The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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New Breaking Dawn Clip Teases Honeymoon Action … And Chairs

The folks at Summit must have heard my earlier rant about Breaking Dawn wedding fatigue. A new exclusive clip on Access Hollywood gives us something entirely new: the honeymoon! Well, 59 seconds of it, anyway. It’s the scene of Edward and Bella arriving at Isle Esme, and then awkwardly realizing that all that waiting-until-we’re-married stuff is done. There’s some clipped dialogue — Edward suggests a swim and calls her “Mrs. Cullen”; Bella asks for a few “human minutes” — but this is all about those longing looks. And also interior design. See for yourself after the jump.
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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Premieres In Paris, Squees Ensue

We’d be right there screaming with the hoards given half a chance. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 premiered in Paris yesterday, and Robert Pattinson and turned up to promote it. And, oh glory be, we can see RPattz’s face again now that the pesky beard has gone. Ashley looked quite chic in a navy blue Givenchy dress, which the French — and Alice — would totally approve of. Not too sure about that chunky black necklace, though. Robert’s suited up in sexy Dolce & Gabbana, FYI. But no Kristen Stewart? Major bummer! Click after the jump to refresh your memory with the trailer, which still makes us sweat. We’ve got a gallery of the premiere as well to gawk at more Cullen family hotness.  Read more…

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R-Pattz And His Gigantic Beard Arrive At LAX

We’re surprised they didn’t make you check that thing when you got to Security, Rob. That beard has to weigh, what, 25 lbs? Robert Pattinson arrived at LAX for a flight this afternoon, and the Breaking Dawn star had at least one an extra carry-on with him: a voluminous face blanket that all but screams, “Thank God filming is over!” We aren’t going to pretend we don’t like the look, though. The real question is, can we successfully combine our long-standing vampire fantasies with our new-found English professor fantasies? Let’s just think for a second…yup, there it is!

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Breaking Dawn Isn’t ALL About The Wedding, Right?

“It’s a relatively momentous moment for this series.” — Robert Pattinson

“I’ve sort of been ramping up to do that scene for like three years.” — Kristen Stewart

“I think it’s going to be really exciting.” — Taylor Lautner

These comments from the actors in the latest Breaking Dawn promo are some of the least surprising quotes you’d ever hear about the wedding. (Not that haven’t already watched them four times anyway.) I mean, duh, after everything Bella and Edward have been through, it’s a relief to see them get that fairy-tale ending. Except, as most of us who read (or who are married, for that matter) know, it’s not the end. It’s over by page 74 of a 754 page book.

So, this morning, we’d like to pose this question. What else are you looking forward to? Actual poll after the jump, ’cause it’s ALL SPOILERS. And feel free to add your own choices in the comments!
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Twilight Imitates Life In Latest Breaking Dawn Stills

In the just-released stills from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Bella somewhat-uncomfortably rocks her fabulously sparkly wedding shoes, while Alice stands by with her Converse. Swap the bridal shoes for sky-high pumps and Ashley Greene for a publicist and you have essentially every red carpet Kristen Stewart has ever walked! Is there any way we’ll see Bella rockin’ some sneaks with her gown at the reception? We can only hope. [Photos: Summit Entertainment]

P.S. What’s the number for Emmett’s tree moving service?

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Second Breaking Dawn Trailer Reveals Five New Movie Moments

Well, what have we here? A new Breaking Dawn trailer!? (Peep the first BD trailer here.) Don’t mind if we do! Fandango‘s got the exclusive first look, and we counted a few new moments form the movie jam-packed into the 30-second clip. Let’s review what’s new below, and feel free to tell us if we’ve missed anything, fellow fangirls. We’re counting on you!

1) :01-:05 — A new Edward and Bella interaction! Edward: “It’s not too late to change your mind.” Bella: “I know I can do this.” Eddie C.: “I’ll meet you at the altar.” Audience: “SWOON!”

2) :12 — A little bit more headboard breaking action! Like .25 of a second more, but we’ll take all the Robert Pattinson rippling back muscles we can get.

3) :14 — A shot of some pretty mountains. Very Lord of the Rings-esque, dontcha think?

4) :20-:24 — Wolves snarling atop some pretty mountains. The most realistic looking Wolf Pack yet?

5) :25 — A magical marriage moment between Edward and Bella: “Well, what’s a wedding without some drama?” Allow us to dork out for a minute here. How hot does Edward sound saying this? All confident and cocky and mature. A bit different from the sullen (yet still sexy) and introverted Edward of the Twilight days of yesteryear. Seems like the vamp hunk (and, dare we say, the actor who plays him) has grown into a strapping, self-assured young man who looks damn fine in a suit.


Kristen Stewart Shows Skin, Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous For British GQ

Well, this is a fantastically leggy way to kick off a Monday. Kristen Stewart (photos) is rocking a retro calendar girl look on the cover of November’s British GQ. We have a feeling her Brit isn’t complaining. Between the blood red lips, goth-black hair and porcelain skin, Kristen is looking every bit Bella Cullen as we count down the weeks, days and minutes to Breaking Dawn. Work it, vampy vixen!

Click through for larger, more drool-friendly version. [Cover: British GQ]


Ultimate GIF Wall: The Long-Awaited Breaking Dawn Trailer

Forgive us for making you wait, salivating Twi-Hards. The Breaking Dawn trailer was holding us hostage…in a prison of OMGWTFOMGFAP. Now that we’ve regained our freedom and wiped clean our keyboards of drool, we’re proud to present one epic GIF wall. The shattering headboard may still be our favorite sneak peek moment, but prepare yourselves for wedding mushiness, preggo (and yet skeletal) Bella and some really pissed off wolves.
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The New Breaking Dawn Trailer Is HERE!

You guys, we apologize in advance for this, because we’ve now turned into 10 year olds. The Breaking Dawn teaser has NOTHING on the new official Breaking Dawn trailer which we’ve already watched ten times by now. Where do we even start? The wedding scene? The honeymoon scene where Robward (Robert Pattinson meets Edward Cullen, natch) sweeps Krisabella (Kristen Stewart plus Isabella Swan) in his arms and they indulge in some headboard breaking? Where he tells her their somethin’-somethin’ “…was this best night of my existence”.

We ached for Jacob when he dances with Bella and says goodbye to her and when he later, fights for her when the wolf pack comes to tear her apart (“If you kill her, you kill me”, swoon) because Sam doesn’t know “… what they’ve bred”. Enough typing — we’re going to watch it again!

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Elizabeth Reaser Hits NY Fashion Week, Talks Fashion And Twilight

VH1 caught up with Elizabeth Reaser yesterday at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012 fashion show. Despite looking fierce in a Rebecca Minkoff ensemble, the Twilight star verbalized her NY Fashion Week anxieties and her excitement over attending her very first fashion show this week. However, it wasn’t all fashion talk with Esme Cullen Elizabeth. Watch the video above and see how she feels about the Twilight Saga coming to an end and what she’ll miss the most.

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