The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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Rob And Kristen Were “Connected” During Sex Scene, Says Breaking Dawn Producer

Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is one of our favorite guys to talk to on the red carpet. He’s friendly, approachable and always down to chat. In our interview with him at the Breaking Dawn premiere, Wyck told us he’s collaborating with Rob Pattinson on a “couple of things,” to which we replied: “YAY!” He also raved about Rob and girlfriend Kristen Stewart‘s work on-set while shooting that infamous Breaking Dawn sex scene everyone’s talking about.

“Rob and Kristen were so comfortable with each other,” said Wyck. “I’ve done a lot of sex scenes in movies and the two of them really handled it in such an intimate, creative way. They really connected.” Yep, the chemistry between the two stars was one of our favorite things about Breaking Dawn, and it totally comes across when their clothes are off (and on). See more of our interview with Wyck in the video above.

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Breaking Dawn Berlin Premiere: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Comedy Tour Continues

So, at yesterday’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in Barcelona, Robert Pattinson was making the most bizarre faces — even for Rob, who’s often pretty goofy when all eyes are on him. One theory: He was possessed by a mischievous demon. Another, which we came up with after seeing him and Taylor Lautner clowning around at today’s Berlin premiere: Taylor is taking a tip from George Clooney and becoming an unrepentant practical joker. He must have slipped something in Rob’s food! OK, we are totally and completely making all of this up. As well as every single caption in the gallery below. Make up your own and share them with us on Twitter @theFABlife!

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Peter Facinelli: “I Don’t Want To See Rob Pattinson’s Butt Crack!”

While just about everyone we talked to on the Breaking Dawn red carpet was excited to see the much-discussed sex scene between Bella and Edward, two stars of the film were noticeably not interested in watching them do it. Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke, who play Edward’s and Bella’s dads, both winced when we asked about the intimate moment. How sweet that these two dudes would be fatherly in real life, too! Billy told us the scene makes him “uncomfortable,” while Peter said, “It’s weird for me. They’re like brothers and sisters to me.” He added, “I hope they do it tastefully because I don’t want to see Rob Pattinson’s butt crack.”

Not to worry, Peter. Rob told Ellen DeGeneres that his butt crack was edited out of the film. “You’re allowed to show cheek. You can’t show crack,” he told the talk-show host. We hope Peter can handle that!

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Which Twilight Premiere Was Best Dressed? Nikki Reed Weighs In

Wow, guys, Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere week is almost done. We’re trying very hard to ignore the fact that there’s only one movie left (sniffX1000), and instead focusing on the positive here. Looking back at the red-carpet premieres of the last four Twilight movies is like browsing through the photo album of a trio of sisters (obvs, we’re talking Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed): See how styles and their tastes changed as they grew up before our eyes? Aww. We asked Nikki if she could pick a favorite gown from all of her Twilight premieres, and she was quick to reply.

“I’m going to go with this year’s [gown] because I chose it because it was green, and green is my mom’s favorite color,” she said. “I know it seems sort of silly and sappy, but the truth is it’s the only dress I tried on. I saw it, Marchesa’s great, and I was like, ‘Mom, we’re going with green, for you.’ ”

Take a minute to look back at all three actress’ red-carpet getups, and then tell us which year you think they were most fashionable.

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Breaking Dawn Superfan Week: Letters To Twilight’s Love Is Real, Not Blind

For those of you unfamiliar with the last-but-not-least subjects of our Breaking Dawn Superfan Week, the ladies behind Letters to Twilight are not your typical gushing fangirls. Their daily letters are funny, sarcastic and never shy to point out the, well, problematic aspects of the franchise. But their true love of the saga still shines through. Let’s let them tell you about it.

Nikki and Bekah: We started LTT (Letters to Twilight) in 2008, after realizing we obsessively watched the same behind-the-scenes, one-hour Vanity Fair photo-shoot video of the cast and couldn’t understand why we, as educated, professional young 20-somethings would waste our time. And then we found fan videos. And Twilight tattoos. And discovered that we felt “second-hand embarrassed” about how Twilight fans were portrayed, and knew that if we were “normal,” there had to be other normal Twilight fans out there too. If you find any let us know. Three years later, LTT is a place for Twilight fans who don’t know why they like teen vampires and wolves. We don’t take ourselves, Twilight, the movies or the cast seriously. And we laugh. A lot!

TheFABlife: When did you first fall in love with Twilight?
Bekah: The moment I saw Rob Pattinson walk on the screen. I mean, in 2008, when I devoured the books on vacation while sitting on the beach.
Nikki: When Robert Pattinson’s eyes caught mine from the screen and looked directly into my soul, I knew it was true love. (Actually, the week before the Twilight movie came out I read the books and was unconditionally and irrevocably changed.)

TFL: What’s the moment you can’t wait to see in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)?
Nikki: I can’t wait to see how they plan to chew the Demon Baby out of Bella.
Bekah: Sex. I mean, the wedding.

TFL: How many times have you read the books? How many times have you seen the previous movies?
Bekah: You should really be asking how many copies of the books I’ve had to buy because my previous copies were so worn.
Nikki: We’ve seen the movies so many times that we think they’re gonna offer us stock in AMC Theaters next.

TFL: How many times do you plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Bekah: We actually just saw it at the premiere and have tickets to a screening Wednesday, midnight tickets with pals on Thursday, and I just planned to see it with some friends next weekend at a “normal” time! So maybe 1 million?

TFL: What will you do after you’ve seen it that many times?
Nikki: We’ll probably get an invite to Clay the movie theater usher’s high school graduation party.
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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Handle Fame Like Champs, Says Co-Star Mike Welch

While our own Kate Spencer was interviewing Mike Welch on the Breaking Dawn black carpet on Monday, they were interrupted by the piercing sound of fans noticing the arrival of Robert Pattinson. Mike, whose character Mike has also grown used to girls reactions to Edward, joked about what it must be like for Rob to live with that kind of daily reaction to your existence.

“That’s his life. That’s every day for him,” he remarked. “This is once a year for me. He goes into Starbucks and that happens.”

Mike admires the way RPattz and Kristen Stewart have managed their mega-fame through the years. “He handles it like a champ, because he is just a self-deprecating human being and he doesn’t really take any of it seriously, so he’s just like, whatever,” he said. “Kristen doesn’t care at all. She just wants to make movies. It’s pretty amazing that those two people were put in this position. It’s crazy.”

And though he’s not the kind of star to make girls scream on the street, Mike is very grateful for what his Twilight fame has allowed him to do. “I got to go with the USO and go to Germany and hang out with the military and the military families over there,” he said. He’s also been fundraising for the Thirst Project. “I got to do a campaign and raise money just from Twilight fans, where we were able to raise enough money to build a clean water well in a small country in Africa called Swaziland. I’m going to be going there in two weeks to visit the community where we built this well.

“How many people get to be in that position where to contribute something that positive?” he asked. “It’s cool to be in that position.”

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The Agony And The Ecstasy of Rob At The Barcelona Breaking Dawn Premiere

Robert Pattinson looks like he’s going through some pretty rough stuff at today’s Breaking Dawn premiere in Barcelona, Spain. Maybe he’s just now realizing the series is coming to an end. Maybe Rob’s bored to be on yet another red carpet and felt like faking a demonic possession. Maybe he is literally turning into a blood-hungry supernatural beast in front of us and is seconds aware from tearing into the nearest photog with his razor-sharp fangs. Either way Taylor Lautner sure is being a real trooper by standing by Pattinson as goes through..whatever it is that he’s going through.

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Kate’s Fangirl Review: Five Things That Make Breaking Dawn Extra Awesome

[Warning! There are spoilers in my video review.]

When my editor Mark was like, “Hey, Kate, do you want to do a video for your Breaking Dawn review?” I was all, “Sure! I love hearing the sound of my own voice, especially when it’s saying words like ‘thrusting’ and ‘ugly wigs.’ I’ll talk for two minutes, tops.”

Er, guess who talked for six straight, gushy minutes about the movie? THIS gal. But guys — it’s because the movie is so great. Seriously. I mean this. And I’ve never raved about the previous three films. I like them enough because, you know, my brain only functions in a Twilight-loving way, but I’ve never actually been completely sucked in, onboard and moved to tears MULTIPLE times. Enter director Bill Condon and the fourth Twilight film, and all that changed. That is why I tweeted a photo of myself grinning like a clown after screening the movie  — which Bill told me at the premiere he saw and loved, because it was the first reaction they had to the movie. Me, guys. I was the first Breaking Dawn reaction Bill saw, and yes, you better believe this is a full on BRAG. (Bill, call me. Let’s do lunch. My treat if it’s somewhere cheap.)

It should go without saying that this is a non-review review. We all know I’m like the conductor of the Twilight train, so I walked into the theater with a major bias already in place. But perhaps that also makes me a harsher critic. I wanted desperately for Breaking Dawn to live up to my very high expectations, and it did. I was truly surprised to find myself completely absorbed in the film; I knew the story and yet it still felt entirely new to me. So if you have six minutes to spare, my Breaking Dawn fangirl review awaits you above. And if you’re reading this, you know you’re required to tell me what you thought of the movie after you see it, right? I eagerly await your @ replies (@katespencer).


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Nikki Reed, Paul McDonald Aren’t Lobbying For Breaking Dawn 2 Soundtrack (Yet)

In “Now That I’ve Found You,” Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald perfectly capture the bliss of being newly wed: “I love you sleeping with your socks on/ I love you laughing in our house,” they croon together, him in his Rod Stewart-esque voice, her with a soft country sound. You absolutely get the feeling it was recorded by two people in that stage of their relationship where they can’t stand to be apart for a minute, so they start picking up each other’s work and pastimes. And to hear Nikki talk about it, that’s exactly what it was.

“We just wrote it and recorded it all in this whirlwind week, and we discovered that we love working together,” she told TheFABlife. “And that’s really great. I don’t know if it’s true, but I read this statistic that couples that stay together are the ones that can create together, and to know that you can do that with someone is pretty cool.”

So, it sounds like a collaboration that will continue. Does Nikki want to start lobbying for the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

“Gosh, I don’t want to be recorded as saying I want to be in the soundtrack, but that would be incredible,” she laughed. Listen to the song after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments!
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Breaking Dawn Superfan Week: How @RKDaily Overcame An Aversion To Vampires

As we wind down Breaking Dawn Superfan Week, today’s featured guest is surprisingly not a blogger, not in the traditional sense anyway. “Rivers” sticks to the microblog, tweeting and retweeting massive amounts of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart news @RKdaily. But brief is not the nature of Rivers’ love for the franchise that launched Robsten. See for yourself.

TheFABlife: When did you first fall in love with Twilight?
Rivers: In 2008, I kept seeing the Twilight book cover in stores. I asked my friend about it and the second “vampires” came out of her mouth, I pretty much tuned her out. She reassured me with, “It’s about vampires but it’s not really about vampires,” which I found is ironically, very true. I fell in love with the books, and when the first Twilight movie was released a few months later, I couldn’t wait for the sequel to start filming.

TFL: What’s the moment you can’t wait to see in Breaking Dawn (1 or 2)?
Rivers: I’m not big into automobiles, but I would love to see the quirky scenes of Bella trying to get around in ridiculous missile-proof cars in the beginning of Breaking Dawn. For Breaking Dawn Part 1, I don’t think I’m alone when I say the honeymoon scene. You have two characters that have overcome so much together, yet haven’t been able to share this aspect of their relationship, until now. For Breaking Dawn Part 2, I’m all about seeing how Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson portray their characters as new parents.

TFL: How many times have you read the books? How many times have you seen the previous movie?
Rivers: I’ve read the series two or three times, with the exception of the monster that is Breaking Dawn (which I’ve fully read once, and skimmed through a second time). If I remember correctly, I saw Twilight in theaters at least five times, New Moon three times and Eclipse twice. I’ve never been more grateful to live near a cheaply priced theater. Like the rest of my favorite movies, I’ll put the DVD on in the background while I’m doing something else. However, I can say that it’s been a while since I’ve watched Twilight and Eclipse DVDs without the actors’ hysterical commentary. They. Are. Golden.

TFL: How many times do you plan on seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Rivers: For now, I just have plans for one showing. If I go more will depend on if I can stomach the *spoiler* birth scene and *not a spoiler* the wigs. Who am I kidding? I’ll see it again.
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