The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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New Breaking Dawn Posters Are Extremely Sexy, Filled With Wolves

Entertainment Weekly has the latest Breaking Dawn Part 1 posters and we are happy to report that they are just hot, and wolf-filled, enough to make us temporally stop dry heaving over that upcoming Breaking Dawn birth scene. We don’t want to see an alien-looking Kristen Stewart giving birth to a monster slime baby via fang C-section! We don’t wanna! Well, okay, we do wanna see that and we will see that, but before then we need a heavy dose of sexiness to balance it all out. Luckily these posters represent the the Twilight Saga we know and love it: smoldering with almost kisses, glowing with sunsets, and watched over by a pack of ravenous badass wolves, who just happen to be chillin’ in the forest.

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Kristen Stewart Wins The 2011 FABlife Bikini Awards!

Here she is: the 2011 FABlife Bikini Awards Queen, Kristen Stewart! Yes, the darling KStew was the overwhelming winner, beating out second runner up Selena Gomez by over 5000 votes. While Kristen may not flaunt her body on beaches like some of our other contestants, she was spotted sporting a bikini or two while shooting Breaking Dawn this year, and boy, did she deliver. Svelte and sexy — that’s our KStew! Check out some of her skin-baring looks in the gallery below.

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Confirmed: We’re Going To Cry Watching Breaking Dawn

Look, we’ve been known to let out a chuckle or two while watching the Twilight movies (in between our non-stop squealing, obviously). You know, there’s Jacob’s dream-catcher, and the wolf pack’s jorts, and Bella’s Eclipse wig and all the serious staring. But there shall be no giggling come November, when we sit in the theater with one hand in some popcorn and another hand firmly planted on a box of tissues. This screen shot from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 confirms our destiny: we will cry.

Maybe it’s Charlie — in a tux! — staring so earnestly at Bella as she prepares for her wedding day. Perhaps it is Renee squeezing back tears as she stands next to her ex-husband and remembers her own nuptials, or Bella’s serene face in the midst of the madness. (Love that they went with a braided up-do a la Kristen Stewart at the NYC Eclipse premiere!) It could be the fact that Kristen has talked so candidly about how emotional and important the wedding shoot was for her that makes us turn to mush. Chances are all these things will join forces with our tear ducts and cause us to blubber non-stop as Bella walks down the aisle to Edward.

We’ll just have to dry our eyes by watching some good ol’ fashioned Brazilian island sex.

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New Wet ‘N’ Cuddly Breaking Dawn Photos Released

Ya know those steamy Breaking Dawn pics that Entertainment Weekly dropped last week? Well, Summit has finally released the non-scanned, high-res versions for our drooling and devouring pleasure. Twi-hards rejoice! We can now get up close and personal with Bella’s wedding hairstyling, some sexy Honeymoon chess, a waterfall swim and a maybe-cheesy speedboat shot.

Big, important question: is Kristen Stewart really hugging Rob Pattinson‘s knee between takes in the bed photo? See the full-sized version below and let us know in the comments.

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The FABlife Bikini Awards: Bikini Badasses

(It’s that time of year again! Welcome to TheFABlife Bikini Awards, where we pit half-naked celebs against each other and you vote for the finest skin-flaunter of the summer of 2011.)

Voting is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Ahhh, the badasses. You know them — the cool girls, the ones with edge, who leave your mouth open in awe every time they walk by. They’re the ones who don’t give an eff what you think about them, and that’s what makes them so damn cool. Even better, they look totally hot when showing off a little skin. But who will take home the gold — Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez, Kristen Stewart or Megan Fox?

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Shut The Front Door: Is That You, Kristen Stewart?

That really is Kristen Stewart on the cover of W Magazine’s September issue, right? We’re typing very carefully here because these photos caused us to hyperventilate. Like, we’re feeling all Victorian here, so someone pass us the smelling salts! We’ve calmed down sufficiently to tell y’all that we think she looks FAB. Yes, her eyes are blue on the cover and green in the shoot inside but who gives a biff? This is so freakin’ glam! As long as the Converse-wearing girl is in there and we get to see her enough, we’re cool with this bouffant-eyelinered-dolce vita-esque vixen showing up to the party.

The interview inside — about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, natch — is pretty awesome too. It’s great to hear Kristen say, “I f—ing love me a vampire. I was 17 when I read Twilight, and at the time it was so perfect for me. The script was about young kids who think they can handle stuff that they just can’t. And they’re going to do it anyway. Because, why not? Just torture yourself. I relate to that. Vampires are a little dangerous—and we girls like to test ourselves.”  She’s taking about Robert Pattinson, right? Right? RIGHT? [Calm down, Ambika. Find your inner zen.]

She also reveals how she felt while putting the character of Bella to rest. It’s been a hell of a ride for her and she explained, “I’d been anticipating that end-of-Bella moment. I was going, Oh, my God—I wonder how I’m going to feel. And the last scene of the shoot was at the wedding … We needed to film one more sort of honeymoon scene and we went to the Virgin Islands. After that scene, my true final scene, I felt like I could shoot up into the night sky and every pore of my body would shoot light. I felt lighter than I’ve ever felt in my life.” Poetic. Read the whole interview here.

[Photos via W Magazine]

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Jamie Campbell Bower Tells Us Who Would Win In A Potter-Twilight Fight

Jamie Campbell Bower is a charmed man. The twenty-two year old is one of only two actors to have graced both the Harry Potter and the Twilight  films. Who’s the other one, you ask? His Royal Hotness Robert Pattinson. So that being said, we listen up when JCB talks. And just recently he opened up to InStyle about his experiences playing Gellert Gindelwald Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Caius in Breaking Dawn.

But most importantly, Jamie uses his unique position to settle the age old question: who would win in a franchise fight, the Harry Potter Crew, or Team Twilight? “If it was just the two leads – Edward vs Harry – I said Edward would win in that situation, because once you get the wand out of Harry’s hand, he’s dead.” Excellent strategy, but he admits that it’s not always that simple. “You’ve thrown a new dynamic into it because if it was a team battle. Honestly then, I don’t know.” While weighing the pros and cons he admits it would be a close fight. “I probably have to say the vampires again. They do move at super speed. But the other guys have wands and you can stand back, you don’t have to get so close. Who knows?” The debate rages on…

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What Is Edward Cullen Looking At In The EW Breaking Dawn Cover Pic?

What’s that awful, high-pitched sound, you ask? Why it’s your FABlife team squeeing in unison over the new Entertainment Weekly that just came out today. Because, as many of you have noted on Twitter: we are fangirls. We love this image for many reasons — the gorgeous couple is wet, Bella’s making her best f*ck me face, her hair looks real, there is wedding ring action. The accompanying interview is even better; Rob and Kristen “shush” each other like an old married couple and they seem energized by the project and director Bill Condon‘s enthusiasm for the film and the creative process. (Yep, we fangirl Condon too.)

But we’re particularly intrigued by Edward’s face of fear on the cover. While Bella looks like she’s about to lay some sexy smack down, Edward looks paralyzed with terror (sexy terror, we should add). So what exactly happened to elicit such a reaction from the 108-year-old vampire? We’ve got our guesses below. What are yours?

  • Mike Newton showed up to test out some gear from his family’s camping store.
  • Bella whispered in his ear that she’s into BDSM and wants to tie him up.
  • A really delicious-looking deer pranced over to sip water at the edge of the falls.
  • Someone played him Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” video for the first time.
  • Esme just called to tell him that the headboard in the master bedroom is a family heirloom and realllllly important to her.

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Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Arrested In Arizona

Kiowa Gordon, known for playing the shape-shifting werewolf Embry Call in the Twilight franchise, has been arrested in Mesa, Arizona for suspicion of driving under the influence. Things got even more grim for the Twi-hottie when cops discovered that he also had an outstanding warrant, TMZ is reporting. Apparently the 21-year-old Kiowa skipped out on a court appearance in February 2010 for possession of drug paraphernalia and distributing alcohol to minors. The Breaking Dawn actor is reportedly still in custody, but we’ll be sure to give you updates on this breaking story! So far we have no word from any Team Jacob reps.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Kiowa was not arrested for a DUI, but instead pulled over for what police called “routine registration check” in Tempe, AZ. It was during the check that the police computer revealed his outstanding warrant, and the actor was then brought into custody.

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