The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Had “The Best Idea” For Vampire Sex Scene, Says Breaking Dawn Director

Bill Condon says that the vampire sex in Breaking Dawn Part 2 was “easier” to figure out than the vampire-human sex in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (yes, I’m bring you all the hard-hitting news in this post). “All we know about vampire sex is that it’s really, really good in a way we can’t even imagine. So it was more abstract.”

The director – who is an absolute delight to chat with – credits Rob Pattinson for coming up with the vampire sex scene’s most pivotal lovemaking move. “Rob had the absolute best idea for it,” he says. “He was like, ‘you know what her real erogenous zone is that I really want to start with? It’s right here on her neck, because that’s the classic place where a vampire bites somebody, so it’s the one place he’s never been able to kiss her before, because he can’t trust himself. So now that he’s a vampire he can finally attack that neck.'”

Bill adds, “It was a great way to get started.”

Um, yeah it was. Now, as Bill was telling me this, my pervy fangirl brain was buzzing between how hot it is that Rob was basically directing where on his girlfriend he wanted to kiss first in the sex scene and how sad I was that he chose Kristen Stewart‘s neck over her arm pit. But you know, beggars can’t be chosers, right?

We’ve seen the vampire sex and are dying to talk with you all about it. Let’s discuss on November 16th, shall we?

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Exclusive: Robert Pattinson Talks About His Relationship With His Dad, How It Helped Him Play One On Screen

With Kristen Stewart talking to VH1 News about her maternal urges, this clip of boyfriend Robert Pattinson talking about his relationship with his father made us all googly-eyed and hopeful about the recently patched-up couple going the distance. Pattinstew babies, anyone? When Kate Spencer sat the actor down, she asked him whether his experiences with his dad — that’s Mr. Pattinson to you — had in anyway prepared him to play a father on screen to Renesmee. After throwing out one of those adorable, baffled giggles of his, he laughed, “Maybe subconsiously? I don’t know!” But then he let the question sink in and replied, “It’s funny, my dad was working tons when I was growing up, so it’s strange that Edward would just be around all the time. Neither one of them work, so it’s an unusual dynamic.” Just when we were starting to feel a little bummed out, he finished with the one thing that made our ovaries ache more than usual when he’s anywhere in the picture. He added, “I would hope that … He’s a pretty good dad so I would hope that his stuff would come into me as well.” Read more…

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Kristen Stewart Dresses Edgy For Leno, Talks Bella, Masks And … Sex Toys In Tokyo?

Kristen Stewart Promotes 'Breaking Dawn 2' On Leno

While Kristen Stewart went edgy and black-and-white in Balenciaga for On The Road this weekend, yesterday saw her getting edgy and colorful in Peter Pilotto for Jay Leno. The actress was promotion The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and chose the kaleidoscopic, digital-print ‘Damask’ Resort 2013 mini-dress you see above. She paired it with Christian Louboutin ‘Decollette’ black pumps and a Cartier ‘Juste Un Clou’ bracelet and we think the whole ensemble is pretty ace on her. And she was in quite a jovial mood through the segment. When Leno asked her, “What are you going to miss the most about playing Bella? Are you going to miss any of it?” she jokingly replied, “No, especially not these guys like ever, ever” while pointing to the audience. The conversation then skims over everything from those masks she wore for Halloween with Robert Pattinson, which she got from Tokyo. Which leads to an interesting, but hilarious, little bit about … sex toys. See for yourself!

Speaking of Rob, he was on Jimmy Kimmel the same night so it was a bit of a Twilight takeover! He also partook of the funny sauce as he was saying things like, “I don’t understand, my lip is literally like a vacuum,” when talking about his kissing scenes in the film.

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Nikki Reed Underwhelms At The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 U.K. Events

Nikki Reed: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Photo Calls, UK

We’ve been digging Nikki Reed‘s wardrobe so much recently. Her stylist — Jessica Paster — gets it right almost every time. Off the top of our heads, in the recent past, we’ve seen Nikki shake things up at events like the Teen Vogue party (in a natty pantsuit) and at Vogue‘s Fashion Night out where she slayed it in a molten Michael Kors gold sheath. Gold really is her color because she looked beautiful in the same metallic shade at the MTV Movie Awards as well. So, where’s Nikki, consider our sartorial senses piqued. Which is why her run at various The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 events in the U.K. over the last two days have been such a disappointment. We expected something offbeat, yet totally on point from her and what we got was … beige. A whole lot of beige. Three looks in three different cities, and they were all massively underwhelming, except for her shoes, which, thankfully, are always on the awesome side of the fence.

We’ll start with the photo on the left, which was her first promotional stop in Dublin, Ireland on Friday. It’s actually our favorite from the triad of ensembles, even though it’s super casual. She wore a nude tee-shirt by A.L.C paired with J Brand leather leggings and fabulous cut-out booties by Camilla Skovgaard. What pulls this look together is the jewelry which had some pieces by Mattlin Era. Top marks for the tumbling ombre tresses and the fresh makeup. And that’s when it went downhill. We just can’t get on board with the outfit in the middle (barring the shoes again), worn at the Glasgow photo call. It’s a frumpy Dolce & Gabbana drop-waist dress and we don’t like the fit on her, or that tweet bow at the neckline. Even Kellan Lutz‘s presence hasn’t distracted us, so we know we really don’t dig it. But we do love those Rupert Sanderson ‘Flamente’ sandals. Lastly, the picture on the right is at the London event and she looks like she has a black nightshirt on. But, we’d go to despicable lenghts to own those heels. We’re hoping this is just a slow start and Nikki will bring it at the rest of the Breaking Dawn do’s.

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So…Should KStew And RPatz Appear Publicly As A Couple Before Breaking Dawn Promotion Begins?

Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Spotted At Chateau Marmont

Robsten returns, ya’ll! At least if the busybodies at Chateau Marmont are to be believed. According to several sources, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted canoodling at the Chateau this Saturday while attending a friend’s birthday party. On a related note, this is the first time we have ever used the word “canoodling” and felt it accurately described what was going on. According to Us Magazine, RPatz and Stew “snuck into the garden from a private side entrance” to join the party and were “whispering very close and intimately.” This seems like a good sign to us. Never have we intimately whispered with an ex we weren’t at least thinking about dating again. In your face, Mystery Blonde!

Our question is, should Kristen and Rob appear together publicly as a couple before they have to made the rounds promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2? If they are truly back on, it might be wise to be caught eating frozen yogurt or playing with that dog of theirs before they have to endure a battery of press junkets leading up to November 16. That way we can all gnash our teeth, tear out our hair and share our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS with the Internet without them having to deal with it directly. On the other hand…there’s no way they won’t be asked about their love lives in the next couple weeks. Maybe they’d rather wait until the absolute last second to talk about their relationship, in order to give it the maximum allowable time to heal? What do you think the best re-coupling stratagem would be? Should Rob and Kristen just wait and make out on the red carpet at the premiere? Part of us wants to say yes?

Editor’s Note: Okay, so it looks like we know what the answer to this one is. ET Online now has footage of the pair hanging out at Ye Rustic Inn in L.A. this weekend, where they allegedly “cozied up to each other.” Looks like we’re doing this for real, people! Man your squee stations!

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Kristen Stewart Says She’s “A Miserable C—,” We Prove Her Wrong With These 25 Smiley Photos

25 photos of Kristen Stewart smiling

Kristen Stewart has a lot to be on edge about these days. It can’t be easy to go headlong into the pit of Twi-Hards alongside her boyfriend Robert Pattinson after her infamous affair with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders over the summer. But that’s no reason to get so down, K-Stew! Never one to be a Miss Rosy Sunshine even on the best of occasions, the 22-year-old actress took a particularly harsh view of herself in an upcoming interview with Marie Claire UK.

“I’m a miserable c—!” she said in the magazine’s November 2012 issue while speaking to Balenciaga’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. “I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.” We guess it’s that discontent and desire to go further that makes her such an awesome actress. She even admits that she’d be lost without acting in her life. “I’d probably go back to school, read a lot and figure out what I should do,” she says if she had to quit the entertainment industry.

Although we love her trademark glare, Kristen can light up a red carpet by flashing her million-watt megastar smile. The “miserable” girl definitely doesn’t scowl all the time! Head down to the gallery below to see our 25 favorite pix of K-Stew grinning. Enjoy!

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Weird Robsten Rumor Of The Day: Kristen Stewart’s Mom Got Them Back Together

Kristen Stewart's mom allegedly got her back together with Robert Pattinson

We’ve heard about staying together for the kids, but staying together for the parents just sounds weird. But that’s what’s happening with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, at least if these reports in RadarOnline are to be believed. According to this story, Kristen’s mother Jules Stewart was even more bummed than the rest of us Twihards when it was revealed that her daughter had an affair with her Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. “It ripped her heart in two when she saw those pictures of Kristen in a compromising situation with Rupert,” an inside source claims. “And she couldn’t believe what her daughter had done.”

The fling spelled the end of Robsten for a time, but the two are rumored to be drifting closer, even going so far as moving back in together. According to the insider, Mrs. Stewart has strongly supported her daughter’s attempts at reconciliation, and is even having words with Rob one-on-one. She apparently had a very close relationship with Rob, and thinks of him like a son. “She has been speaking with Robert, reiterating Kristen’s pleas for another chance and is trying to help build up trust between the pair. It is early days, but if this reconciliation can bring Robert and Kristen back together, they’ll have Jules to thank.” The friend goes on to describe K-Stew’s mom as the “glue” that’s keeping them together. We’ve heard about hands on parenting, but this seems a tad bit extreme.

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Exclusive: Christina Perri Weighs In On RobSten Relationship, Twilight

Singer/songwriter Christina Perri is one of the most famous Twilight fans around, and VH1 caught up with her recently and of course got her opinion on the effect Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s recent relationship issues will have on the Twilight franchise. Her opinion: not much.

“I wrote ‘A Thousand Years’ for Edward and Bella because that’s my favorite love story,” she said of her song on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. “Rob and Kristen, I think, are completely separate from Edward and Bella.” She added, “It’s their personal life. I think it’s totally separate.”

As for their relationship ups and downs (and now ups again, according to every tabloid today) affecting the Twilight franchise and fans? “It shouldn’t,” she said. “Because Twi-hards are Twi-hards for a reason.”

That we are!

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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Reconciliation Rumors Are In The Air: Should He Take Her Back?

Robert Pattinson considering reconciliation with Kristen Stewart

Here’s a rumor that’s sure to spark some serious debate, but we just wanted to pass it along. Robert Pattinson is reportedly considering a romantic reconciliation with Kristen Stewart. Rumors are surfacing that he is over his anger and seriously considering reuniting with his Twilight co-star and (ex?) girlfriend after she was caught cheating on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

“Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks. Angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment, angry at Rupert,” a friend of Rob’s told Radar Online. “But he’s starting to wind down and really think about what he’s going to do regarding his relationship with Kristen. He goes back and forth.” As usual in times of heartbreak, RPattz has been going to his friends for solace and support. Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon has let him stay in her Ojai vacation home to plan his next move/listen to “Everybody Hurts” on repeat.

Yet despite all of their help, his friends might be confusing him further by giving him contradicting advice about what to do regarding Kristen. “There’s definitely some friends who think he should just move on from Kristen,” the source continued. “But then there are others who still think Rob and Kristen really have a special connection and want him to give her another chance. He has a lot to think about and hasn’t decided either way right now.” A complicated situation indeed, and that’s without all of the stuff we don’t know about what their relationship was like in private. What do you think he should do? Let us know in the poll below. And hang in there, Rob!

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VH1 Hits Comic-Con: A GIF-Happy Recap Of Our 11 Favorite Moments

As our Comic-Con coverage wraps up and our intrepid reporters/fangirls Kate Spencer and Sabrina Rojas Weiss take a much-deserved nap, we’d like to take a minute to recap our very favorite interviews and press conferences via easily-consumable and definitely-hypotizing GIFs. From Aaron Paul‘s teeth, to Kristen Stewart digging a hole for herself, to our one and only Khaleesi, the star-filled convention was chock full of hilarious and heartthrobbing moments.

11. Rob Zombie & Kristen Stewart: BFFs (Well, Kind Of)

Leave it to Professional KStew Fangirl Kate to get Rob Zombie to chat about his pal Kristen Stewart.

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