird’s camp counselor on Sesame Street?

Giancarlo Esposito on Revolution

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Ryan Lochte, Jay Leno Prove That Kristen Bell Needs Her Own Talk Show

As much as I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it is my strongly biased opinion that no movie Kristen Bell has made to date (well, I haven’t seen Hit and Run yet) will ever be as good as Veronica Mars or her still-squee-inducing sloth home video. But every time the bubbly actress makes an appearance on TV, she steals the show. Case in point: last night’s Tonight Show, in which she absolutely charmed with tales of how she used to get out of traffic tickets and used to have a car named “The Slut,” and then followed that up by sitting next to second guest Ryan Lochte and enhancing his interview. We’ve lovingly poked fun at Lochte’s great interview skills, and if he’d appeared by himself with Jay Leno, things might have gone just the same as they have in every sitdown he’s had since before the Olympics (he pees in the pool, he’s friends with Michael Phelps, he’ll consider the Bachelor but is more excited about Dancing With the Stars). But with Kristen there, everything was fresh and lively again.

After Bell tried on Lochte’s medals — because they matched her dress perfectly — she wasn’t content to sit back and let him deliver the same old answers. He explained why it was OK with him to race twice in the same day with only 27 minutes of rest, Kristen raised her hand to ask, “Twenty-seven minutes of rest as in between the races or 27 minutes of sleep? … Between the races. It’s just as bad. I don’t know why I even asked the question. Both are horrendous options. Could you even catch your breath in that amount of time?”
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